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Bubblette's Avatar Bubblette 07:04 AM 10-02-2011




Hi Ladies,

    Does it really look like I ovulated on day 11?  http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/Bubblette  A bit of background, 16 moths pp, still breast feeding 3rd pp cycle.  I ovulated for the 1st time last cycle somewhere between day 35- 37, with a 3 day LP.  I started taking a Bcomplex with 100 mg B6 on day 1 of this cycle but didn't expect it to work like this! I know my chart says "dry" on days 7-11, but my CM was really more wet, I marked dry as the CM wasn't as profuse as my wet CM usually is and it was so early in my cycle that I was only checking in the morning...... didn't think I'd be analyzing it too much lol.  I wish all my signs matched up nicely!!

My temps are usually low, my thyroid is fine, I've always run low, and they have been lower since having DS, and they've always been pretty up and down erratic.


So..... any chances I actually ovulated early?

dejagerw's Avatar dejagerw 08:42 PM 10-02-2011
I don't see a thermal shift on your current chart, so I would say it does not look like you ovulated on day 11. Your temps just really look all over the place, which is typical for a breastfeeding mother.

You mentioned you had a 3 day LP last cycle? I'm not sure if that's even possible. I've never heard of one so short. You might not have really ovulated that cycle either. It might have just been breakthrough bleeding. However, it is normal for a breastfeeding mother not to ovulate for her first couple cycles.