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rs11's Avatar rs11 05:46 AM 12-10-2011

So, if everything goes well, I'll have my first (and fingers crossed, last) IUI next month. I have mild PCOS and we're going to try using Tamoxifen and donor sperm. innocent.gif


I'd like to hear from anyone who's gone through this process about what it was like. I'd also like to know if anyone has any tips for me on how to increase the success rate. I know that its 39.4% for three cycles with women under 40 and I haven't yet crossed 30, so I'm hopeful, but everything I can do to help raise the chances is good.


I was 10 pounds overweight, but I've dropped 6 of them and am trying to drop the other 4 this month. We gave up all white sugar months ago (admittedly, I've cheated a little on that this month -it's incredibly hard not to this time of year).


I haven't quite given up the coffee yet. That's on the agenda for winter break. No way do I want to face a roomful of first graders next week after giving up my morning cup. wink1.gif


I'm on prenatels. Is there anything else I can do?

toothfairy2be's Avatar toothfairy2be 11:15 AM 12-10-2011
As far as the procedure itself, my IUI was as uneventful as brushing my teeth... My RE wasn't even there, just a nurse, they confirmed I was me & the vial was my DH, undress from the waist down, speculum, a little pressure, ta da, all done. They said i could rest a few minutes but wasn't required to. The RE didn't give me any special instructions but the wives tales etc are many. Eat the core of 1 pineapple (cut into 5 pieces) one piece for 5 days after iui to help with implantation, rest as much as possible to allow for implantation, treat your body as if youre already pregnant-meaning no alcohol, limit caffiene, no NSAIDs,dietary restrictions. Others would tell you to go about life as normal, nothing you can do or not do will change anything. In the end, have faith & pray. I try & remind myself both... GOOD LUCK!
planet's Avatar planet 08:45 PM 12-18-2011



I just had my first IUI a little over a week ago.. I'm now in the torturous waiting period! 


My experience with the IUI was also very gentle, positive & calm.  My naturopath did the IUI; she was very skilled and confident which helped me stay relaxed.  She did warn me before the procedure that the experience can vary depending on where the cervix is and how open it is.  Turned out that my cervix was right there, ready & open and we were all pleased to discover that, of course!  Made for an easy IUI, for her and for me.  I think if the cervix is not as open/ready, the doc would need to do a little more digging around, which she said felt painful to some folks, while others found it to feel like a little pressure. 


So, based on my limited experience and the info provided by my ND, I would say definitely do not worry about the IUI! Try to stay relaxed. 


And that pineapple thing sounds like an amazing idea!  Thanks, cbaa.  I will definitely give it a try next time (if there is a next time!  You never know!!!)


Keep us posted about how it goes.

livinzoo's Avatar livinzoo 09:55 PM 01-02-2012

My IUI took a bit.  The RE tried to insert the cath and couldn't get it.  After awhile she said they would take the semen back to the lab to stay warm and they wanted me to drink LOTS of water to fill my bladder.  So after awhile they tried again and ended up using the ultrasound to get the cath in.  Otherwise uneventful and resulted in a baby girl who is 1 now.


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