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LitMama's Avatar LitMama 02:05 PM 07-02-2011

Gumblossom, so glad to hear the surgery went smoothly and especially that you're feeling okay emotionally! Thinking muchly of you... ((( hugs )))


Fuller2, I meant to thank you for your earlier post about your experience of your first pregnancy (when your marriage fell apart while you were pregnant)... I had a similar experience, and it's good to connect with other mamas who have been there. As for your ovarian/tubal pain, so sorry you're going through this! I've had lots of ovarian cysts, and it does sound remarkably like one of those. I've had them wake me up at night and land me in the emergency room... and even then, they have not required surgery. Thinking of you and hoping this all turns out just fine.


Kristin, I had the same question when doing cd3 testing a year ago. My RE told me that cd1 is the first day of full, bright red flow, regardless of what time of day it happens. I do seem to recall that I had one cycle which started very late at night, and the RE nurse told me to count the next day as cd1. Was your late-night bleeding more like spotting, brown or pink, or was it a full bright-red flow?


AFM, I'm glad my last post resonated with many of you! I love that we can share experiences and be here for each other like that. love.gif I feel like there are other posts out there I'm wanting to respond to, but I only have this minute right now. For those who were discussing menstrual clots earlier... I've been looking into them, because this cycle (which I believe is the release of another chemical pregnancy) is so full of them, and larger than I've ever seen. I learned that from a western perspective, clots are said to be caused when bleeding happens so fast and so heavily that the body doesn't have time to release anti-coagulant into the uterus. (Also from a western view) they can also be caused when there is stagnation because of a narrowed cervical passage, which happens when our estrogen is low. Very interesting that on at least one of these points ("stagnation"), there is eastern/western agreement. A rare and welcome moment of synchronicity! 


Wishing you all a wonderful long weekend! Love, LitMama

LitMama's Avatar LitMama 02:13 PM 07-02-2011

Happy Birthday, Stevi! If you're having trouble feeling celebratory, think of your wonderfully-growing/aging self through the eyes of a friend or family member who loves you (and sees you unfolding in a beautiful way). Here's a toast to you! 



WaturMama's Avatar WaturMama 02:24 PM 07-02-2011

Ouch, fuller2! That sounds no fun. I hope it turns out fine. (Constipation is always a "good" pg symptom for me.) If it is a corpus luteum cyst, will the pain stop soon?


Gumblossom, I'm glad the surgery went well and that you were feeling good emotionally last night. ((hug)) to you anyway! I love the names in your signature that you gave the little ones who were with you briefly.


Litmama, that sure sounds like a chemical pregnancy to me.


AFM, I passed my fertile time. We didn't really try this month. I felt my body and my heart needed a break. I'm considering trying femara, but I have so much working well I hate to mess with my hormones. Logically it seems like the thing to do, but my gut says keep doing what we are doing. I probably need more information.

Stevi's Avatar Stevi 05:19 PM 07-02-2011

LitMama...   Thank you. :)

tenzinsmama's Avatar tenzinsmama 07:18 PM 07-02-2011

Happy belated birthday, Stevi!


I was just wondering... should there be a new thread started-- 40+++ Summer TTC?    :) 

Kristin0105's Avatar Kristin0105 09:39 PM 07-02-2011

I contemplated starting a new thread but we have had such good vibes with this one I thought I would keep it as is for a while, unless someone has strong feelings about changing it now.

WaturMama's Avatar WaturMama 11:26 PM 07-02-2011

For me there are both good vibes in this thread and sad memories. I like the idea of a fresh start. It could even be the same title, but with Summer instead of Spring, and starting at page 1. But I wouldn't say these are strong feelings, more of a preference.

Stevi's Avatar Stevi 09:29 AM 07-03-2011

I agree with starting the summer thread, and with keeping the same title! :)

fuller2's Avatar fuller2 10:27 AM 07-03-2011

A new summer thread is fine by me.


(1st HCG test -- they said the level was "great." Haven't heard about the 2nd yet -- since it's the holiday it won't be until Tuesday.  Ovary still feeling weird and cysty but seems to be getting better.  I'm TIRED, but in decent spirits.  Though I would LOVE a latte.  sigh...)

Stevi's Avatar Stevi 12:18 PM 07-03-2011

Fuller2...   I think banks, labs, and everything important should be REQUIRED to stay open 24/7. This closing for weekends and holidays is ridiculous!

contactmaya's Avatar contactmaya 01:24 PM 07-03-2011

Belated happy birthday Stevi!


Fuller2, sending positive vibes to you, that this is just a harmless cyst and not an ectopic, and that your hcg levels do what they should. Are you at particular risk for an ectopic?


Thanks for the article Purplefish. Congratulations on being ‘almost’ 12 weeks.


Litmama, sorry this wasn’t the cycle for you. I had labor like cramps once in my 2ww. Ill never know why. Im sorry you had to go through that. And thankyou for those truly beautiful words. (ah, the ocean. What a lesson, Most of this planet is water)


Saoirse, thankyou for the picture!


Gumblossom, Im so sorry you had to go through this. Sending you energy of healing and peace.

homebirthy's Avatar homebirthy 05:00 PM 07-03-2011

Hi all,

I got my BFP!  It's been a while since I've posted but thought I should update my status from hopeful.  I feel good and I'm super excited!!  I'm due first week in March.  I'll be 44.   I'm sure this one will stick- been 3 m/c's in a row for the last 2 1/2 years, but I'm feeling like I'm ready with my body, mind and soul.


I have been getting some tightening, usually if I'm lying down or nursing my 3 year old.  Sounds like Palmer's sign.  Anyone heard of it? 

tenzinsmama's Avatar tenzinsmama 11:09 PM 07-03-2011

homebirthy, that is wonderful news!  Did you have to go through many cycles?  It gives me such hope that perhaps I indeed will become pregnant even though I'm halfway through to 42!

greenmama66's Avatar greenmama66 11:29 PM 07-03-2011

Congrats homebirthy! I'm also 44 (soon to be 45) and just days away from birthing my baby.


Gumblossom- I hope you are feeling better and I pray for a sticky one for you next time  (((hugs))).

WaturMama's Avatar WaturMama 11:35 PM 07-03-2011

Great news, homebirthy! Thanks for stopping by and sharing it.

lotus1's Avatar lotus1 10:59 AM 07-04-2011

I also would like to say hello! I haven't posted in a while. I have been so sick for the past 2 months with hyperemesis.


I just turned 41 and will be 15 weeks tomorrow.


So excited and so eager for this nausea to subside.

LitMama's Avatar LitMama 11:24 AM 07-04-2011

Congrats, Homebirthy and Lotus1! Sending blessings to both you and your babes. Lotus1, I had hyperemesis with my daughter, I know how tough that is. ((( hugs ))) to you and hoping the nausea will subside soon. Would either of you be willing to share with the rest of us whatever you felt contributed to your success (diet, supplements, mind/body rituals, anything else)?


Greenmama, how exciting that you are days away! I can't wait to hear your happy news soon. Please keep us posted. Sending you beautiful birth vibes! goodvibes.gif


Fuller2, congrats on your excellent first betas! May the next ones look even better...


I think I was meaning to reply to Stealthee a while back... I loved the description of your fun weekend with friends. I'm sorry that your ovaries had to endure tobacco smoke but I doubt that an evening's exposure would ruin your chances! How cool that you used to play in bands... I never did that myself but have friends in the music scene. DH spent years playing in bands and our livingroom is still filled with guitars, drums, etc. 


AFM, still bleeding on cd7, can't wait for it to stop so I can feel done. I'm taking a mental break from TTC obsession at the moment and trying to focus on other things that bring me joy... right now it's the garden and the planning stages for a mural in our backyard. I agree a summer thread would be great -- we can keep the joyful momentum of BFPs going while also providing a fresh start for lots of us.





fuller2's Avatar fuller2 09:55 AM 07-05-2011

hCG levels: Thursday 622, Saturday 2300.  The nurse said "the numbers look great!"


This explains why I feel a little sick, I  still not ready to head over to the I'm Pregnant boards, though.

Kristin0105's Avatar Kristin0105 10:02 AM 07-05-2011

Congratulations fuller those numbers look great!



Here is the link to the new thread ladies.

saoirse2007's Avatar saoirse2007 12:55 PM 07-05-2011

Originally Posted by fuller2 View Post

hCG levels: Thursday 622, Saturday 2300.  The nurse said "the numbers look great!"


This explains why I feel a little sick, I  still not ready to head over to the I'm Pregnant boards, though.


I get you...when I got pg with dd I stayed on this board for a few months b4 I felt comfortable going to a ddc ;)


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