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Niniel's Avatar Niniel 08:05 AM 08-16-2011

I am so confused. 


Haven't had my AF since having my dd, 21 months ago. I've been charting but FF doesn't think that I've ovulated. I was in a pound shop (dollar store) yesterday and picked up some cheap tests. Yesterday afternoon on a whim I did a test and got a faint line straight away.


I got a superdrug test then (I'm in the UK, they are supposed to be quite sensitive). Admittedly my urine was more dilute when I used it. I got a BFN. I had my pee for a few hours and did another dollar store test last night and got this


this morning I did the other superdrug test with FMU and got a BFN. 


My friend then came around and brought me over some more of the dollar store tests. I did one with my FMU sample, and then with a SMU sample. They were both positive, although the SMU was a lot fainter. 


Just to be on the safe side i got her and my DH to both do a dollar store test. They got negatives, though had evap lines when the test dried. 


Here's a pic of those tests - (FMU is at the bottom, then SMU, then friend's, then DH's at the top).


So I went and bought MORE tests, a variety of brands including predictor, clear blue, first response, asda own brand (like walmart) and MORE dollar store tests - though a different brand to the one I used before. I decided since my urine was a little dilute to just use 2 more dollar store tests. I got another very faint BFP on the same brand as before and possibly a hint of something on the different brand. I also did an asda test, it was BFN. I don't honestly know what the sensitivities are on any of these tests, though on the ASDA box it said "use from 4 days before period is due).



I just don't know WHAT to think. Am I pregnant? Am I not??? I've made an appointment to see my doctor in the morning and I'm going to ask her for a blood test. This is just driving me totally crazy. I can't stand not knowing what is going on. I would love to be pregnant but I just don't want to get my hopes up :(


Sorry for the essay!



mamaforever's Avatar mamaforever 08:29 AM 08-16-2011

I have to admit, your post gave me a little chuckle.  I love that you have tried so many tests and even had your friend and DH do one to compare.  My guess is that your pregnant but it's just super early that you will get mixed results on different tests.  I will be anxious to hear your results from the blood test!  Sending you lots of baby dust!

Niniel's Avatar Niniel 08:35 AM 08-16-2011

yeah dh didn't seem too impressed when I asked him to POAS but bless him he did it anyway. I really hope the doc can give me some answer, or that I get a proper BFP on a branded test tomorrow morning. I just don't trust the dollar store tests

Jaimee's Avatar Jaimee 12:54 PM 08-19-2011

A line is a line if it's colored and showed up within the proper time frame!  It's really hard for me to see the color on the pics you posted so I can't tell if they are evaps or not.  But if you can see the color, then I'd say you're pregnant!  HPT's and especially multiple HPT's do not turn positive unless hCG is present.  If this is the case, then I agree that it's likely an issue of test sensitivity.  Check online for the hCG levels necessary...Most dollar store tests only need a level of 25, same with FRER.  But some generic brands require 50.  If the pregnancy is viable then your levels should double about every 24-48 hours.  I'll be interested to hear the results of your blood test!!

Jaimee's Avatar Jaimee 12:58 PM 08-19-2011

A quick search revealed several people complaining about ASDA tests, though supposedly they are very sensitive, possibly needing less than 25. 

brichole1214's Avatar brichole1214 01:15 PM 08-19-2011

I'm waiting to see what the blood tests says. Those lines on your first two tests are enough to make me believe that you'll be welcoming another little one to the family in 9 months!!!!

Niniel's Avatar Niniel 02:34 AM 08-20-2011

the blood results came back at <1 so I think it was an issue with the tests, they must have been faulty. No sign of any bleeding or anything so I don't think it was a chemical pregnancy either. I was very upset when the results came back but I'm more philosophical about it now, I just won't ever buy those tests again!

mamaforever's Avatar mamaforever 07:12 AM 08-20-2011

So sorry Niniel.  Yeah- you must have been VERY disappointed and upset from the results.  greensad.gif  That is crazy that you got so many false positives.  Sending baby dust your way to conceive SOON!! 

Jaimee's Avatar Jaimee 07:14 AM 08-20-2011

I'm sorry to hear it!  Sounds like those tests are very difficult to interpret.  hug2.gif