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Aka mommy's Avatar Aka mommy 09:31 PM 06-14-2011

Whats going on: IUI's were on the 8th. Unmedicated and no natural supplementation aside from prenatals. I was getting what looked like positive opks as early as the morning of the 7th, positive digital didn't come along until the morning of the 8th. We did IUI around 2 pm that day. Had some light spotting that night which I expected as they warned me it does happen to some and it was mixed with my EWCM. Next day my temps went up.


On the 10th I started spotting. Figured it was O spotting since it started out pink with EWCM. But then it started turning to red with very small peices of tissue and i thought the IUI was a bust. I was also in the midst of a bout of bacterial food poisoning and thought maybe the vomiting and whatnot had ruined our chances.Spotting continued on the 11th. By the 12th it was gone and i was starting to feel better from the abx for the bacterial food poisoning. On the 13th I had a few symptoms i only get when pregnant and thought it was odd since I'd already begun planning for next months cycle and had no hope for this one, temps have remained high except for one dip the same day as the first day of spotting. This morning same symptoms and i decided to POAS for the heck of it.



Obviously i was in disbelief and peed on more. My urine is concentrated because i'm just getting back to normal and my water consumption has not been as good as normal and this is taken about 2 hours after my prenatal (which turns my urine bright yellow). I also have 2 OSOMs that are positive, but i dont trust 'em.


What is going on? Everything i'm reading says it's too early for a + 6 days past IUI and that implantation bleeding is never bright red, only pink and brown and that the earliest it can happen is 3 days past IUI. There was no other BD'ing as we are only doing IUIs so no chance at conception earlier.





Jaimee's Avatar Jaimee 08:18 AM 06-15-2011

I'm not sure if this falls in the unmedicated category... Did you get the IUI through a fertility doctor?  If so, don't they give you an hCG shot at the same time to improve your chances?  If so, the lingering hCG could be giving you the positives at this point still.  My friend who did IUI tested every day after her IUI until it was negative, waited a few more days and tested again until she got a BFP. 


Implantation bleeding can certainly be bright red and I've read many posts where women experienced moderate bleeding for a few days.  But it would occur between 6 and 12 DPO.  Do you have a history of low progesterone?  Have you read anything specific to IUI's that might cause that much bleeding?  Did you experience any pain with the IUI? 


If you didn't get an hCG shot, then HPT's don't show up positive for no reason!  Antibiotics should not affect the result and neither should vomiting/dehydration. It's possible you O'd a little earlier than you think (temp shift indicates a 3ish day window of ovulation) and had the earliest implantation possible (6 DPO).  But even then, that would put you at 7 DPO yesterday and I'm not sure if it's possible to get a BFP on an HPT on 7 DPO. I suppose with an embryo that is producing high levels of hCG... and I imagine it has happened to someone!  


So it would be my advice to go get an hCG quant test today and again 48 hours later and find out what's up!  Or, if you can stand it, just wait another 4 days and test again with a FRER.   A positive then would be a very clear indication. 


Good luck!

Jaimee's Avatar Jaimee 08:20 AM 06-15-2011

Also you might  get some better responses than mine by posting in the infertility forum since a lot of mamas there have experience with IUI's.  orngbiggrin.gif

Aka mommy's Avatar Aka mommy 09:24 AM 06-15-2011

Thanks I'll post over there too.


No, it was completely unmedicated. We went through an OB clinic and he believes in doing natural first since I have no fertility issues (im a surrogate). No trigger, no clomid, nada. No problems with any of my levels. Prolactin is normal range, progesterone is normal, everything is really good. I had to be completely screened for the surrogacy. No pain with IUI, i didn't even feel it which surprised the Dr. I have read very small numbers of implantation happening from as early as day 3.


I'm going to wait for a Beta (HCG quant). If this is a chemical I don't want to waste my blood or time lol. But i'll probably keep poas and see if it darkens or goes away. I'm just rather surprised at getting positives and feeling pregnant so early. And thought for sure it was false or evaps, but when it happened on three different brands i started scratching my head. See this is the problem with testing to early lol.gif



HOPN4NUMBER2's Avatar HOPN4NUMBER2 11:08 AM 06-15-2011

hi everyone...my name is Keiondra. i have been trying for several years to get pg and i havent had any luck Frown but this time seems very promising...from what i see i guess i start from the first day

LMP May 28, 2011-May 3, 2011

i had unprotected sex on May 5, 2011

5/6 nothing...

5/7 faint...

5/8 sore breasts, heavier, fuller, nauseous

5/9 severe back pain, abdominal cramps, faint..

5/10 HOT!! thirsty, constipated, sore breast, senstive nips, back pain, bloated...

5/11 " " fatigue

5/12 " " white creamy cm, abdominal cramps, tugs at the belly, bloated...Vomit

5/13 all of the above plus spots of blood and blood in the cm, sore itchy nips...caught a random head cold that started out as nothing more than a stuffy nose and elevated to everything else...

5/14 faint, severe headache, back pain, emotional, nauseous Vomit, bloated, sore and itchy nips (feeling really full..but i only had chips, a donut and soda...i havent eaten since 9 am)

i have a hpt but ive had since 2009 and i was told its still good but im unsure..i dont really wanna take it...bc i dont want to see another BFN Cry...i dont want to get my hopes up but this is exactly how it was with my daughter, i had unprotected sex the night after my period went off...am i going crazy or could this really be happening?!