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Pogo0685's Avatar Pogo0685 11:32 AM 02-17-2012

I am trying to figure out if I have any chance of a positive test, I do track my cycles, though not online, I am almost positive I ovulated on the 13th, my temp went up that day and has been up since then, I also had really bad pain and lots of cervical fluid and my cervix was very low and open. we last DTD on the 9th, and again on the 11th but hubby decided to withdraw on that time for some unknown reason. So anyway is there any possibility of a BFP? Or should I expect a BFN? We have been trying for 2 months now and I am not so good at the waiting part, my son was unexpected so I am new to the hurry up and wait concept. Thanks for any help!



ciga's Avatar ciga 11:39 AM 02-17-2012

well, from what I understand sperm can survive for up to 7 days (I've read up to 5 in some places) so yeah, there is a chance. There is always also the possiblilty of sperm in pre-ejaculate.  Your chances are obviousley better the closer to O day you get but, you could have had some really persistent sperm just waiting for you to ovulate.

Pogo0685's Avatar Pogo0685 12:37 PM 02-17-2012

Thank you so much for your reply, I thought it was 4 days so I was pretty bummed out but you have renewed my hope. Thank you!

Jaimee's Avatar Jaimee 04:04 PM 02-17-2012

Sperm can live up to 5 days in fertile CF and there have been stories of up to a week.  So yes, there is a chance and as the pp mentioned, there is also sperm in pre-ejaculate as well.   Plus, if your temp went up on the 13th then that means you likely O'd on the 12th, putting your BDing sessions at (possibly) O-3 and O-1.  Obviously to TTC you want to hit O-1, O and O+1 for your best chances, but there is always a chance if the egg is in the presence of sperm.  My ds1 was conceived with 5 day old sperm!


On a side note, it's really easy to enter your chart data into Fertility Friend in order to share your charts and it's free!  Good luck and keep us posted!  You should be able to test in about a week!

Pogo0685's Avatar Pogo0685 05:01 PM 02-17-2012

Thank you for your reply, knowing that it can happen helps me feel a lot better by it, I put all my stuff into fertility friend so I hope I do this right, My Ovulation Chart there is the link to my chart, hopefully it works. I dont regularly check for fluid or cervical position but I did the other night because I have having some of the worst ovulation pains I have ever had. so i did not add them to the chart, should I? My body confuses me so much. I ever read Take Charge of Your Fertility but I gave it to a friend after what I "thought" I learned from it produced my son when we were not trying. Now I wish I had it back!



(I had to have my computer geek husband come to put that link in for me)


Julieee's Avatar Julieee 05:11 PM 02-17-2012

We're close to the same cycle and DTD nights :)  I can't really chart cause i'm still nursing my 10 month old, and don't sleep well.... but I have no idea when I o'd.. IF I did!  Hang in there girl!


Jaimee's Avatar Jaimee 05:30 PM 02-17-2012

Hmmm... that's not a clear shift, but I would guess CD19 or 20.  CF data would be really helpful here!

Pogo0685's Avatar Pogo0685 05:34 PM 02-17-2012
Hi julieee, I see you are also from Colorado. I want (and plan) to run the warrior dash at copper mountain in august, I already called them and they said they would let a pregnant lady run :-)! Yay I have a chart buddy! It's hard to temp when your little one doesn't sleep well. We have used temping as our form of birth control for almost 3 years I have had a few scares from it because of night nursing and night waking. Good luck!
Pogo0685's Avatar Pogo0685 05:38 PM 02-17-2012
Originally Posted by Jaimee View Post

Hmmm... that's not a clear shift, but I would guess CD19 or 20.  CF data would be really helpful here!

The only day I have any cf info would be for cd19 and I had a lot of watery fluid, can't say it was egg white because I never have had that as long as I can remember but the closest I can get to it was on cd19 with a lot of watery fluid
Jaimee's Avatar Jaimee 06:45 PM 02-17-2012

Yeah, then I would go with CD19 as your O day.  As for accurate charting, I always found that I got a clear biphasic pattern when I focused on aiming for the same time each day and not worrying about how much sleep I got prior to it.

Pogo0685's Avatar Pogo0685 07:03 PM 02-17-2012
I do go off of time, my alarm goes off every morning at 6 am, I temp, write it down and go back to sleep or get up for the day. We will go with cd19 then and see how it goes, earliest I plan on testing is Sunday the 26th unless you ladies think I can earlier than that
Jaimee's Avatar Jaimee 07:16 PM 02-17-2012

If you had early implantation you might get accurate results as early as 9 or 10dpo, but most need to wait until at least 11, with 99% accuracy around 12-14dpo.

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