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doularebekah's Avatar doularebekah 02:07 PM 01-01-2012


WELCOME TO THE "ONE" THREAD  for Dec/Jan 25 - 01!!!!

posted by alexisyael in 2004:

The One Thread is designed for all on the MDC board. No matter where you are in your cycle, you are welcome to join the One Thread! We are also open to those who are "Waiting to be Ready" for one reason or another. We continue to embrace those of us who have become pregnant as well. Feel free to jump in at any time and introduce yourself!

To help keep the list current and manageable, members will be deleted after a month of not posting to a One thread.

Please make add/remove/change requests in Bold.


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Big congrats to you all!!


Graduate Thread in I'm Pregnant

 (the current thread keeper can update the graduate link as needed)


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doularebekah's Avatar doularebekah 02:33 PM 01-01-2012

Happy New Year! Did we have any NYE or New Years Day testers? Fingers crossed for you all!


Jeslynn - Welcome! You'll definitely find a group of supportive ladies here :) How's the wait going? Your chart's looking good!


ArtificialRed - Me too, I can't wait to see who it is!


dbl_my_luv - Thanks for taking a look at my chart, I'm still pretty sure that's when I O'd, too. It seems like with my more recent temps FF is keeping my crosshairs in place so that is reassuring! 


sunnygal27 - I'm crossing my fingers for you that your timing is able to work itself out for when your husband get's back! I imagine that TTC with a partner who is deployed could be quite stressful, especially with no PPAF yet. How's the weaning going? Tandem nursing would be great, but try not to worry too much now if it seems like it may not happen. You don't need extra stress!


TTCChloeorConner - What a sweet wee babe! Crossing my fingers for you that you don't have too supplement, awesome job so far!


AFM - Like I mentioned above, FF has so far kept my crosshairs at CD16 so I'm currently 11DPO and trying to hold out a bit longer before testing. AF should be due to arrive around Friday, so we'll see how it goes. If anything I'm happy to see that my LP isn't too short!

Stevi's Avatar Stevi 02:33 PM 01-01-2012

Here's to a reproductive fertile 2012!!!

gozal's Avatar gozal 02:42 PM 01-01-2012

Hey, everyone. Thanks for the new thread, doularebekah! Also- can I be moved to Waiting to Know? Thanks! FF thinks I ovulated on cd13, I think it could have been cd12, but it definitely happened. So, 2ww, here I am again.


Originally Posted by anyalily View Post

I miscounted my luteal phase - it is only 12 days, not 14, but that is still alright with me. Now I know that even during my shorter cycles (24) I am O'ing nice and early. I still have some worries about being low progesterone, because of those low temps and not conceiving through 3 cycles. But my luteal phase would be shorter, right? I know so little about this!


Anyalily, yes, it sucks but you can have low progesterone and a normal LP. I've had two monitored cycles without supplemental progesterone and in both of those I had somewhat (not very) low progesterone and 14-day LPs with no spotting. I wouldn't have known if I didn't have b/w. HOWEVER - I don't think you have any reason to think low progesterone is a problem for you, unless your temps are really low and you're already temping vaginally. Also, I'd be interested to hear what you've discovered about early ovulation (I mean, ovulating earlier than is normal for you). This seems to be a problem for me right now, according to my RE.

dbl_my_luv's Avatar dbl_my_luv 03:42 PM 01-01-2012

Happy New Year, everyone!


doularebekah, can I also be moved to the 2WW, please?  Thank you :)


FF has gave me dotted crosshairs on CD9, which is nuts for me because I never have O'd that early.  I know it's because of the crazy temps this month, but those came from oscillating between being feverish, and mouth breathing with the thermometer in my mouth because my nose was congested.  Ick.  I wish I would have temped this morning, but I ended up falling asleep in DD's bed without the thermometer.  I'm thinking O was around CD13, which would make me 4 DPO, so I started progesterone cream this morning.  


Starting a new diet tomorrow!  Got all geared up at the store and prepped veggies and stuff today so it's ready to go throughout the week.  Hoping it helps balance out whatever wackiness is going on with my hormones and energy level and all that junk.  


Hoping we see lots of BFPs this month!!! 

hadleymonroe's Avatar hadleymonroe 04:33 PM 01-01-2012

Hi all! I'm waiting to O after a chemical pregnancy last month (I was the one who posted about it and who'd tested a bazillion times... won't make that mistake this month, ha ha!). This is our second month trying so I'm hoping for a positive and then a sticky bean, too.


question: Went to doc to have my HGC and progesterone levels checked to make sure everything is where it should be. I had very little bleeding when AF (?) showed up, so I may have low progesterone. Some things I've read say I should ask my doc for a progesterone script for right after I O, just to be on the safe side- any advice?


I may have O'd in the past few days - had a close-to-positive OPK and some O pain but no temp rise, yet. So we're just BD'ing every day to be on the safe side :). Good luck everybody!!!



Belia's Avatar Belia 04:49 PM 01-01-2012

Best wishes for a fertile year, everyone.  I hope that everybody has a babe in arms by the time we ring in 2013.

jpack's Avatar jpack 04:58 PM 01-01-2012

Hi all! Thanks for the new thread, DoulaRebekah. I'm up for a workout check-in. Has any one ever been told to exercise less, btw? It seems totally counter-intuitive to me, and I'm not really considering altering my own schedule, but I'm curious if anyone has ever investigated it? Or had a chat with a OB or RE about it? I'm a real advocate of exercise, and, like coffee I'd need a anti-depressant without itwinky.gif. But, it was mentioned in a study I just read (or more like and informational chapter on LPD).


Can I be moved to Waiting to know? I'm 5dpo and I think it's pretty spot on.


HAPPY 2012, everyone!


CDsMom1031's Avatar CDsMom1031 07:32 PM 01-01-2012

Thanks for the new thread!!!

sleepingbeauty's Avatar sleepingbeauty 07:41 PM 01-01-2012

Thanks for the new thread!  Happy New Year everyone!  I hope you can all graduate this year as soon as possible. :)

skeemama's Avatar skeemama 07:41 PM 01-01-2012

Hi ladies,

I'd love to be added here too.  We are TTC & STAY PREGNANT & BIRTH a HEALTHY BABY (or babies).

I am a few other threads.  ( IF mostly)

I am 7 DPO, waiting to test....however, not holding my breath & remaining hopeful all at once. 


Looking forward to a fertile, prosperous year.

Sticky baby dust to all!!!



dbl_my_luv's Avatar dbl_my_luv 01:08 PM 01-02-2012

hadleymonroe, did you get the results of your bloodwork back?  I had a prescription for progesterone after my miscarriages, not because my levels were low, per se, but because they spiked and fell abnormally.  It wouldn't hurt to ask your doc about it if you're concerned, but I don't think having light bleeding after a chem pregnancy is necessarily always low progesterone.  Another alternative too is natural progesterone cream.  I get FemGest at GNC and use it twice a day from 3DPO to 12DPO. 



AFM, It's so beautiful and sunny out today, and I'd love to get outside, but there's so much to do.  Ugh.  DD was vomiting this morning, and DH's car died so he had to go car shopping today... blech... not exactly a low-stress way to start the new year, eh? nut.gif

gozal's Avatar gozal 01:34 PM 01-02-2012
Originally Posted by hadleymonroe View Post

question: Went to doc to have my HGC and progesterone levels checked to make sure everything is where it should be. I had very little bleeding when AF (?) showed up, so I may have low progesterone. Some things I've read say I should ask my doc for a progesterone script for right after I O, just to be on the safe side- any advice?


I'd get a 7dpo level. If it's under 10, definitely get the script. If it's ten or over, I personally wouldn't recommend taking it. I hate progesterone. Specifically, I hate that it mimics the feeling of being pg, I hate that I have to deal with inserting it twice a day, I hate that it delays getting my period, I hate that I have to be the one to make the call whether I stop it or not. Sorry about the chemical. :(

Stevi's Avatar Stevi 03:43 PM 01-02-2012

He's coming! He's really coming!!! My first baby daddy is arriving tonight! I hope my ovaries do their thing while he's here!

sleepingbeauty's Avatar sleepingbeauty 04:27 PM 01-02-2012

Gooooooo Stevi!!!   I hope you are good and knocked up by the end of this round. thumb.gif

jeslynn's Avatar jeslynn 05:58 PM 01-02-2012

Thank you DoulaRebekah! I'm so impatient, haha. All negatives so far. Tomorrow I'll be 10 DPO. I FEEL like I am but we'll see. I'm not getting my hopes until I see it in the test!

Dust to all!

ArtificialRed's Avatar ArtificialRed 06:51 PM 01-02-2012

Stevi- Good luck!!


Jeslynn- hoping for your BFP!


So who uses Vitex? Which supplement do you take or was it a prescription? If this isn't my cycle I really want to try taking it because I want to know if it would help with my migraines any (because I know they're often hormone related) and of course to help me get pregnant! Do you take it only up to O or your whole cycle?

mamaforever's Avatar mamaforever 07:41 PM 01-02-2012

Hi all!  I hope to be added back to this group...  I was around a couple months ago or so and got my BFP in Oct.  Unfortunately, that ended in a m/c at 6 weeks. :(  I am currently 6 dpo so please add me to Waiting to Know.  I battle a short LP (only 8 days if not taking extra B6 supplement but 10-11 days with the supplement).  I am taking extra B6 and B12 this cycle so I'm hoping my LP is okay.  I had a temp dip today at 6 dpo below my coverline, so that worries me.  I did wake up 1.5 hours earlier than usual, though, so I'm hoping that's all it is.  Here's my chart:


Happy New Year everyone!  I remember a few of you from before, but I see lots of new names!  Looking forward to being part of this thread again. :)

aHikaru's Avatar aHikaru 09:26 AM 01-03-2012

still WAITING TO BE READY, after this cycle, which I'm still waiting for, i'm about 2-3 days late, but we used protection last month and maybe the stress of waiting for my cycle to start so I can start charting is delaying it.... so, just waiting for my cycle to start, then will be trying after my cycle in February, I want a November or February baby, so timing will be very important.

MamanFrancaise's Avatar MamanFrancaise 11:22 AM 01-03-2012

mamaforever: hug2.gif so sorry about your loss.


Fertile thoughts to everyone! 

doularebekah's Avatar doularebekah 02:30 PM 01-03-2012

Stevi! That's so exciting! I'm crossing my fingers big time for you and sending you tons of fertile vibes!


Hadleymunroe - So good to see you here! Hopefully this cycle is much smoother for you. 


skeemama - Welcome! Good to have you here, this is a fantastic group of supportive ladies. Sending lots of sticky thoughts your way!


dbl - How's the diet going? That sounds like a fab way to start the new year! I think I'm going to do the same, once our last house guest has gone as it's tricky to do so when I still feel like I'm on holiday mode! I'm sorry to hear about the car though, ugh that's such a bummer - cars are so frustrating!


jpack - cool, I'll start the workout checkins this Wednesday! As for being told to exercise less, not really aside from a friend who was losing a ton of weight and working her body into the ground so it just became unsafe. But that's a pretty extreme scenario so if you're healthy and exercise is your release then I can't see an issue with it at all!


ArtificialRed - I've recently been given a prescription from my naturopath but haven't started it yet as I'm waiting until CD1. It's called something different here but it's the same thing from what I can tell. It was prescribed for me due to my longer cycle lengths, although from this charting round it looks like I'm not O'ing too late and my luteal phase so far looks good so I'm not sure if I'll take it or not. 


mamaforever - Welcome back, I'm so sorry to hear about your loss :( I hope you've had a bit of a restful break and I'm really glad we can all be here to support you in the continuation of your TTC journey.


cassandraz - I've added you to the list! 


Maman - Good to see you! Hope you're well :)


AFM - Enjoying an extended holiday period with lots of visitors, which is so good for taking my mind off the 2WW. I still don't feel sure if I O'd on CD16 or CD24 like TCOYF says. If it was earlier, I guess my chart might be triphasic? Hanging tight and I'll see what happens soon I guess!




Stevi's Avatar Stevi 04:21 PM 01-03-2012

He is HERE! And I got a positive OPK this morning! Oooh ooh ooh!!!

sleepingbeauty's Avatar sleepingbeauty 05:45 PM 01-03-2012

Originally Posted by Stevi View Post

He is HERE! And I got a positive OPK this morning! Oooh ooh ooh!!!

Everything's lining up for you!!  I'm hoping so hard for you this cycle!!


skeemama's Avatar skeemama 06:51 PM 01-03-2012

Originally Posted by ArtificialRed View Post

Stevi- Good luck!!


Jeslynn- hoping for your BFP!


So who uses Vitex? Which supplement do you take or was it a prescription? If this isn't my cycle I really want to try taking it because I want to know if it would help with my migraines any (because I know they're often hormone related) and of course to help me get pregnant! Do you take it only up to O or your whole cycle?

I have a bottle of the Vitex & I was all set to take it until the lady from the nutrition shop said not to with the rest of my vitamin cocktail.....isn't a precursor to progesterone?  I am taking pregnenolone instead.  (again the nutrition lady said that was a better fit for me)


Well, I have been so faithful on the vitamins & progesterone & charting and nothing yet...I had a clear +OPK, now the wait.  


dbl_my_luv's Avatar dbl_my_luv 08:10 AM 01-04-2012

doularebekah, yes, the car dying was a bummer, but we replaced it with a Prius, so now instead of a car that's eating oil and gas, we've got something much cleaner.  I can live with that ;-)  And the diet is going fabulously!  I've set myself up with rewards for week by week success, but the way I'm feeling (GREAT!) is the best reward and it's only day 3!


Stevi, good luck!!!!!


skeemama, do you mind my asking what vitamins you're taking?  I take B6, B12, iron and D.  I think that's all, but some days I feel like it's more!  I have Vitex in my cabinet, and I am waiting for my next CD1 to start it. 


AFM, my chart is so totally wacky this month.  I'm not sure how many DPO I am and I think we missed the best timing, but I'm ok with that.  I'd like to keep up with this diet and get my body on track in the next couple of months. 

Mom2IrishBoys's Avatar Mom2IrishBoys 08:59 AM 01-04-2012

Well.. Im glad I decided to OPK this morning.. based on past cycles I usually O from CD16-20 and 18 being average.. happen to test this morning and got a pos. so now my shots are slim this month.. bleh.

Mom2IrishBoys's Avatar Mom2IrishBoys 09:01 AM 01-04-2012

Stevi: My fingers AND toes are crossed for you! I hope this is your cycle!! Good Luck ::hugs::

sleepingbeauty's Avatar sleepingbeauty 09:38 AM 01-04-2012

Sorry Irish.

Angierae's Avatar Angierae 09:46 AM 01-04-2012

5dpo here and just starting to think about it. I o'd a few days later than normal and so I'm a bit doubtful. When we've been successful it's been on O day. BUT chart looks nice so far so I am just enjoying that. BFPChart2.gif


Unhappily DH told he the other day that he thinks he only wanted another baby b/c he's been depressed. That it would give him something to look forward to. He has struggled with moderatre depression before, but was hiding it pretty well this time. Now I am sorta torn about what I want to happen this cycle (not that I can control it at this point). I want a baby, but depression isn't something that I imagine improving with the burdens of a 4th child. He's a wonderful husband and father, and I know we'd be fine. I'm just feeling a little dimmed now.


Looks like a lot of good vibes out there this week. Can't wait to start seeing some BFPs and dreaming of September babies.


My last pregnacy I got a strong BFP by 9dpo, so I imagine I'll be obsessing by Saturday. Going to try not to spend too much money though!

Stevi's Avatar Stevi 10:02 AM 01-04-2012

My super donor is gone, and my cm seems to be going creamy. I'm wondering if I should hit up one of my other donors today, or just call it a cycle. I could not confirm with temping since my sleep was all messed up.I could be ovulating today though, as sometimes my ewcm dries up on the day I ovluate, and I used to get positive OPKs the day before ovulation (I got a positive yesterday). I'm torn between doing the donor shuffle and going back to my normal everyday life! LOL

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