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Belia's Avatar Belia 03:50 PM 11-07-2011

[url=]My Ovulation Chart[/url]


TOTALLY didn't see this coming.  I would have thought that I ovulated yesterday on CD 21.  Of course, FF would never give me crosshairs this soon, but... Now I'm getting them on CD 18???



Crappity-crap crap.  WTH is going on??  Do you guys agree?  Talk me off the ledge.  P.S.  My last several cycles I've always O'd on CD 21-22-ish.  That helps my case, right?

KodyAnn's Avatar KodyAnn 07:05 PM 11-07-2011
Are your cm records correct? If so, I agree with Cd18.
Belia's Avatar Belia 07:10 PM 11-07-2011

Ehhhh.... Not sure about the cm.  I know I had cm on those days, but those aren't necessairly the only days I've had it.  I haven't had anything really obvious this cycle- or last, either.


Crappity-crap CRAP!  irked.gif

KodyAnn's Avatar KodyAnn 07:14 PM 11-07-2011
I'm guessing because the last cm you had before cd18 was watery, and then after that was creamy, then it's going for cd18. If you wait a few days and have higher temps, it might move it.
LionessMom's Avatar LionessMom 08:04 AM 11-08-2011

cd 18 looks right to me. you have the temp dip that can go along with the increased hormones that pushes out that egg and then a rise with a fallback and then the high temps. the bd the day of your temp rise is the only one close enough. but it was after the temp rise. 

Jaimee's Avatar Jaimee 10:47 AM 11-09-2011

Well, the reason that things are confusing here is the lack of CF data.  You really need to mark all days. If it's dry, mark dry.  Be sure to always mark the most fertile CF you see that day.  I take my notes on paper and transfer them to FF when I have the chance.  This way I'm marking CF whenever I see it, morning, noon, night, etc.  Then I mark the most fertile into FF.  Blank days lead to guessing.  FF sees wet then blank, then creamy, then blank.  It assumes that you are drying up.  But this may not be the case!


It would be my best guess that you O'd on CD 21 with the data we have now.  This would put your CL nicely above the majority of your pre-O temps.  The question here is, did you have fertile CF on CD 20-21?

KodyAnn's Avatar KodyAnn 11:13 AM 11-09-2011

With the new temps, I agree with Jaimee on CD21.  FF is confused by your lack of CM information, that's probably why it's saying CD18.  The software gets confused easily when you enter incomplete CM or CP information, I've noticed. 

Belia's Avatar Belia 08:33 PM 11-09-2011

Hey Jaimee!!!!  Glad to see you!!!  I thought maybe you'd had your baby because you haven't been around much.  You're probably getting pretty antsy.  Hope you stay comfortable these last few weeks.


I've been kind of hoping you would weigh in here.  I HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT MY CM!!!!!!  Honestly, I've had some months when TTC was not on my mind at all where I had an especially EW day and I thought "Dang!  There's a lot going on down there!"  But this month- not so much.  The CM I did note was a stretch and a guess.  


So don't put any stock into what I recorded for CM.  I didn't dry up or anything.  I couldn't detect much in the first place.



Thanks so much for your feedback.  I guess it doesn't matter now, anyway.  The die is cast, and I'm not feeling very hopeful.  Just a hunch.  So we'll see when AF shows.    

Jaimee's Avatar Jaimee 07:04 AM 11-10-2011

LOL!  Nope, no baby yet.  37w3d today... baby needs to hold out until 39w1d for my MIL to fly in and be on childcare duty!  Not so much antsy as uncomfortable and I've had a cold for over a week now.  Ugh.


Anyway, with your assessment of not really knowing what was happening with your CF and the fact that you don't feel like you dried up over that span of days then I'm pretty confident about calling your O day as CD 21.  You could manually move your CH's and CL so that counting days is easier.

LionessMom's Avatar LionessMom 08:18 AM 11-10-2011

unless cd19 was taken at the wrong time or something then i still agree with cd18. 

Jaimee's Avatar Jaimee 08:37 AM 11-11-2011

Even if it was CD 18, you still caught O+1, so there is a chance!  But I would still recommend filling in some addition CF data since you said you did not dry up during that time.  Add in creamy or whatever you had on those days and FF may move your CH's.

LionessMom's Avatar LionessMom 09:13 AM 11-11-2011

Jamie- that is what i was thinking too. there is still a chance there.

Belia's Avatar Belia 09:52 AM 11-11-2011

Yeah, but I was O + 1 with BD late at night.  So.... no.


But my temps are still way elevated, so we'll see.  I think I'm going to ride it out and see when AF starts.  If it's at FF's CD 11, then I'll know FF was right.  But if my LP suddenly stretches to 14 - 15 days, then I'll know that I did O later.


And if I get a BFP, well then, it will remain a big, happy mystery!!!!!



Jaimee's Avatar Jaimee 07:18 PM 11-17-2011

OMG I just saw your other post!!  Congrats!!!!!!!!!   joy.gif  And I saw that FF moved your CH's.  LOL!

Belia's Avatar Belia 08:46 PM 11-17-2011

Awwww, thanks!  When AF hadn't arrived by 12 DPO from FF's original O date, I figured I was right after all and changed some data around to show a later O.  I feel pretty confident that my chart is now pretty accurate.


Jaimee, you have been so helpful.  Like MDC's very own on-call Toni Weschler.  Your generosity has been astounding.


I am totally going to stalk the Nov DDC and send you big kiss.gif when your babe finally arrives earthside.  xxooxx

Jaimee's Avatar Jaimee 06:37 AM 11-18-2011

You're very welcome!  I'm so happy for you!  love.gif   You're very sweet!   Have a HH9 and join your DDC group- so much fun!   This baby won't be coming until at least Tuesday b/c my MIL needs to fly into town to watch the kids!  At least that's the plan....