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is it puppies?'s Avatar is it puppies? 09:32 AM 02-04-2012

I think that's what I'm having- but I'm not sure. I bf my 20 month old daughter fairly frequently (10x/24hrs?) so I am not sure if that's contributing to what I am experiencing.

My period is a couple of days late, I tested positive one day late-yesterday (but am actually often a bit early on my period so I am a couple of days later... kwim?). I have been mildly crampy on and off all week- but I remember being crampy most months around the time I would have had my period last time I was PG.

I had a touch of red spotting last night- only when I wiped after going to the bathroom, and when I went back and did it again, but then nothing since.

My breasts have had weird over production for about a week, including yesterday and it feels like today still I think. They just feel odd but not like when I was pregnant the first time.

I have had a few minor bouts of nausea over the last week, including yesterday morning. They felt like morning sickness but I didn't have any other symptoms (like last pg I had burning nipples which I was very scared of having this time with bf lol). Mind you, I have felt-oddly full?- in my uterus which I remember last time. And like I am imagining movement, though I was thinking all week I am just imagining things b.c I want to be preg.

I tested positive again this morning, but it was maybe a slightly fainter line (or took longer to come up on the stick) though I can't really say for sure, the tests are near expiry. They were both light but definite.

I know some spotting could be okay, but I already went baby shopping and I think I just want somebody psychic to tell me if I can be excited yet or notwhistling.gif

I will call my MW on Monday and see about getting blood tests but that seems SO FAR away!



Chloe'sMama's Avatar Chloe'sMama 09:54 AM 02-04-2012

I had a chemical pregnancy last month and the BFP continued to get lighter and lighter and I started my period 3 days after the line disappeared all together.

I say keep testing or just wait to get a test with your MW.  Sounds like you are pregnant, so enjoy it.

Jaimee's Avatar Jaimee 04:13 PM 02-04-2012

First, congrats!  Bfing can cause chemical pregnancies b/c it suppresses progesterone and can cause you to have shortened or weak luteal phases (like spotting prior to AF)- nature's way of child spacing.  It can take several months or even years for your cycles to fully regulate from nursing.  Bfing, however, has not been linked to miscarriage, so if you make it past the time of expected AF then bfing should not be an issue.  Spotting around the time of expected AF is fairly common, breastfeeding or not, and it sounds like yours has stopped, which is great.  As for other symptoms, it's so hard to say.  Every pregnancy is different and if you're getting symptoms and they are increasing, then I would take that as a good sign for now that things are viable.  I know anecdotally that many women say their faint BFP turned into a m/c or the lines got more and more faint prior to m/c, but just keep in mind that the manufacturers of HPT's are very clear that you cannot use the darkness of the line as an indication of viability.  Good luck and keep us posted!

is it puppies?'s Avatar is it puppies? 04:33 PM 02-04-2012

thanks, both of you, for the reassurance! I did another (different brand but also almost expired lol) test this afternoon and it gave me the plus signs. I really hope it sticksdust.gif

I am sorry, Chloe's Mama, for your loss :( 


pickle18's Avatar pickle18 06:16 PM 02-04-2012

Isn't it always the case that these things happen on a weekend????? :-P  So frustrating!  Hope you are preggo. :-)  I had a chemical pg right before DS - I didn't test positive until several days after I missed, and it was faint (though, like Jaimee said, that's not supposed to mean anything...). I know the amount of hcg in your body doubles every couple days, and falls similarly (or at least it did for me) - so a positive test on Sunday may be a good sign (for a guess without waiting until Monday! ;-) ).  With DS, after the chemical pregnancy, they did an initial hcg level test and another a week or so later to make sure it was doubling appropriately that time (waiting on those results was totally nerve-wracking!).   


After the chemical pregnancy they say you have to wait for your hcg levels to hit 0 again before ttc again - mine fell really quickly, and I was pregnant with DS by the next month!  So it is definitely possible to still conceive immediately after (also, no matter what anyone may think, it is totally normal to feel really bummed out by a chemical pregnancy - I found out via ultrasound and was surprised how attached I already was to the idea!  Sadness and mixed emotions (grief + hope for future + feeling like it was too early to be sad, etc.) are perfectly alright - so is not being upset at all!)   


Good luck, mama!  Sending positive vibes your way. :-)  

is it puppies?'s Avatar is it puppies? 08:11 AM 02-05-2012

When I tested again this morning, it took forever to come up on the stick at all- I was sure it wasn't going to. By the end of the allotted time it *might* have been as dark as yesterdays (which might have been slightly lighter than the day before). They are all three (my last three) of the same batch of tests, which expire next month and clearly say do not use past expiry. I will try a different test (same one as yesterday afternoon) tomorrow morning. Urg. Then call my MW who wasn't going to send me for blood work till next month!

I have had a touch of brownish spotting- and I do mean a touch, this morning and some yesterday. I am just so confused!!

Jaimee's Avatar Jaimee 08:36 AM 02-05-2012

I don't think that being near expiration is an issue with darkness, though I suppose it could be if the dye is drying up or something but I really doubt that since they are not yet expired and I have personally taken expired tests before and not had an issue with the darkness of the line.  I will say, though, that there has been one study done that concluded how quickly the line appears IS related to the amount of hCG present.  So if your line is taking longer and longer to show up you might, might conclude that your hCG levels are near the sensitivity of the test and possibly decreasing.  HOWEVER, this is not for certain and not a standardized way to gauge viability.  What you could do is get a test that requires a higher level of hCG (like 50) and see if you get a positive on that.  If not, then you know your level is below that, but above 25 and when you get your blood drawn tomorrow you can compare that range to your blood result and see if things are going up or down.  But again, waiting out the two blood draws is the best, most certain way to figure this out.  I'm sorry it's a roller coaster for you!  Keep us posted!!!

is it puppies?'s Avatar is it puppies? 08:48 AM 02-05-2012

Jaimee, do you think if I tested with one of those tests this afternoon it would make a difference? I am not sure of the sensitivity of the other test I have. Do they all say on the pkg? the one I have used these three mornings (which I am now out of) I *think* was for HCG of 50.

Jaimee's Avatar Jaimee 09:04 AM 02-05-2012

Most HPT's have a sensitivity of 25.  It should be stated in the package, but probably not ON the individual wrapping.   You can also look on the test's website or other websites like: http://www.peeonastick.com/hpts.html


What test did you use again?  If you did use one with a sensitivity of 50 then you could just go get a dollar store test (those are 25) and test later today after holding your pee for as long as possible and see if you get a nice dark line.


is it puppies?'s Avatar is it puppies? 09:21 AM 02-05-2012

I was using the http://www.early-pregnancy-tests.com regular test in the morning. It says 20 now that I am checking online.

the other test I have is Accu-Clear I am just trying to find the info on the pkging but will look online. Those ones have an exp of this month. It gave me a pos yesterday afternoon with not really holding my pee. I will do one of those again as soon as I have to pee again lol.


I don't think we have tests at the dollar stores here (in canada) but I might go look!

is it puppies?'s Avatar is it puppies? 09:25 AM 02-05-2012

The accuclear I have are 25.

Jaimee's Avatar Jaimee 09:25 AM 02-05-2012

Ahhh... well, then you just might be testing really early and the positive on the super sensitive test indicated a level of just over 20 and then you tested with the other test, which is less sensitive, so took longer to show up?  Maybe?  You could still try the whole test with a level of 50 thing if you wanted.... otherwise, a blood test will clear things up for you!

is it puppies?'s Avatar is it puppies? 09:29 AM 02-05-2012

I tested with the http://www.early-pregnancy-tests.com all three mornings- that's the one that is taking slower to show up. When I did the accu-clear yesterday afternoon it showed up quickly.  thanks for all your help this is making me a bit nuts wild.gif

Jaimee's Avatar Jaimee 09:35 AM 02-05-2012

Okay, well, then maybe the things are looking up then!  Maybe there is an issue with the early result tests only and if you got yourself a regular test at the store like First Response Early Response or something like that then you'd have pretty obvious results and end of story!  thumb.gif  Or you could get a digi- no interpretation needed (just make sure that it only requires a level of 25)!

is it puppies?'s Avatar is it puppies? 09:41 AM 02-05-2012

so do you think if I did a digital of 25 later today and then tomorrow morning it would be likely I am actually pregnant and not having a chemical? or if I do the same with the accuclear I have and the + shows up quickly?

Jaimee's Avatar Jaimee 11:49 AM 02-05-2012

I think that things are looking good if you continue to get positives within the time frame.  I think if your hCG levels were low and are decreasing then you'd have started getting negatives by now.  Granted they could be very slowly increasing, but you can think about it this way... if you had only tested once, a week or so after the time of missed AF, and gotten a positive, would you have thought anything of it other than the fact that you're pregnant?  Probably not... you would have gone into the doctor and gotten a blood test to confirm.  The digi is helpful in regards to the faintness issue.  If you take it and get a positive then I would recommend simply reveling in the fact that you are indeed pregnant and deal with hCG levels via blood test later in the week.

pickle18's Avatar pickle18 08:53 AM 02-07-2012

I agree with Jaimee - it seems encouraging, but if you can find a higher hcg limit test, and want to take it on another day before you get the blood test (while you have time on your hands and babies on the brain!) I would say go for it.  That's probably the closest you are going to get to confirming whether your levels are going up or down without an actual hcg count.  Since I'm not sure what brands are easiest for you to find, here is a chart I came across with manufacturer's claims about sensitivity (if you test positive with a less sensitive test - higher hcg # - today or tomorrow, etc. I'd say it's safe to assume things are on the up and up!):




Hang in there, mama! smile.gif

Jaimee's Avatar Jaimee 08:55 AM 02-07-2012

Update OP?

Smilesarefree's Avatar Smilesarefree 09:12 AM 02-07-2012

Originally Posted by is it puppies? View Post

I was using the http://www.early-pregnancy-tests.com regular test in the morning. It says 20 now that I am checking online.

the other test I have is Accu-Clear I am just trying to find the info on the pkging but will look online. Those ones have an exp of this month. It gave me a pos yesterday afternoon with not really holding my pee. I will do one of those again as soon as I have to pee again lol.


I don't think we have tests at the dollar stores here (in canada) but I might go look!

Just butting in to say that you can buy tests in Canada at the Dollarama for $1.25, opk's too.  Saved me a pile of money.  I think they are 25 for sensitivity though.


Hoping for  the best for you.


is it puppies?'s Avatar is it puppies? 03:40 PM 02-10-2012

So far no more bleeding! I haven't done any more tests after Monday I think (it was the 25) and am just being pregnant (hopefully). I still have a lot and I mean A LOT more cramping than I remember (I am 5 weeks now?). I have had some weird underlying nausea so I am calling it the start of morning sickness. orngbiggrin.gif

Thank you everybody I hope it sticks! I am still nervous but trying not to be. eyesroll.gif
Oh and I will check out the dollarama! Thanks for that, Smilesarefree!

Jaimee's Avatar Jaimee 04:50 PM 02-10-2012

I thought you were going in for betas.... no?  But no more spotting- that's good!

is it puppies?'s Avatar is it puppies? 07:50 PM 02-11-2012

I haven't called my MW after the test being positive again Monday. I am just crossing my fingers. I see her in a couple of weeks and we'll run tests then!


oh, and I figure I feel pregnant now...

is it puppies?'s Avatar is it puppies? 10:36 AM 02-16-2012

spotted again last night. My MW doesn't want to send me to have my levels done, she says there's really nothing you can change from them anyways. I tend to agree with her, though I'd like to know if this is a sticky baby or not SOMEHOW!

Jaimee's Avatar Jaimee 10:47 AM 02-16-2012

Yeah, it can be a tough decision.  You could find it encouraging to see nice doubling times despite spotting, so it could help you relax.  Or if the doubling time is not so great you could prepare yourself.  Alternatively, they could drive you a bit crazy.  It really depends on the type of personality you have.  You know yourself best, so if you think that knowing would be emotionally helpful then press to get them done.  Otherwise, it's a waiting game until you hear that heart beat.  Sending sticky thoughts your way!  sticky.gif

pickle18's Avatar pickle18 07:23 AM 02-17-2012

Agreed!  I had the levels done because after the first chemical I just had to know - but that is also my personality (I tend to be fairly impatient with medical results and have a serious need for information so I know what I'm dealing with - whether with illness or even the sex of our baby).  If you can find peace in waiting, I absolutely applaud you! bow2.gif


On the other hand, if the waiting-in-limbo is driving you crazy, the tests certainly won't hurt, and could help you emotionally and mentally (no matter what they say, by freeing up your energy from constant wondering.  Then you'll know whether to relax and celebrate...or in the worst case, it can  help you shift gears back to optimisticly TTC - for me, this gave me a goal to return to, which helped with the disappointment).


Do whatever feels right to you!  Also sending positive "sticky" thoughts your way, and peace for you, mama! goodvibes.gif


One last note - if you've DTD recently, that could explain the spotting.  I completely panicked when I had spotting with DS after the chemical, but that's all it was, due to a more sensitive cervix.  Good luck!

is it puppies?'s Avatar is it puppies? 09:47 AM 02-17-2012

I actually had a touch of norovirus (or something) that my daughter has had all week- TMI but I had a bit of diarrhea that day a couple of times and in the middle of the night once, and a bunch of red blood just poured out of me that time, though it probably wasn't as much as it looked like. It didn't even show up on the third wipe of looking for it. Next day I could wipe a touch of old, brown blood but that was it. No more spotting or anything and my morning sickness and other symptoms continue to worsen... om.gif I can be zen about this... really... lol... though I just don't remember having cramps like this with DD. They are light but so frequent...and have been since conception.

Jaimee's Avatar Jaimee 11:18 AM 02-17-2012

Often second time moms notice symptoms earlier b/c you know what to expect and with a toddler to chase after things can feel harder and worse.  Plus things might feel more intense b/c the body is generally weaker the second time around.  The uterus is often more excitable, too, with subsequent pregnancies.  I definitely had more Braxton Hicks and more prodromal labor with my subsequent two pregnancies.


But with the blood and the cramping, I think that I would go get betas done... that's just me though.

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