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John16n33's Avatar John16n33 09:16 AM 01-10-2012

Hello everyone-


I am am new here (although this account has been open for awhile I did not realize it until yesterday lol) and although I am a member of another mommy forum (justmommies) I have come here in the hopes of finding more mama's with natural tendencies like myself.  I have been trying to convince Dh to let us TTC #2 for a couple years now and he has finally decided to 'compromise' and give me one cycle to get a bfp.  Yes, you read that right-ONE CYCLE, which start's in about 9 days if my cycles stay regular. 


I know the odds are against me so I am trying just about everything to increase my chances.  I have been charting to TTA for the last two years so I do know my fertile signs.  I have noticed over the last six months that my CM has been pretty much non-existent even though I am ovulating so I have started taking B6 and drinking green tea more regularly to help increase that (with pretty good results the last two cycles).  I have also read a lot of good things about juice fasting before TTC just to clear your body of toxins and stuff.  I have started that today but don't know how long I should do it.  I am going to try for 3-5 days and maybe even 10.  We usually do really good about not eating any processed food and mostly organic in our home but we went back to Texas over Christmas holidays and ate out just about every day so I know there is a lot of stuff in me that shouldn't be.'


Has anyone else juice fasted in order to help fertility?  If do you know of any kinds of combinations that are supposed to be beneficial?


That's about it I guess.  I just hope to find some support and encouragement here and am excited to join in! :)

sahmof2girls's Avatar sahmof2girls 07:31 AM 01-11-2012

I would try mucinex and pre seed, as far as other things go....good luck blush.gif

John16n33's Avatar John16n33 07:40 AM 01-11-2012

Thanks so much! I have heard great things about mucinex but every time I have taken it (when I am sick) I end up throwing up so I am a little scared.  I guess I shouldn't be because I am not sick so it probably wouldn't have the same effect.  I'll have to put it on my shopping list.  Do you know if you can mix supplementing B6 and mucinex when trying to increase cm?  Or would I need to stop the B6?

sahmof2girls's Avatar sahmof2girls 07:52 AM 01-11-2012

I don't think that you would need to stop the b6, maybe lower the dosage, see what the max is, and compare what the combination is.....does that make any sense???  lol

John16n33's Avatar John16n33 08:47 AM 01-11-2012

That make sense.  Thanks for the advice.

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