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Please tell me I am not the only one who feels crazy right now!!! (and can't sleep or stay off this site.)

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I think as of today I fit into this category... probably as of yesterday too. I had pain around 7pm on 4/3 7DPO, then 4/4 i had light crampy feeling, some pink spotting & cannot hold my pee... I've never had this before (and I'm famous for imaginary symptoms), similar story yesterday 4/5 - had to pee a lot, slightly crampy- took a IC HPT after work but I could only hold it for an hour and a half- it was negative, so I tested today with FMU- my temp skyrocketed this morning, still BFN, on 2 tests... also my nipples are huge, i know, TMI, but they're usually tiny. Anyway. I guess I'll try again tomorrow... I'm 10 DPO, with a usually 12 day LP, so AF may be approaching... What's your story?


Also, I know we are on the One thread and TTC in 20s thread together, but this is a good place to hash out the details of an insane 2ww.


Not to leave out, in my defense, I have never been this obsessive with testing before or symptoms, I've never had anything like this... I feel like the tests just have to be lying to me. I'm in my 3rd cycle really TTC, but have NTNP for a year or so.

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I fit here too! I have took a test this morning at 10 dpo and BFN. I was devastated! I think I am creating pregnancy symptoms.....I am so nervous for Saturday....when I plan to test. I think I will be crushed if it is negative and my husband may want to commit me (Since he is already tired of hearing about my impatience and imaginary pregnancy symptoms) I wish you the best of luck...Praying we all get the BFP we are hoping for!

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Absolutely. :)


It doesn't help that y body seems really very confused.  I won't really know anything for a few more days one way or the other...  I don't usually have symptoms though until much later- like 10ish weeks. *sigh*


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cbaa2010- Everything you have mentioned looks good!! The cramping, peeing, pink spotting.. huge sore nipples lol. I am jealous. I want your symptoms. I dont seem to be having any :( Besides a bit of cramping which I could blame on just PMS or normal cramping from eating too much or stressing, and peeing alot. But I always pee a lot. Damn! I dont want to get your hopes up but it just seems as though everything so far is going as planned for you. When I had a chemical pregnancy about a year ago, after our protection failed, I had ALL of those symptoms, even several faint positives several days before my period.. but then AF came. I am hoping I have no symptoms now, because I just O'd late. I originally thought I o'd around the 28th or so, but now i remember not getting EWCM until 31st or 1st. Also on the 27th I took an OP and it was negative (I only had one) So I am hoping I am only really 5-6 DPO, and thats why I have no symptoms. I hope you get your BFP soon!!!


Sah- I know how it feels thinking you are creating pg symptoms. I keep doing it, but at the same time trying to tell myself it is just all in my head so I dont get my hopes up. But they only even consist of peeing a lot and a bit of cramping. So nothing too reliable. I have taken 2 tests even though its probably too early, but it's easier for me to see a neg, since it could just be too early. The closer my AF gets the more stressful testing will be! Hopefully you will get your BFP in just a few short days!


InsideVoice- I saw the pic your posted of a BFP! That is a very clear positive! But I can see why you are still holding out a bit, our body's can be saying one thing, but still acting so strange! I think you said you also bled last night? Hopefully it is just decidual bleeding, I do hear A LOT of stories of women who bleed early on in their PG and the baby turns out just fine! I really hope your baby goes full term and you get to enjoy every bit of your pg. Best of luck to you, I'll keep my fingers, toes.. everyting I can possibly cross..crossed for you!!!

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I think that I will chime in here, if that's ok.  I have three small girls, I should know what to expect (right?), and yet suddenly I am wondering if I am pregnant again.  DH and I were getting lazy about charting, and we were trying to avoid, and yet now I think I ovulated later than usual.  And my symptoms are cramping since last Saturday, 5 days in a row, and no AF .... and lots of watery cm, not like the end of my cycle at all.  I've also been peeing all the time.  So far, pregnancy tests have been negative, which have been giving me pause.  But the cramping won't let up.  And if I ovulated later than expected, that might explain the negative test ... I also don't know what to think!  Waiting is SO difficult!  I sympathize with all of you!  Also, I am still nursing dd#3, she's 16 months old, so I can't really tell with the sore bbs.   I don't think I'm ready for another little one yet, but I would still be thrilled if my test were positive!

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Beppie- Congrats on the 3 little girls! That is so precious :) One thing I can relate to with you is the watery CM, I only had one day of EWCM this cycle about a week ago, so I was worried I didnt ovulate, but I always have a normal cycle and get my period on time, so I am hoping I did. The odd thing is.. I was pretty dry through out my entire cycle besides the one day of EWCM..which cleared right up.. but now the closer I get to AF.. the more and more CM I am getting (lotion like..gets thicker each day) Do you know if this is a sign of pregnancy? Or just a sign AF is coming? I know that once you have the EWCM, after you ovulate it tends to start to become more lotion like.. then dry up.. but mine gets larger in content the closer I get to AF. *Confused*  When is AF supposed to start for you? Maybe you did just ovulate later, hence the negative test. If you dont mind could you just explain some of your symptoms and when you had them with your other pregnancies.. and when you got your BFP? I would love to hear!!

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I feel like I was more this way last cycle but received a big disappointment when af came. I was very confident in my timing and symptoms. Now I'm feeling more cautious - but a little excited. Yesterday I had a big temp drop at 12dpo and was sure af would be here...but today I had a huge temp jump and and now on cd30 (lately have been 28-29 days). No signs or symptoms so far. My last pg/loss I tested at 13dpo and got a bfn, then a bfp at cd15. Maybe I'll test tomorrow - if I have time to get some tests!


Good luck everyone!!

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I am going completely insane this 2ww.  It's our first month trying again after a D&C in January after our second loss this year.  I am trying not to be too hopeful but things just look so good.  I'm doing acupuncture, taking progesterone, and baby aspirin so I'm trying to cover all my basis there. I ate tons of pineapple to help with implantation (not sure how true that is, but it was yummy so I didn't care!) and our timing was PERFECT.  We had sex five days in a row, starting 3 days before ovulation, the day of ovulation, and the day after. My temps are very high and steady (they had been lower and jumping around a lot this past year due to my low progesterone).  So I am SO hopeful.  I almost just feel like I am pregnant because I can't imagine how I couldn't be with all of that, but I also know there are no guarantees.  I have no symptoms, aside from some mild yuckiness after eating, but I'm probably making it up (I have had the same feelings before with my many BFNs), and some crampy/pulling feelings in my lower right side.  I'm planning to test Saturday (which would be 11dpo).  I'm considering testing tomorrow but am trying not to because it's likely too early, I'd just be disappointed, and even if it's positive, since I have no symptoms I'm just going to worry that it's another miscarriage. So I'm trying to hold out but it is hard!

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