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mommyinfl's Avatar mommyinfl 05:33 PM 02-02-2011

title says it all. got pg two times, once at 17 and once at 25 both from one time slip ups. I am 28 now and we just started this cycle trying again and i am just so ambivalent that its not going to happen right away again. i dont know why. maybe b/c i have been reading so many posts about how so many people have trouble or taking longer to get pg the 2nd time around. the first time i was pg i didnt have a baby. 2nd time, i have my son. i just wonder like if my body changed or something after his birth. i dont know. plus, we arent really having tons of sex just to make a baby. we are just DTD when we feel like it and hoping it just happens.[which on average is about 2 times a week, which only turns out to be like 2 times in my fertile phase] if not this month, next month i will make sure we DTD a little more often in my fertile time. 

what is your experience?

pdiannet's Avatar pdiannet 10:01 PM 02-02-2011

I think I get pregnant pretty easy.  Although, I still think it's miraculous every time.  My kiddos are 19-20 months apart, all four of them.  We are trying for one more, but they will be spaced out more this time around since I just had AF as dd turned 11 mo.  My dh and I dtd about the same as you.  And we've never really "tried" to get pregnant other than the first time.  Hope this helps.  It does get emotional thinking about ttc, but it all happens in the right time. 

MN BabyDust's Avatar MN BabyDust 07:26 AM 02-05-2011

I got pregnant the first month we tried with little effort. It was actually the second month technically, but we werent very serious about it the first time.  Was shocked!  I told my husband it would probably take months so we were both a little surprised!

Hannah32's Avatar Hannah32 08:01 AM 02-05-2011

Originally Posted by MN BabyDust View Post

I got pregnant the first month we tried with little effort. It was actually the second month technically, but we werent very serious about it the first time.  Was shocked!  I told my husband it would probably take months so we were both a little surprised!

That's exactly what happened to us. We're thinking of TTC #2 later this year and I've been wondering if it will go the same way again. I guess we won't know until we try. 

klkestner's Avatar klkestner 07:57 AM 02-08-2011

It was so easy with my first 2.  Tried once and I was pregnant.  We are TTC #3 and have been trying for 2 months ( I know this is not long at all).  I am getting so depressed with all the BFN's.  I think I had implantation bleeding on Sunday night.  I am scared to take another test.  My period is 4 days late.  I have the feeling this time it won't be so easy, but I am not giving up!  Good Luck!

herent's Avatar herent 08:48 PM 02-08-2011

We are trying nightly

mommyinfl's Avatar mommyinfl 02:36 PM 04-07-2011
Well just to update this thread, my fears have been coming true. Mid cycle of cycle #3 TTC. First cycle, we were casual about it, not doing it anymore often "just to make a baby". then, last cycle, we upped the BD more and did it three days in a row right before ovulation, including the day of, day before and day before that. BFN This cycle, we would have had good timing, but DH had [ahem] techincal difficulties and didnt finish. That was tues night. I think the last BD that we had was around 3 days before ovulation, so im not expecting a BFP in the least.

This is all just sooo weird. My instincts were telling me way BEFORE we even started trying that it wouldnt happen right away and/or as easily as before, and its all coming true now. Very ironic! This is so much harder than I thought. My heart goes out to all the women that have been trying for years on end. greensad.gif it is just so disappointing month after month. I dont understand what has changed this time.

here is my chart:
tjlucca's Avatar tjlucca 07:54 PM 04-16-2011

With DD we decided to start trying and conceived that day...

Sol_y_Paz's Avatar Sol_y_Paz 10:52 PM 04-16-2011


gumblossom's Avatar gumblossom 05:39 AM 04-17-2011

For me it was really easy the first 4 times - got pregnant as soon as I wanted to. Then I waited 8 years, my DH had to have a vasectomy reversal and it took 7 months of trying. I was 41 at the time, so age does seem to make a difference. I then ttc again at 43 and got pregnant just before my 44th birthday. I had been ttc for 6 months. I lost our baby, and now am ttc (I'm still 44) and on our fourth cycle. I'm hoping I'll get a bfp in the next couple of days, but I'm not so sure...

motherhendoula's Avatar motherhendoula 06:07 AM 04-17-2011

I got pregnant 4 times without even trying.  the only time i 'tried' to get pregnant was with my second baby - it took 4 months.  I was 28 - prior to that i was pregnant twice from 'accidents'  and after that i had two more pregnancies that were never intended - one where my boyfriend didnt even ejaculate - i was 34 that time and this last time we decided to have unprotected sex on Day 9 of my cycle ...(the 9th day after the start of AF)  i was 40...i thought i could catch a break...i couldnt ....we nearly named this baby "number nine"  but eventually settled on Elijah.   -( I should also add here that we had sex a grand total of 3 times that month!)

Im breastfeeding and have not had a period - yet my DH insists on wearing a condom, and has asked if i would consider going back on birth control IN ADDITION.   He also is up for sex about once a season now!  He is just not going to chance this happening again!!

It have sympathy for those women who arent like me and have trouble conceiving - i confess, i have no idea what that must be like.   but i really think there are more women out there like me.   My mother wore an IUD from the time she was 25 to her 35th birthday and got pregnant 3 months after having it removed.  then got pregnant during her period when she was 37.  maybe it runs in families. 

Xerxella's Avatar Xerxella 01:09 PM 04-17-2011

I know this isn't a very popular topic, but yes (I guess.)  Every time I swore that it would be hard and that it would surely take a year and maybe we'd need professional help.  But, our son was first time, one try and blam pg.  The next 2 were on the 3rd month trying while breastfeeding.  So, the probability is that you'll be fine.  Overall, generally (of course not everyone) once you've had one baby you'll find it easier to have another.  Good luck.