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jpack's Avatar jpack 10:11 AM 02-25-2012

This is a question I cross-posted from the ONE thread, and I'd love any feedback or thoughts...


Hello all, just a quick question. Anyone know anything or have experience with long periods/spotting? Last AF before this one was the early m/c, so I dismissed that I had AF/spotted for 2 weeks. But it seems to be happening again this cycle! I had such normal, even mild AFs for a while - 4-5 days (weird for me - I used to have long, heavy ones). But this just seems so weird - I'm already seeing EWCM but still have spotting! I'm still on Vitex and a B50complex (and LArginine during LP) . Any thoughts? TIA!

firsttimettc's Avatar firsttimettc 12:55 PM 02-25-2012

Hi Jpack, I'm actually experiencing the same thing.  I did not have a miscarriage but I was on the pill for 5 years and got off of it last april 2011. Since then my periods start with light brown spotting for 3 days...then I get a regular period with medium flow for about 4 days...then it ends in brown spotting for another week or so!!  From the first brown spotting till the last brown spotting, its a total of 9-13 days straight!!!  Its never heavy at all, even the regular AF flow.  I saw my GYN about it this week (and about TTC) and she didn't seem concerned at all.  She just kept saying "thats a long period" and told me I should have no trouble in TTC.  Before I was on the pill my AF never lasted that long!  I hope that helps....the spotting finally stopped yesterday and now I'm trying to wait for the EWCM...I feel like maybe I have it now.  not sure.  

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