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YF26's Avatar YF26 01:06 PM 01-30-2012

Hello, I began having un protected sex on January 8,  that was about a week and 1/2 after I got off my period. After that on January 22 I got my period again so I figure I wasn't pregnant my period went away on the 25 and since then I've been having bubble like feelings on my lower abdomen right around my uterous area. Is it posible that I could have gotten pregnant and still got my period right after? Can the " bubble like" movements mean that I'm pregnant?

Jaimee's Avatar Jaimee 03:15 PM 01-30-2012

Welcome to MDC!!  wave.gif


So AF was on December 27th or so?  Did you have unprotected sex more than once or just that one time?


CD1 12/27

CD10 DTD (1/8)

CD24 AF (1/22)

CD32 today


Do you usually have short cycles like this or was AF earlier than expected?  Do you recall when you had fertile cervical fluid- creamy or eggwhite in consistency?  This could help us better pinpoint when you ovulated to see if it's even possible that you're pregnant.  But sufficient to say, if you're having unprotected sex around the time of O, pregnancy is always a possibility. 


Of course, getting period-like bleeding is not common with pregnancy, but certainly can happen.  There are women who even bleed every month while pregnant.  Again, not common, but possible.  Bubble feelings in your uterine area could be many different things.  Some women do experience this with pregnancy, but it also might be nothing.  It's certainly not baby movements as it would be way too early for that.  Most women do not feel movement until they are 4-5 months along.


There's a pretty easy way to figure this out, though.  At CD32 you're very likely past the time of expected AF, so you should be able to take an HPT and get accurate results.  Without knowing when you ovulated, though, we cannot be certain.  If you get a negative result then I would suggest just waiting out the next cycle to see if you bleed again around the time you would expect AF to show again.  If you continue to experience intuition that you're pregnant and/or other pregnancy symptoms, test again.  By then an HPT will certainly be accurate. 


In the meantime, I highly suggest looking into charting your basal body temperature and cervical fluid.  This will take the mystery out of what is happening in your body.  It will tell you when you're fertile, if/when you ovulate, how long your luteal phase is, when to test, when to expect AF, if you're pregnant, and if there is anything of concern happening with your cycle.  If you'd like more information about charting, just post!  Good luck!

YF26's Avatar YF26 04:32 PM 01-30-2012

My period usually comes in 1-3 days early each month. And we began to have unprotected sex on the 8th but did it about 4 more times that month leaving about 2-3 days in between each time. And then my period came and left and we did it again the day after it left.    


Thank you very much by the way for taking your time to reply.

Jaimee's Avatar Jaimee 08:44 AM 01-31-2012

So it sounds most likely to me that your period was "on time" and therefore your chances of being pregnant are quite low.  But sperm was clearly present at the time of assumed O since you were DTD every couple of days throughout what would be your fertile time, assuming you are Oing regularly.  So there is still a very, very slight chance.  You should be able to take an HPT and find out.  I recommend a pink dye test that is NOT the +/- kind, but the kind that produces a line if you are pregnant.  Dollar store tests or FRER are good choices.

YF26's Avatar YF26 09:44 AM 01-31-2012

Oh ok, and if I was to have gotten fertilized before this past period would it already show that I'm pregnant on a test or would I have to wait till my next period date?

sorry I keep asking so much, it's my first time.

Jaimee's Avatar Jaimee 09:49 AM 01-31-2012

Most women get accurate results on HPT's just 12-14 days past ovulation.  If we assume you ovulated somewhere between CD10 and 14 then you would be past this point by now.  So, yes, you should get accurate results on a test.  Of course there are some women that take longer to test positive and some that "fail" HPT's all together, but this is not common, like 1% of women.  If you test, take a pic and post!  Keep us updated!

YF26's Avatar YF26 11:11 AM 01-31-2012

Will do. Thanks! :)

YF26's Avatar YF26 12:06 PM 01-31-2012

My phones not Leto g me upload the image but it's negative. I will update if anything new come up. Thanks for all your help!

Jaimee's Avatar Jaimee 12:57 PM 01-31-2012

No worries about the pic.  But you tested in the middle of the day?  It probably wouldn't change the result, but you really want to test with first of the morning urine, which is more concentrated for the most accurate result possible.  Did you get more than one test?

YF26's Avatar YF26 01:06 PM 01-31-2012

Yea I got 3 I was planning to test again in the near future.

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