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Viriditas's Avatar Viriditas 02:21 PM 03-10-2011



I just wanted to share my experience and see if anyone else has had something like this happen.


For the last few years, DH has been adamantly opposed to having any more children.  DS is 5 and on the autism spectrum, and raising him has been a huge challenge for us.  DS has made huge strides over the past year, however, and in the last couple months DH has been more open to the possibility of having another child.  We had a serious discussion about it a couple weeks ago, and DH said that he thought he might want another too, but he wasn't ready yet.


While consciously I had been thinking that it would still be a few months before DH was ready to TTC, I really think that subconsciously my body was hoping DH would change his mind and be ready now.  I was supposed to have ovulated over a week ago and instead I seem to be experiencing an extended fertile period.


On Monday, I felt very happy, almost giddy, all day!  I just had this feeling of contentment and peace around me and the feeling that something was going on that I couldn't quite put my finger on.  I was singing and dancing around all day.  Then DH comes home and, out of the blue, says that he is ready to start trying.


After this, that sensation I'd had all day kind of came into focus as the presence of a person, and I got this overwhelming feeling that it was our second child who had been with me all day.  (I should also say that the presence feels very female, but I'm really hesitant to admit that because I know that I would be really happy if I we had a girl and I'm afraid I might be projecting.)  


This presence has been with me ever since Monday.  It's stronger sometimes and weaker sometimes, but it hasn't left.  DH and I have DTD twice, but I'm pretty sure I haven't ovulated yet (although I'm sure it's going to be in the next day or 2).  So I know a baby hasn't physically been "conceived."


I haven't told DH or anyone about this.  I'm really not a person who talks about this kind of thing or who imagines a "spirit" or a "presence" where one doesn't exist.  But the fact that this feeling has been constant since Monday and that I felt it before I even thought conceiving a baby right now would be possible is very striking to me.


IDK, I keep doubting myself and hearing this voice saying, "You're making it all up."  I guess I want to hear from anyone who's had a similar experience and doesn't think it was a figment of their imagination. :)

Sourire's Avatar Sourire 02:56 PM 03-10-2011

Viriditas - I have had similar experiences. At first I thought I was imagining it, but then I searched on Google and found out that many people have experienced this. There have even been books written on the topic... I bought a few of them and one that I really enjoyed was "Spirit Babies" by Walter Makichen.


I don't have time right now to tell you about my entire experience but it sounds very similar to yours and I will try to come back later to write the whole thing!

bugglette's Avatar bugglette 03:09 PM 03-10-2011

I've been experiencing the exact same thing!  I'm excited to see what Sourire will post later on the topic!

Sourire's Avatar Sourire 04:59 PM 03-13-2011

Hey ladies, here's my story...


For a few years I have felt the presence of my future babies somewhere out there. I recognize their presence as the people I love most in the world, but who I haven't met yet. I can't remember exactly when I started feeling them but I know it was after I met DH. However their presence always felt very vague and far away.


I started TTC last August right after DH and I got married. In my 3rd month TTC it was the day of my ovulation and all of a sudden I felt the presence of one of those babies become a lot stronger and feel more real and close to me. I felt like it was right next to me, and the thought "Mommy I'm ready to join your life" came into my head. It's hard to describe what it was like, it wasn't like hearing the words or seeing them written, the thought just appeared in my head and it seemed obvious to me that it wasn't my own thought. Also the presence felt more like a boy than a girl, though I couldn't say for sure that "he" will be born in a male body.


The next day after I had ovulated I could still feel his presence, but instead of feeling like a presence outside of me, I felt like he was inside of me! This lasted for about a week then I started spotting and a couple of days later (the day before AF started), I actually felt the presence leave me.


When AF came I got extremely upset. I thought maybe I had missed my chance for that particular baby, that he would never come back, that I had lost him forever. The feeling of loss was so intense that I cried for days... I called in sick to work because I couldn't control my crying. I felt like a zombie... when people talked to me I just couldn't comprehend what they were saying.


Then about a week before my next O I went to an acupuncture treatment. During that treatment I felt my baby's presence return! I was lying there and I had the most vivid sensation of being hugged, and the thought popped into my head "Mommy don't worry, we'll both keep trying until we can be together". And then I felt him holding my hand. The sensation felt so real that I kept looking at my hand to make sure it was actually empty! In that moment I went from feeling absolutely miserable to being super happy!


The sensation of my baby holding my hand lasted for about a week and it was a huge comfort to me. It gave me renewed hope. I understood that we were going to be together someday, and that it would happen eventually though maybe not right away!


A week later, on the day of my ovulation (November 17), I had another acupuncture treatment (I was going once a week). As I was walking home I started humming the happy birthday song. Then I was like, why is this song in my head? Is it the birthday of someone I know? I thought of everyone's birthday I knew and it wasn't anyone. Then the thought popped into my head "silly mommy, its my birthday!" At first I wasn't sure whether it meant that my baby was going to be conceived on November 17 (since that was my O day), or born on November 17. As it turned out I did not get pregnant that month, so I started to believe that my baby would be born on November 17th.


After that I was way more relaxed about the next couple of cycles because I knew the due date wouldn't be in November. In January I was at another acupuncture treatment sometime between AF and O and I felt his presence hovering over my shoulder and got the impression that he whispered in my ear "soon".


For my February cycle I was super hopeful because I would have had a due date in early November and I know that 1st babies tend to be born a bit late. Unfortunately, nothing happened.


Which brings us to today...this cycle I would have a due date at the end of November, so it could still happen! My fingers are crossed. However I do have some fertility issues and I may not be able to get pregnant without medical help, which I have just begun to seek. And even if he is born on November 17, it could be November 17th of another year. All I can do is wait and see.


A few things I noticed about these communications:

1) They always happened during my fertile phase (1 week or less before ovulation)

2) They seemed to be linked to the acupuncture. I didn't start having them until I had been doing acupuncture for 6 weeks. They always happened on the day of an acupuncture treatment (with the exception of the first contact which happened 2 days after a treatment), and ever since I cut down the acupuncture treatments to once every 2 weeks at the end of January I have not had any more contact.

3) The contact was always initiated by my baby, not by me.

4) Contact only happened when my mind wasn't otherwise occupied. It happened to me in the shower, while walking, and while lying there at the acupuncture treatment. It never happened when I was reading or talking to someone or watching TV.

5) I really believe that my baby wanted me to know he was there and that we were a team and we were taking this journey together. I also felt that he loved me very much and he wanted to help me.


Anglyn's Avatar Anglyn 08:10 AM 03-15-2011

With my two youngest, my three year old and the one I'm carrying, not only did I feel them, it was a major part of the decision to conceive (or at least not prevent). I had  a loss in my teens and after having my oldest, when i moved back "home" I had a very vivid dream about that child and I promised to take care of him this time. I had two more children and we were debating a fourth....I almost decided against and one day, plain as day, I heard a voice say to me, "you promised" and that was that. I have no doubt my youngest is that same soul. I don't tell many people because they think it's nuts but there you go. We said we were done after him and I made and canceled an appointment for a tubal twice. I could just feel this life that wanted to come through but wasn't sure I could say yes. Well, we weren't trying but I wasn't preventing and i just tested + this morning. So listen to those babies!

SierraBella's Avatar SierraBella 11:13 AM 03-23-2011

I have felt the presence of my 2 children before they were conceived. My younger child I felt around me for 5 months before I conceived, and I was trying to prevent at the time. He took the first accident possible (I O'd a week and a half early that month).


I am thinking I am feeling a presence right now, but am questioning it because I really want another baby now... so I don't know if it is wishful thinking or the real thing.

mtchen79's Avatar mtchen79 10:41 AM 03-26-2011

Wow, this is so interesting. I am not sure that I have had any personal experiences other than that I want a 3rd child and feel that there is a person missing in our family, so I could just be imagining a presence. Before I took a pregnancy test with DD2, I did have a dream the morning before I tested that I got a positive digital test that said "Congratulations!" with balloons and fireworks everywhere. Good luck to all mamas TTC, hope you get a BFP soon!

Viriditas's Avatar Viriditas 08:55 PM 03-27-2011

Thank you all for your responses!


So I did ovulate after posting this thread and 11 dpo I got a nice, clear BFP!  I can still feel my spirit baby there once in awhile, like she's checking in on me.  I'm sure we will grow much closer as my pregnancy progresses. :)

KnittinKitten's Avatar KnittinKitten 03:08 PM 03-28-2011

This is so beautiful! I too have felt in communication with my spirit baby and find it so nice to hear others stories. Thanks for sharing. Hoping to conceive my spirit baby soon!

Azadehhast's Avatar Azadehhast 07:28 PM 03-28-2011

Originally Posted by Viriditas View Post

So I did ovulate after posting this thread and 11 dpo I got a nice, clear BFP!  I can still feel my spirit baby there once in awhile, like she's checking in on me.  I'm sure we will grow much closer as my pregnancy progresses. :)

Oh, how wonderful for you!


I came here looking for this exact topic!


I've just had my copper IUD removed, and two days later, we DTD, which was exactly on ovulation day. But I didn't think conceiving was possible because of the adjustments my body is surely making from the IUD. Then, two days after O, suddenly I just felt the presence of my child, like he was right there "speaking" to me. I knew his name. And I thought, what? Could it be?

I'm still only at 6 DPO, but for the last few days, I can feel twinges in my womb. Am I nuts?! It just feels like things are happening in there! Of course, rational mind says it's just the post-IUD adjustments I expected, but something in me thinks it knows.


Anyone else ever feel "under construction uterus" feelings so early?

mamaharrison's Avatar mamaharrison 09:16 PM 03-30-2011

This is wonderful! I have felt the presence of 1 of my spirit babies for years now--15 years to be exact. I started really feeling her again when my dd turned 1 year old last July. My DH and DD also started to notice her presence around then, too. She has faded some, as it wasn't the time for her to come in the last year, but I am really beginning to feel her again now that I had a return to fertility recently. If you mamas haven't read 'Spirit Babies' you should ;)

gumblossom's Avatar gumblossom 12:50 AM 03-31-2011

I have also read spirit babies (and loved it), and also have felt a spirit baby. Amazingly I also felt her when I had acupuncture treatments. I think it is because it is the only time I am still and relaxed!


I lost a baby at Christmas time, and did dream of my baby( the morning I found out s/he had died), with an older child - the older child told me not to worry, that he'd take care of the little baby. I don't know if that means s/he will come back again,I'm still hoping.


Just recently I dreamt of my baby again, this time I birthed him(it was a boy - I made sure to look) in the bath, and he looked deeply into my eyes, and I felt that everything would be fine. I too hope it isn't just wishful thinking, and that my spirit baby will come earthside soon!



Azedehhast  - I had those twinges with my last pregnancy. I hope you get your bfp!




Jackies Ladybug's Avatar Jackies Ladybug 07:19 PM 03-31-2011

after i had my second baby i have continually had the feeling like i have a third child. dont quite know how to describe it, i guess its like, both girls are in the tub and i get this little panic like "wheres my third?" oh wait, i only have 2 babies. i dont know if that makes sense. we have just started trying for number 3, so we'll see if the feeling goes away or if i'm supposed to have more.

Magelet's Avatar Magelet 01:15 AM 04-05-2011

I don't have kids yet, but for years, I've felt at least one girl's presence.  (Since I was about 16, shortly after meeting DP actually.)  Sometimes I do wake up in a panic, frantic for my baby who's suddenly missing, until I realize she isn't born yet.

Bfillingham's Avatar Bfillingham 03:46 PM 04-05-2011

I have only begun to TTC this cycle and I am now about 6-7 DPO. Oddly, I have already become obsessed with getting pregnant and have been having dreams almost every night. I haven't felt any kind of presence being awake, but constantly do when I am dreaming. The most vivid dream consisted of me just standing completely naked in front of a tall mirror. I would keeping staring at my stomach thinking to myself "grow....grow." The more I said it and harder I concentrated, the bigger my stomach would get. I would watch my stomach grow into a big baby belly, but at the end it would just fall flat, almost deflate. Then I would feel the deepest sadness possible. I pray and pray this doesnt mean I will have a very late miscarriage :( I havent told anyone because although the dream only seems to last a few seconds, its the most sorry I have ever felt in a dream. I am only 24, but have been obsessed with starting a family since I was 14. I want to feel a happy presence while being awake :)

Azadehhast's Avatar Azadehhast 11:11 AM 04-07-2011

Just wanted to update and say:


So, maybe feeling a child's presence isn't just wishful thinking!

yummus's Avatar yummus 01:00 PM 04-09-2011

I love that I found this thread!


Before DD was born/conceived, I was a smoker (yuck) and dealing with God and myself to quit... I was sitting with DP in our room, smoking, and watching a movie and I heard, "It smells like smoke in here, Momma." I was sort of shocked and quit shortly after but I had never heard of "spirit babies" and it is interesting to think that it was DD telling me that winky.gif



SpiralChrissy's Avatar SpiralChrissy 04:09 PM 04-09-2011

I have felt a presence of a very happy little girl sometimes. It may sound silly but sometimes I talk to her in the car. She's such a cheerful little spirit. I'll talk to her about being ready to have her join our family, about our lives here and inviting her in. I always almost giddy during these experiences. I do think sometimes she's telling me not to worry, that she's on her way and that she'll be with us all the time soon. I surely hope that's true. We're ready for her!! 

KnittinKitten's Avatar KnittinKitten 08:21 AM 04-11-2011
Congrats Azadehhast!

When my spirit baby talks to me I hear reassuring messages as well like "be happy Mommy." It is so great to feel this connection and know that others feel it too.
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glorysmom's Avatar glorysmom 12:01 AM 04-20-2011

Hi all!

  Just wanted to say yes!!!  this is the sixth time now I've been pregnant although I lost two, one a stillbirth, one a miscarriage.  EVERYTIME  I knew before I became pregnant that I would be having a child.  I would have a feeling suddenly come upon me and within months was pregnant.  Its almost like there is another presence in my field before I conceive.  This time I took out my diapers to give away to a friend and I felt so wierd about it.  I suddenly had the urge to have another child.  Now this is not at all a logical urge but something deeper.  Also I had this spirit come to me in a dream telling me I would concieve in 6 months and exactly 6 months later, I'm pregnant. I had actually forgotten about the dream until I felt the presence of a child around me.  Now I don't know when life begins because there seems to me to be a gradual awakening of the soul.  I have felt a change at 6 weeks when the heart beats and definently something different when the child leaves the womb and comes to the world.  I have also had an early miscarriage when there never was a heart beating and a child whose heart stopped beating at 8 months gestation.  The child at 8 months gestation had taken hold but only in the spirit world and I am not so sure about the little one who didn't make it past 6 weeks.  I wonder if that spirit is the one in my womb now because in my dream that spirit came to me and I lifted her out of the grave brought her back to life and suckled her and she told me she would be back in 6 months when I was ready.  I am very happy to have her in my life again and hope and pray she makes it this time!

Thanks for bringing this topic up!



Gfunk1e's Avatar Gfunk1e 06:00 AM 02-28-2012
I felt the same thing with my two beautiful kids. I would dream of them being in my womb and seeing if it was a boy or a girl. With my first son I already knew that we had met before in a previous life. And he has returned to be with me ❤ and with my daughter I would feel her presence or when I would meditate I would see a little girl holding my hand and this was about 3 months before I fell pregnant, I knew that I was having a girl even before the ultrasounds. Now I have just been feeling a presence following me i believe it's my next baby but I get the feeling it's twins. They say before a child is born its chooses it's parents, watching them to see if they will help the With what they need to learn to help there souls progress. And fill in there karmic ties.So they stalk u and see how there future will pan out with u as there parent. If u would like to know more you should read Survival of the soul by Lisa Williams, it's a great book. Love and light :-)
faithsstuff's Avatar faithsstuff 10:41 AM 02-28-2012

More stories!lurk.gif

travelmumma's Avatar travelmumma 04:48 PM 02-28-2012

Hi All,


I don't have any children myself - yet! We are TTC, but I just wanted to contribute!

About 10 DPO last cycle I was climbing  a rick while we were overseas and knew it wasn't very safe.. Right before I fell I heard this little voice say "Please be careful".. I could have sworn it said "momma" at the end.....Then I fell straight off the rock and hurt myself... Well my period was 2 days late and extremely heavy..... But this cycle I all of a sudden felt excited and happy like this might be "It", even tho I was a few days away from O.


But I also wanted to share- The Australian Aboriginals (I live in Australia) believe in spirit babies very strongly.. In fact they believe that its the spirit babies that decide to MAKE you pregnant, not the other way around.

And in traditional communities it is still believed that once you hear your spirit babies (who can come from trees and lakes, rocks, flowers, oceans, animals etc) that its best to start having sex straight away to "Open" yourself to them and make their journey into your womb easier.

The sex is just a physical act to literally open you for a time so the spirit babies can make their way in....


I think I really love that :)

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January---'s Avatar January--- 10:04 PM 05-06-2012

DH and I are trying again now that our son is two and a half.  The other night I was laying with DS in his big boy bed before sleep and he told me Milo was in my belly.  That's the name we will give our next son.  I had felt fluttering after dtd on my birthday and am so afraid of starting af this week.  Thanks all for sharing your stories.

travelmumma's Avatar travelmumma 01:02 AM 05-07-2012

Just wanted to say that not long after posting this I had another run in with the same "voice" who just had a little girly feel about her... I could tell she was "close"

Well the next month we conceived and now we are due with number one in December 2012! We will just have to wait and see if it is that little girl I heard tho :)

jess in hawaii's Avatar jess in hawaii 02:29 AM 05-07-2012

I am on my 7th pregnancy and have felt the spirit before hand every time, whether I consciously let it come in or let it sneak in however it managed (I've had a couple that were very unlikely, except that they were determined little spirits). I characterize it as feeling like i'm already pregnant, and just need a physical act to actually manifest it. I have talked to a few mama friends who have also had the experience and agree with that sort of interpretation. I am also quite good at "seeing" babies around other women... I have frequently known when a friend was about to conceive, even if it wasn't planned, as well as knowing before they do that they have. I can also tell when a woman who is TTC does not have one hanging around her, but of course I would never mention that.

Tropicalfever's Avatar Tropicalfever 09:28 AM 05-10-2012

Wow! I cant believe what I'm reading! In my culture the Bassa of Cameroon Central Africa there is a strong belief in spirti babies like the aborigenes who can come from anything within nature like lakes  or trees. The addition is that they choose you and come as a blessing or punishment for your past actions in previous lives or in the present one or even for those of your ancestors.It is believed that every child comes with his/her blessings and curses some come with riches some with poverty.  I personnally think the served or then societies to explain the differences between gifted, challenged, brillant, not so brillant and children who turn bad or to explain a sudden change in social status (good or bad) during or after the pregnancy. Still not fair to put that on the parent but thank God medicine has evolved in any case thats out of topic.

I just want to add that in some cases some spirit children were born several times in the same family!  let me break it down.

When a family lost a LO especially below five and the local shaman or sorcerer or priest call it the way you want we call it mbombock said the child had decided to leave the family because S/he missed her/his previous familly (and possibly wife/husband or kids he left in the other world ) or just because s/he had stuff to go take care of there scarifications were made on the corpse on an invisble part for a LO and on the face for a child who had brought a lot of pain to the family. rituals were then performed to either make the LO come back or never come back.

So, sometimes the LO after going back into the unseen world came back to his mama s/hewas born with that scar on his/her body. This scars also served to alert families when a bad child )those with marking on the face) came into their families. Rituals will then be performed to stop the child from leaving once more or to appease his/her anger in the event of a child who brought misfortune.

These beliefs and rites are almost extinct but for a few espcially when a child is born with a scar on the face! lol

I personnaly don't belive in spirit babies Im Chritian but I do believe that mankind has lost that connection it had with the unseen thats why Moses could talk to God and we don't. I'm ttc but  I already feel like I'm gonna have a girl its just a feeling, but if we could open our spiritual eyes we would be able to see the angels/spirit babies /lost ones.

Have a sonderfulday and happy baby dust joy.gif