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doularebekah's Avatar doularebekah 01:11 AM 02-05-2012

WELCOME TO THE "ONE" THREAD  for Jan 22-Feb 5!!!!

posted by alexisyael in 2004:

The One Thread is designed for all on the MDC board. No matter where you are in your cycle, you are welcome to join the One Thread! We are also open to those who are "Waiting to be Ready" for one reason or another. We continue to embrace those of us who have become pregnant as well. Feel free to jump in at any time and introduce yourself!

To help keep the list current and manageable, members will be deleted after a month of not posting to a One thread.

Please make add/remove/change requests in Bold.


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Big congrats to you all!!


Graduate Thread in I'm Pregnant

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doularebekah's Avatar doularebekah 01:25 AM 02-05-2012

Leading up to some Valentines BFP's ladies! Fingers crossed and babydust to all dust.gif We had 5 BFP's last month, hopefully we're on a bit of a roll!

John16n33's Avatar John16n33 07:34 AM 02-05-2012

Ugh I woke up with a sore throat and stuffy nose this morning.  I don't know if I should go to church or not.  I am drinking some hot tea now and hopefully I will feel slightly better in the next 30 minutes or so.

dbl_my_luv's Avatar dbl_my_luv 11:42 AM 02-05-2012

Thanks for the new thread, doularebekah!


J16n33, so sorry you're not feeling well :(  Hope it passes quickly!



AFM, I'm thrilled that today is 11DPO and no sign of AF!  I mean, no sign of pregnancy either, and my temp is dropping rather than climbing so I'm sure AF is on her way, BUT that means my LPs are getting longer and I didn't even use progesterone cream this month!  Wahoo! 


KatCooke's Avatar KatCooke 01:09 PM 02-05-2012

Yay! New Thread! 

J16n33: I felt the exact same way this morning, what are the allergen counts by you? I'm in Austin, and right now we are having a TON of cedar in the air, which I am pretty allergic to.


DoulaRebekah: Please move me to 2ww: AF is due on the 12th and I am trying so hard not to test!


I have been VERY queasy, smells are bothering me, my boobs feel heavy, and I'm MOODY. These are good signs, yes?


Stevi's Avatar Stevi 01:20 PM 02-05-2012

DoulaRebekah...   Can I be moved to Waiting to Know? Thank you!


AAM...   My nipples are a wee bit tender. That means my hormones are present and doing their job! So nice to have further proof that I'm not out of the game yet.

doularebekah's Avatar doularebekah 01:52 PM 02-05-2012

J16n33 - Oh man, I'm sorry you're not well! We've had this weird summer cold going around here that we've all got, it's the worst not feeling like yourself! Hope you feel better soon!


dbl_my_luv - That's awesome news! 


Stevi & KatCooke - Done! You both sound like your bodies are doing what they're meant to, fingers crossed!


AFM - I'm pretty sure that I'm now in the 2WW for real, I guess I'm just a late ovulator! 

InLove2009's Avatar InLove2009 03:09 PM 02-05-2012

Doularebekah- thank you for the new thread! 

J16n33- sorry you are not feeling well! I have had a bad weekend at work. I work in an Assisted Living Facility and on Friday we had 5 sick people with diarrhea and throwing up, this morning we had 38! It is spreading like a wildfire, some people are confused and it is very hard to quarantine them to their rooms! I hope I won't get it and that this is not what you are having! 


AFM- AF is due next Sunday, so I hope she won't show up! It is my Birthday on Sunday, so that would be the best present ever! I have been urinating a lot, I am very exhausted (which could be because of all the sicky people at work) and I have been feeling nauseated all week. So, I hope those are good signs! 

jpack's Avatar jpack 03:51 PM 02-05-2012

Lots of positive 2ww-ers here! Yay! KatCooke, my AF is also due on the 12th. You can join John16n33 and I trying to keep each other away from the tests til Tuesday!


John 16n33, I'm sorry you're sick. I feel like in my house we get sick ALL THE TIME!! I decided to start putting it in ff because I don't know if I imagine it or not, but I feel like it's at least one virus every month! DD is sick now, it's the first time I haven't gotten it, too. FWIW, I'm pretty obsessed with Umcka. It's a name brand for an African herb/plant called Umckaloabo (umcka) a/k/a Pelargonium sidoides a/k/a South African Geranium. You can even get it most CVS/Wallgreens pharmacies. It's very popular in Europe. I prefer the kind you mix in hot water (like theraflu) but you can also get it in chewables or syrup. I really believe that it helps shorten the duration of a virus and keeps it from getting into the lungs and sinuses as badly. HTH. I HATE being sick so often, but if you take Umcka early it really has helped us. Good Luck!


Doularebekah, sounds like that you may just O later. Hope you caught it! BTW you are a very good threadkeeper!


Stevi sounds good! FXed for you!


dbl_my_luv, FXed for you, too! Missed why you did no progesterone this month. Any reason?


LisaAdkins, FXed for you, too! Yuck - I'm so bad with puke - mine or otherwise. It's terrible. I'd totally suck at your job! Hope that's not why you're queasy!

CDsMom1031's Avatar CDsMom1031 04:14 PM 02-05-2012

Thanks for the new thread!!!


My LO turned 3 months on the 31st. Wahhh, where does the time go? =(



KatCooke's Avatar KatCooke 09:52 PM 02-05-2012

JPack: Too late, I couldn't resist! I bought a bunch from Save on tests, and I SWEAR there was a very faint, but visible line!!!

(As I'm typing this, I realize that this is not helping you guys wait it But I will be re-testing next week for sure.


dbl_my_luv's Avatar dbl_my_luv 11:28 AM 02-06-2012

Oh wow, KatCooke!  That's exciting!  Lots of sticky healthy vibes to you! goodvibes.gif


jpack, my naturopath wanted a day 21 progesterone test without the influence of the cream, so I skipped it this month.  Also, I felt our chances of having caught an egg this cycle were pretty low, so I didn't feel worried about going without it. 


I have to go get my kids moving on schoolwork.  It's amazing I want more children when we have days like these around here!  fencing.gifThey're making me nuts!



jpack's Avatar jpack 11:44 AM 02-06-2012

Way to go KatCooke! Good Luck! FXed for you!! Hey, when the spirit moves you and there are cheapies callin' from the bathroom closet... right?! Keep us posted!


Dbl_my_luv interesting about the progesterone. Good to get a comparison, yeah?


John16n33 - hope you're feeling better! I totally caught my DD's cold. Bleh, but I don't think it's too bad of a cold... FXed it'll pass quick.


AFM Off to get my results from the 3dpo blood work. Got a message, "Everything looks good, but [midwife] wants you to redo the progesterone cd26-8, so we'll have the order here for you."Kinda thought that would happen! I'm interested to know the #s, so we're gonna go get them now.

Attached2Elijah's Avatar Attached2Elijah 04:09 PM 02-06-2012
Thanks for the new thread! LOL I also absolutely adore that I am 'A2E' on the list... hehe. I have become rather 'attached' (pun intended) to that little nickname from last go-'round on the list. wink1.gif

TTCCorC, I can't believe your LO is 3 months already! WOW!!!! It seems like your BFP was just a few months ago!

Well, I think you can safely move me to the 2ww, please! I'm not exactly sure what day I O'd but I'm pretty sure that it happened... and it was a doozy! I had about 2-3 days of VICIOUS O pains, nausea and some other really nasty O signs that I don't care to repeat again. I'm not sure if that's because of the loss or what but I don't ever remembering feeling it quite like that. I never did get any CM to definitely say when O occurred but that's because of lots and lots of BDing and also because I wasn't really internally checking. I was playing this cycle cool, calm and relaxed and just enjoying my hubby and our child-free room so I didn't obsess. Now I'm kind of hoping for a Valentine's day BFP... although, I know I'll chicken out and not bother testing. I'm scared of those stupid sticks, even more so because of the loss now. Pbbbbffffttttt! They really should invent a belly button ring that just lights up when you're preggo. Would make my life so much easier.
InLove2009's Avatar InLove2009 04:14 PM 02-06-2012

A2E- LOL!!! I like your belly button idea! 


AFM- I have been spending half of my day on fertility friend. Many of the charts that showed a pregnancy were able to test + on 9 DPO or 10 DPO. I think I might go tomorrow and buys some HPT from the $ store. I want to know already! I hate this week or not knowing what is going on at all! 

John16n33's Avatar John16n33 04:29 PM 02-06-2012

jpack- Oh no! I hope you start feeling better soon.  I feel slightly better, but not 100%.  My head is still so congested I feel like it's about to explode.  I am chicken and dumplings tonight with A LOT of garlic so hopefully that helps some.


Lisa- Your doing a lot better than me! I am only 5dpo and already tested today lol.  I have 23 Wondfo cheapies left though so it wasn't too big of a deal.


AFM- The only symptom I have had so far is extreme fatigue, I actually took nap today while the kids did.  But I get more tired every cycle after o'ing and I have a cold so I'm not reading into it much.

anyalily's Avatar anyalily 08:01 PM 02-06-2012

Hi everyone. Thanks for the new thread DoulaR! Please move me to the 2WW. I am on CD17 or something close to that. I think I O'd on CD13-15, or thereabouts. I am not charted, except to notice signs when they are obvious. 


It sounds like a lot of us are sick right now. I got a sinus thing yesterday and now I am feeling a nauseated, but I think it is more nerves than anything else. The acacias are blooming, so allergies on top of a cold. Fun! I would suspect just allergies, but DD came down with it too.


I am feeling a little down and stressed right now. I have been a SAHM since Wednesday. But on Friday I smashed my pinky finger in the door and on Sunday I got a cold, so I am feeling thwarted. At least my DD is eating well. She ate ALL her broccoli tonight and a few sardines with very little bargaining. A triumph!


Stevi's Avatar Stevi 08:08 PM 02-06-2012

I have been TTC since December of 2005, and I just bought my first batch of cheap Internet HPTs (Wondfro). LOL

John16n33's Avatar John16n33 08:07 AM 02-07-2012

anyalily- I'm sorry you are sick too.  I wonder what the heck is going around?  I am just grateful that we have not caught the stomach virus that is going around here too.



jpack's Avatar jpack 08:17 AM 02-07-2012

Anyalily - bummer about the cold and pinky! Sorry to hear that! hug2.gif great about DD eating well though.


Stevi - That's so funny!


A2E - I had extra cramping at O this cycle, too! I'd never noticed it before, and maybe it is because of the loss, but yeah, I had some wierdness, too. Lets hope it was just for super crazy ovulation awesomeness! LOL about the bellybutton ring! I've already gotten a couple BFNs. bleh- I peed on SO MANY sticks last cycle hoping for darker and darker lines, it's like I got a bad habit! I wish I was more hesitant like you. I think I'm setting my self up for greensad.gif.



myllissa's Avatar myllissa 08:33 AM 02-07-2012

KatCooke: Fingers crossed that you did see a line!  Good luck!


To all my sick dearies: We've been sick with colds around my house, with my 4 yo getting pink eye last week and being out from preschool for 3 days with fever and yuck.  Get some rest and take lots of vitamin C!


AFM: Well, on to cycle #6.  Got my AF on Sunday, so please DoulaRebekah, can you move me to Waiting to O? My husband went in for another SA on Monday and failed miserably.  With my son recovering from pink eye over the weekend, we didn't have a chance to DTD when we should have on Saturday, so my DH took care of business on his own on Sunday.  The clinic wanted him to have 48 hours between "donations" but he ended up with 24 hours.  As you remember, when he got his results from the last test the lady on the phone was a bit unprofessional.  She was very unprofessional when he made the deposit in the clinic the first time as well.  I think she thinks she is cute or something.  So when my DH did his SA yesterday, I think her stupid comments really got to him mentally, so his sample was much smaller than last time, and after the fact, they yelled at him for not abstaining for 48 hours like they asked.  They told him not to expect great results, and that the results would most likely be worse than last time.  They instantly rescheduled him for another SA and are having him do it from home and drive it in to them so he'll be more comfortable and get a better product.  This last "failure" was partly our fault for not abstaining the 48 hours and leaving only a 24 hour gap, and also sort of their fault for not providing a safe, comfortable environment.  But this also is a little eye opening since most months we usually go everyday once my AF stops. I know you should go every other day, but my ovulation is so wonky that we never know if we're going to miss it, so we just did it everyday, sometimes 10 days in a row, to make sure we hit ovulation.  If his numbers are drastically reduced and don't bounce back within 24 hours, this may be part of our problem.  Honestly, I don't know if his numbers were down because a guy's sample isn't as great if he isn't "turned on", and procuring a sample by yourself at a clinic is not sexy or if its because there really is a problem.  Having to do it a second time after less than stellar results and being mocked or belittled won't produce a better product.  I'm looking at getting my husband on some sort of natural supplement to increase his count. Anyone have experience with or know of a good supplement?  Also, DH is an avid bike rider, so I'll have him cut that out.  The sad thing is that most natural methods of increasing count take MONTHS to really do anything.  It feels like one step forward and two steps back.  Not really moving toward our goal of getting pregnant, but understanding why we haven't. 

LindsayDawn's Avatar LindsayDawn 10:36 AM 02-07-2012

Way to go KatCooke! I hope you post the dark line soon!


myllissa - really sorry to hear about your troubles. I hope you're on the path to fixing things, even if it's a long path.


dbl_my_luv - when do you plan to test? I am in a similar place (no AF, but temps are low). I'm trying really hard not to waste a test.



dbl_my_luv's Avatar dbl_my_luv 11:34 AM 02-07-2012

Analily, yay for broccoli!  My kids used to love it, but they've gone sour on it.  Not sure why, but they're into kale these days, so I won't complain.  Hope you feel better soon!  Being a SAHM mom takes a lot of adjustment time.  Not to paint a gloomy picture, but when I left my job, even though I loved being with my son, it took me a year, at least, to feel like this was the new "normal."  But wow, it's been so worth it!


Stevi, yay for cheap tests!


jpack, I agree... let's hope the O pains were super eggy awesomeness!  FXd for you!


myllissa, OMG!  I can't believe that the clinicians would be so unprofessional.  That's got to effect the results.  Ick.  I'm interested in herbs for DH, too, so if I find anything out, I'll let you know.


LindsayDawn, I actually tested this morning because I'm 13DPO and I don't know how long its been since I've seen a 13DPO!! innocent.gif  BFN though.  Should have known because I have backache and I never had backache the cycles I was pg.  But I am so so so super-excited about my LP!!


AFM, I'm in the middle of a 21-day cleanse diet, so nothing but veggies and protein shakes for me these days.  I'm doing ok with that, except that I haven't lost any more weight :(   I need to lose 75 pounds to be in a decent range of a healthy BMI, and having cut my calories to 1400-1600 per day and not seeing any results is FRUSTRATING! I just want a freakin' cracker! lol!  Will talk to the naturopath about it today.  Hopefully we can do something to boost the burn.


keylimecutie's Avatar keylimecutie 01:06 PM 02-07-2012

Can you add me to waiting to "O".  My hubby and I, after trying not to conceive naturally for 3years now, are going to start trying this month.  We have three children already DS 6.5yo, DD almost 5, DD 3.... It seems kind of crazy but we never thought we were done... just needed a long break!  I think making a baby should be fun after avoiding it for so long!  Good luck to you all!

KatCooke's Avatar KatCooke 04:10 PM 02-07-2012

Not sure when to test next- I'm thinking I'll hold off as long as possible (which for me, will likely be tomorrow

I'm wondering about prenatals now. I'm taking the nature made prenatal with dha, but it's got some scary chemicals and dyes in it, so I want to switch to either the new chapter or garden of life prenatals, and getting a separate omega/dha supplement?

What do you ladies think about prenatals in general? What sort of supplements are you taking?

John16n33's Avatar John16n33 04:12 PM 02-07-2012

I take the Rainbow Light Prenatals Ones-the ones you only have to take once a day.  I also take B6, B12, and sometimes garlic.

Stevi's Avatar Stevi 07:41 PM 02-07-2012

I can't afford the fancy stuff, I've been on Prenatals since 2006, so I just take the cheapie brand.

MindlessChrissy's Avatar MindlessChrissy 07:49 PM 02-07-2012
Natures made from walmart.
KatCooke's Avatar KatCooke 07:49 PM 02-07-2012

Meagan, are you taking the B vitamins for any other reason- are you veggie?

John16n33's Avatar John16n33 07:55 AM 02-08-2012

No I was taking the B6 to increase my cm quality/amount and the B12 is something I have been taking since high school.

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