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abbysmom0203's Avatar abbysmom0203 01:41 PM 09-23-2011


My lmp was sept 7 and i had unprotected sex sept 14. sept 15 and 16 i had af like cramping and lower back pain which went away and wednesday through today ive had dull cramping. today i woke up really emotional and i want to cry about everything! i dont know whats going on with my body. ive heard that 7dpo you get a rise in progesterone which can make you emotional but i dont understand how i could have ovulated a weekish past my period. could i be ovulating now which is giving me the dull ache and making me emotional? if so, what do you think were those af like cramps about a week after my period?

Jaimee's Avatar Jaimee 10:23 AM 09-24-2011

Welcome to MDC!!  wave.gif


Let's break this down a bit...


CD 1 September 7th

CD 8 and 9 unprotected sex

CD 10 AF like cramping and low back pain

CD 15-17 dull cramping

CD 17 emotional


How long are you cycles normally?  When do you expect AF? Have you ever charted your temperature and/or cervical fluid before to determine how long your luteal phase (the time between O and AF) is?  Do you recall when you had patches of fertile cervical fluid (CF), creamy or eggwhite in consistency? 


Without being able to pinpoint your O day or even if you have O'd yet this cycle, it's really difficult to say what is going on.  It is not likely that you O'd on CD 10, but also not completely impossible.  A surge in progesterone mid-LP (luteal phase) would be caused by implantation.  Implantation occurs between 6 and 12 DPO, but most often (84% of the time) between 8 and 10 DPO.   Seven DPO (if you O'd on CD 10) would be in this range, but again, I wouldn't think it terribly likely.


The cramping and dull aching could all be ovulation symptoms, but not necessarily mean that you did indeed O.  And keep in mind that since similar hormones are involved with ovulation, menstruation, and pregnancy, many of the symptoms for each are very similar.    You could be gearing up to O right now with the dull cramping and emotions.  Are you getting creamy or eggwhite CF now?


Sperm can live for about 5 days in fertile CF so if you had unprotected sex on CD 9, it could potentially live until around CD 14 and you may not have even O'd yet.  Really, you will have to wait and see what happens over the next 2 weeks or so.  If you did indeed O on CD 10 then you should get accurate results on an HPT by CD 22-24 (next Wednesday-Friday) with a sensitive, pink dye test like First Response Early Response.


If you'd like more information about charting your next cycle (if you're not pg), just post and ask!

abbysmom0203's Avatar abbysmom0203 10:40 AM 09-24-2011

my cycles are normally 28 days long. im expecting my next period on Oct 5. i dont chart but i do check my cm. the only day that i had ewcm was on friday the 16th..the rest of the time its just been my normal cm. im not getting any creamy cm right now at all. the dull ache and backache ended yesterday afternoon as well.

Jaimee's Avatar Jaimee 01:37 PM 09-24-2011

Well, if you had EW CF on the 16th, then I'd say it's more likely you O'd around CD 11 or 12 IF you O'd at all.  Your body can gear up to ovulate- giving you all sorts of symptoms- but not actually succeed, gearing up again a few days or even weeks later.  Many common things can delay O like illness, injury, stress, diet changes, strenuous exercise, travel, etc.  Sometimes the cause is unknown.  But at any rate, the only way to confirm O is to temp.  Have you considered starting to chart both temp and CF?  You can log your data on a free site like www.fertilityfriend.com and share your charts with us so we can help you decipher anything confusing.


With a 28 day cycle and 12-14 days being the average LP, one could assume that you typically O around CD 14-16.  CD 10 or 11 would be quite early, but again, not impossible.  With the EW on CD 10, then I'd go with CD 11 for now and expect AF around CD 23-25 this cycle.  So that's next Thursday-Saturday and if AF doesn't show I would test and if you get a BFN, then I would assume you did not O when you think.  So keep your eyes peeled for another patch of fertile CF coming your way as you wait to test.  If you see more EW then assume you are fertile again.  If you're TTC then be sure to DTD then.

abbysmom0203's Avatar abbysmom0203 11:44 AM 09-25-2011

so an update for today, im having more af like cramping. i didnt have any yesterday. i did have a little ewcm an hour or so ago but its gone now. also my heart skipped a beat which is a hormonal things for me (it runs in our family..ive been tested and my heart is perfectly normal) so i know that something is going on. im not as emotional today, i actually feel pretty calm.

Jaimee's Avatar Jaimee 12:03 PM 09-25-2011

It's not typical to have EW in the middle of your LP, so right now I'm leaning toward saying you haven't yet O'd.  Again, if you're TTC, keep DTD every day that you see EW or creamy CF until you dry up.