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CityMama2Q's Avatar CityMama2Q 10:28 PM 02-25-2012

I've been kind of a PW tonight but I'm mildly obsessing so I figured I'd start my own thread.


I'm nearly 20 months PP and still breastfeeding. DD is essentially night weaned (9-10 hours a night without bfing) and we're down to 3-4 sessions during the day. I thought PPAF was coming back in December/January when I had 3 incidences of spotting two weeks apart each time. No bleeding at all since Jan 1 though and it was never enough to even soak a pantyliner.


I've been charting my CM since December and have had 4 long stretches of EWCM in the past 80 days. I haven't been temping because I didn't see the point until I had a cycle again. I know I'm not ovulating because I haven't had a period and I'm not pregnant.


I've have almost daily nausea for months now and can't tell if it's due to hormones or something else. I'm close to going to a doctor for it though.


I really want to start TTC but am feeling stuck. I'd be so sad to wean her completely since she's pretty obsessed with nursing and I still really enjoy it.


Any tips on stimulating my cycle? I'm looking into Vitex and Acupuncture. 


Right now I just feel like I'm in limbo and I hate it.



Jaimee's Avatar Jaimee 10:30 AM 02-26-2012

Welcome to MDC!!  wave.gif


I don't have any amazing tips, but I did want to suggest you jump into the nursing mothers TTC thread for some support.  Also, I wanted to point out that some women simply need longer to regulate postpartum than others and it can differ after each pregnancy.  After my first, I got my period back at 8 months pp, but I didn't have a fertile length LP until 2 years pp when my dd started STTN and reducing her day time nursing sessions as well.  That's when I had an early loss and then I conceived 2 cycles later.  But then after my second child, I didn't get AF back until a year and conceived the very next cycle despite nursing night and day.  I didn't do anything differently supplement wise.


I had some friends that starting ovulating at just a few months pp despite bfing on demand and I had some other friends that had to wean completely at THREE years pp in order to get their fertility back.  It can be a tough choice and the reality is your body may need a few more months.  It sounds like it's trying with the spotting and the patches of fertile CF.  So O could be just around the corner!


One thing you could try is taking a look at your diet and exercise routines.  Since estrogen and progesterone are stored in fat, if you are under weight or over weight, this could affect things.  You could also try increasing your omega-3's and vitamin B6.  Good luck!

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