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taradt's Avatar taradt 12:08 AM 04-17-2004
what a beautiful story

it sounds very much like what my ideal birth would be


polka123's Avatar polka123 12:30 AM 04-17-2004
How wonderful (sniff)
dani76's Avatar dani76 12:39 AM 04-17-2004
I just wanted to let everyone know that even though I don't post alot, I treasure this entire group of women. I'm crying, thinking about how much support you can get from people online that you can't seem to get IRL.

There is nothing to say to relieve anyone's pain, except that I'm sorry for your tremendous loss and hope that you never have to go through that again.

Just being here makes me feel part of something bigger and prouder than ever to be woman. Thank you all for being so supportive, through good and bad.
Zig's Avatar Zig 01:31 AM 04-17-2004
Ravenmoon, that's a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing.

I'll be thinking of you all tonight. Much light and love to those who are hurting.
puddingpop's Avatar puddingpop 08:22 AM 04-17-2004
Good morning -- the GIO-fest continues, and I think I may have O'd yesterday or am O-ing today. I guess I'll have to wait to see what FF thinks in another day or so.

I originally thought it was cute/funny when DH started dreaming about our baby (I've been dreaming about a baby consistently for well over a year). Now, my girlfriend and my grandmother are also dreaming of me being pregnant and/or a mother. Too weird!

Continued to all who need them!
jayayenay's Avatar jayayenay 10:28 AM 04-17-2004
puddingpop's Avatar puddingpop 10:29 AM 04-17-2004
Congratulations!!! Best wishes for a happy, healthy and uneventful pregnancy!!!
shannon0218's Avatar shannon0218 10:42 AM 04-17-2004
Oh Congrats Jay!!!!!!!
It's about time some happy news permeated our little group!!
Just make sure you don't leave us for good!! (ok, I mean, leave us, don't come back officially but visit--get it?):LOL

Our GIO fest began last night, not until of course after I picked a fight with dh--man I sure can time em!! I think I was having a small amount of EWCM yesterday but that's way early, and I'm pretty sure I have more this morning (in my experience ew is clear, dh is not) I go in this morning for my u/s and that will tell me how close to O I am.

again on the BFP, I think we all so needed to hear something good!!
coleslaw's Avatar coleslaw 12:13 PM 04-17-2004
Congratulations Jay!!!
heveasoul's Avatar heveasoul 12:16 PM 04-17-2004

Thanks for sharing your great news!! May you have a wonderful, healthy pregnancy!!

...and may there be many, many more BFPs!!
taradt's Avatar taradt 12:51 PM 04-17-2004

congrats!!!!!! Jay i agree with Shannon on the not returning here except to visit

polka123's Avatar polka123 02:13 PM 04-17-2004
WOOHOO Jay !!!!!!!!!!!

chiromama's Avatar chiromama 02:44 PM 04-17-2004
Jay!!!! Congrats!!! I'm sending as much sticky vibes as I can to you!!! we need some sticky babies!

I can't believe we have another m/c here. This has been the hardest week since I've been here. (((((((gonabe))))))) If you're lurking, I hope you know we'll be here for you whenever you need us. Come back when ever you're ready... we'll be here with a and a .

Shannon - sorry it's hard to get motivated to GIO this month... You can do it! I know you can!

Puddingpop... I have no idea when you o'ed... need more high temps! Just keep GIO! I love baby dreams. Lately all my dreams have been really weird and scary.. no babies.

Ravenmoon, thanks for sharing your beautiful story! I can't wait till i can post my own birth story!

So not much happening here. I'm supposed to be cleaning house all morning... then shopping for a baby shower gift.. then doing a little at the office... then a 90 min massage (ahhhhhhh) then a baby shower tonight. But truth is, I don't want to clean house! My MIL is coming to town next week, and I really HAVE to hide all the baby stuff we bought ( really cheap!) at a garage sale a couple of weeks ago (it's all in the room she'll be sleeping in) Since she doesn't know we're TTC. Ryan went flyfishing today.... and said before he left "if you really don't want to clean, I can do it when I get home tonight..." but I know he'll be too tired, and we have to work in the yard tomorrow... so I must motivate! I'll just stay on line for 15 more minutes... yeah... then I'll spend 90 minutes cleaning... then I can go play.... right???

Last night I spent 3 hours with a friend who is TTC also .. she is the QUEEN of knitting, and we looked at patterns and yarn... and ohhhhhh I'm becoming a kitting geek!Oh, I'm gonna go yarn shopping right now!

Ok I'll be back later, ladies! We need another BFP!!
saturnine25's Avatar saturnine25 03:49 PM 04-17-2004
Congratulations Jay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

jayayenay's Avatar jayayenay 05:33 PM 04-17-2004
alexisyael's Avatar alexisyael 05:38 PM 04-17-2004
hi everyone!

Finally caught up -- list is updated (hugs to Adina for AF and a HUGE to Gonnabe -- I can't believe it! . This week is going down in history as a bad f*cking week! I'll head over to the other thread to lend my support, asap. Oh -- and again, if I missed you, please PM me, my box is empty now, thanks to Adina's advice)

Had a great time visiting with my (new) friend... chatfest! We went dancing last night, which was SO MUCH fun, but also a little paranoia inducing (am I overheating?) I made sure to get ice cubes and keep my body temp down... and we chilled in the balcony that was cooler for awhile...

Anyway, my (possibly) psychosomatic symptoms continue, with the queasiness getting worse. (And also much more breast/ nipple tenderness) Hopefully it's a good sign, but who knows? Only time (and a BFP) will tell... next week...

Jay!!!!!!!!!! and here's some more sticky dust

And thank G-d for a BFP! Oh, it's such a relief!

to everyone! More BFPs would be greatly appreciated
Parker'smommy's Avatar Parker'smommy 06:14 PM 04-17-2004
Yah for Jay -Jay!!!! I'm so happy for you!

chiromama's Avatar chiromama 06:30 PM 04-17-2004
Jay... I'm knitting..(drumroll please).... a baby blanket... I have about 3 million prego friends....and I make everyone a blanket and hat. I have 2 more to make!

Then, if I'm not pg, I'll make myself a sweater (my first!) or if I am pg, I'll make some baby stuff...

Alexis.. why are you waiting to test??? come on girl we need some more good news !!! your symptoms sound great!!
sweetc's Avatar sweetc 08:06 PM 04-17-2004
Congrats, Jay!!!! It's great to have some good news to celebrate this week! Hope there are many more this week.

Have any of you experienced nausea around O time? I think that I will O today or tomorrow, and my tummy is feeling a bit off today. I have also spotted a little the last two days. Still trying to figure out what is going on with my body... what a mystery. Any thoughts?

I love knitting too! Right now I am making a bunch of hemp wash cloths in all sort of cool patterns. Very fun gift and they knit up so quickly. Plus, I am almost done with a fun sweater for my son - blue and green stripes with a tiger on the front. Too cute, really. I can't bring myself to start any baby projects yet, maybe one of these days. I was all set to start one when I miscarried - glad I didn't.

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend.

Ravenmoon's Avatar Ravenmoon 12:14 AM 04-18-2004
Still waiting.I am going to hold off until the 22nd.Just so i know for sure and don't have to waste any tests.
shannon0218's Avatar shannon0218 12:36 AM 04-18-2004
Well went this morning for my cycle monitoring. Have tomorrow off as they're sure I won't ovulate until Tues or Wed. Gave dh the night off and will start again with GIO probably tomorrow and I guess try to go everyday from then.
Work is so busy, I'm having trouble keeping up, but it's good in the long run I suppose. Just makes it hard to have the energy for sex at the end of the day.
polka123's Avatar polka123 12:41 AM 04-18-2004
Originally posted by shannon0218
Just makes it hard to have the energy for sex at the end of the day.

awwwww, buck up little camper ! :LOL :LOL :LOL :LOL

shannon0218's Avatar shannon0218 01:04 AM 04-18-2004
I know, I know, but Polka, you likely understand the day I've had, start with cycle monitoring, then go to a consult with a 16 week old Chesapeake Bay Retriever owned by a 70 yr old woman--what the hell are people thinking??? Follow that with a lesson for the Golden I'm training, attempting to teach the elderly woman how to give a correction (fortunately it is a soft and not too hyper golden) Follow that with an assesment for a suposed future police dog that the force payed $5000 american for from Germany and the thing is a waste of time, he's got no nose and when I turned to face off with him using just the stick he peed himself--I am 5' tall and a woman holding nothing but a rattle stick, I hardly think this dog should be trusted with someone's life--when the hell will they learn that Germany does not ship their best over to north america!!! Just before going to assess that dog I had layed a very long track for Havoc as I intend to put his FH on him this spring and he's a little rusty (the last horah for he old schutzhund dog!) So I head back to the park, put him on the track and he's doing well, as I approach where I ended the track I see some kids tossing around a black rubber thing, turns out it was Havoc's kong--they had plucked it from the end of his track--so I didn't know exactly where it ended, he had no reward at the end and I was frustrated!!! Poor dog, first track after a 6 months hiatus and he gets no reward and no definite stop point. Then on to my last lesson which is a 8 lb poodle that wants me dead--and has come far too close to accomplishing his goal--with an owner that giggles when the dog lunges at people.
all in all..... lousy f#%*king day!!!!!
heveasoul's Avatar heveasoul 01:26 AM 04-18-2004
Oh Shannon - no wonder you're too pooched (ha ha - couldn't resist!) to get into GingIO!

sweetc - I have felt nausea around O. The worst was when dh and I were on vacation in Florida and decided to go to Busch Gardens. Well, I hadn't ridden roller coasters since I was a teenager, and had the most awful nausea after our day of rollercoastering. Didn't actually throw up, but was wishing I could have. I thought it was just my body saying "WTF! - This is not a normal place/speed/state to be in!", but since then, I have become easily woozy (not to the same lovely belching degree! ) around O time.

welcome back Alexis!

Not much to report here...busy weekend, middle of my 2-ww, ho hum, and I go for the first of the series of prog-measuring blood tests tomorrow.

everyone! C'mon - some more BFPs please!!!
shannon0218's Avatar shannon0218 01:33 AM 04-18-2004
There's always a comedian in the group:LOL
Well I just ate sugar crisp for dinner at 11:30 at night, so I think I can officially call this day over and go to bed:
puddingpop's Avatar puddingpop 08:38 AM 04-18-2004
My temp rose again slightly this morning, so I'm guessing I've O'd, but just in case, I've told DH we have to continue to GIO through cd15. :LOL

Shannon, your job sounds so intense -- I'm amazed you can even summon the energy to GIO.

Ravenmoon, : for you!

Alexis, hoping that the psychosomatic symptoms aren't psychosomatic at all!

Sweetc, this is totally T, but where do you buy hemp yarn to knit with -- I definitely need to get my hands on some. I love knitting as much as I love sewing (but DH will freak if he find out I've added to my stash! :LOL)
heveasoul's Avatar heveasoul 10:00 AM 04-18-2004
There's always a comedian in the group
I know - I kill myself :

Good Morning, all! Happy Sunday! I am sneaking in a moment on the computer - than another busy day, so I hope I don't miss too much around here!

: to Ravenmoon! Anyone else testing soon?

Lovey-dovey dust to those needing it for their GIO fest!! Get it ooooooooooon!

With all this talk about knitting - I think I just may try it myself...!

sweetc's Avatar sweetc 10:18 AM 04-18-2004
Good morning everyone.

Surprised my temp didn't go up this morning. Oh well. Guess we'll have to keeping GIO while waiting to O. I was pretty convinced I was going to O yesterday. Shows what I know.

Puddingpop - I get my hemp yarn at the knitting store here in town. Lovely colors. Let me know if you can't find any where you live - I'll send you some.

Best day wishes to you all!
shannon0218's Avatar shannon0218 11:31 AM 04-18-2004
Morning all,
Puddingpop, yeah my job can be stressful and intense but at the same time it is usually very enjoyable, the problem is that stupid people tend to come in droves and when you have a bunch of them on a day you usually don't work (much--self employed=always working) it just sets the day up to tick you off. Unfortunately I'm also working today (and today's going to be as silly as yesterday)
On the mucous front..... :..... I think someone else asked this too, does the robitussin cause you to have ewcm prior to being fertile???? Cause right now, I have, well.... an abundance!!

So right now it is raining, and I hear thunder, WTF????? I scheduled lessons for today because it was supposed to be wonderful and sunny and warm, I was finally excited about teaching again--and now I'm gonna be standing around in the rain--which I sometimes love, but not when I'm surrounded by wet dogs. Oh well, sucks to be me!!
tofumama's Avatar tofumama 11:47 AM 04-18-2004
Ravenmoon, I'll be testing with ya on th 22nd, if no AF by then...I'm praying this nausea and sore boob thing is not my body's idea of a sick joke...'cause I'm not laughing. What a head trip ttc is! I am already thinking AF is coming (although no sign yet) yet I am still secretly sorta hoping I'm going to get a BFP. 2ww is no good! Plus I'm just feeling really emotional today, well lately. With all the loss... I spent the day outside with the kids in the yard wich was nice, got my mind off things. Just got to stay busy until thurs...
to you all, have a good day!
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