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doularebekah's Avatar doularebekah 01:11 AM 03-25-2012


WELCOME TO THE "ONE" THREAD  for March 25 - April 1!!!

posted by alexisyael in 2004:

The One Thread is designed for all on the MDC board. No matter where you are in your cycle, you are welcome to join the One Thread! We are also open to those who are "Waiting to be Ready" for one reason or another. We continue to embrace those of us who have become pregnant as well. Feel free to jump in at any time and introduce yourself!

To help keep the list current and manageable, members will be deleted after a month of not posting to a One thread.

Please make add/remove/change requests in Bold.


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Big congrats to you all!!


Graduate Thread in I'm Pregnant

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bellybaby2012's Avatar bellybaby2012 01:20 AM 03-25-2012

so is that right we still haven't had ANY March bfps?  That's just sad. :(


I'm trucking along.  bd-ing a ton right now.  Lol almost to the point where we are looking forward to a break.  This is a busy time for my husband's job and he's tired a lot. I should be O today or very soon.


A friend at work tonight announced she's pregnant.  I'm very excited for her, but I'm also ready for it to be my announcement. A good friend of the family just announced that they are expecting their first, too.  Tonight, my friend petted my arm a ton and said "here have some hcg!"  ... Made me laugh. 

doularebekah's Avatar doularebekah 01:21 AM 03-25-2012

A2E - I'm so sorry friend. Ugh, it's so frustrating and disappointing the way our bodies work. I really hope you're having a restful few days and get some time to yourself to focus on what you want to do next....or not, or just be in the moment and allow yourself to feel bummed. We'll all be here to support you when you get back :)


Welcome all the newbies! Looking forward to getting to know you all on here, although I hope your stays are brief!


Wow, it feels like last week flew by! We're nearing the end of term at school so I've been pretty busy with assessments and extra-curricular stuff. AF found me last week, I realized I'd miscalculated my O date (should've kept that spike in after all) and she arrived exactly on the day my temp dropped. Weirdly though, I'm now 6DPO (my period finished 2 days ago and I had a big temp spike this morning with a ton of EWCM and much so that I actually had to ask my husband if we'd had sex last night, I was worried we had and I didn't remember...but nope! Just my body being weird I guess!

sleepingbeauty's Avatar sleepingbeauty 05:38 AM 03-25-2012

bellybaby--  I don't think we have, no. greensad.gif  You know what though? TYhat usually means a whole bunch are right around the corner!


AFM--Still no voice...coughing...ugh.

CDsMom1031's Avatar CDsMom1031 07:00 AM 03-25-2012

Thanks for the new thread!!!


A2E= hug2.gif

jpack's Avatar jpack 07:16 AM 03-25-2012

Babybelly and Sleepingbeauty -- It's not true... I got my BFP this month! I'm just not ready to move to graduates just yet - hanging around 'til I see it on a screen with my own eyes winky.gif

LivingSky's Avatar LivingSky 08:31 AM 03-25-2012
I was going to mention you jpack, I thought your BFP was this month smile.gif

A2E - so sorry, I'd been chart stalking even though I wasn't on MDC, and was SO hopeful for you this month. I hope that at least that sickness was a quick thing and you're feeling better today!
newtoTTC's Avatar newtoTTC 08:46 AM 03-25-2012

Jpack-I am so glad things are still going well for you.


A2e- I am sorry.  It is such a frustrating feeling when you have a weird cycle and it gets your hopes up.  Good luck with whatever you decide for this coming month. hug2.gif


Bellybaby and Doularebekah- good luck this month, I sounds like things are looking up?  

AFM- I really had my hopes up this month, I was at 8dpo and my temp hadnt dropped.  Yesterday I woke up and before I even took my temp I had a feeling I was done.  Big temp drop yesterday and again today, with spotting.  AF should show up in full force any time, I am just hoping it holds off until tomorrow so I can at least say I got a 10 day LP, but doesn't seem likely.  Still waiting for all my bloodwork to come back and honestly at this point I am actually hoping it shows something.  At least then I would know where to go from here.  Feeling really frustrated and a little defective right now.  Everyone around me seems to be pregnant, either without trying or on the first try, including my best friend, who was never sure she wanted kids and she and her husband decided to "just see what happens" and go off the pill and got pregnant within 2 weeks!  They are excited and will be great parents and I am happy for her but I have wanted to be a mom my entire life and and trying as hard as I can!!!!!  Sorry, I am done with my pity party now.  Just needed to get it off my chest here where it won't offend. Looks like I am Waiting to O once again.

Stevi's Avatar Stevi 09:50 AM 03-25-2012

Since insanely short LPs seem to have become my new normal; I've decided to try Vitex again. I have tried it in the past, but at that time my cycles were pretty regular, and the Vitex messed them up. Now that my cycle is messed up, I'm hoping it will help. I can feel time running out for me.

stegenrae's Avatar stegenrae 02:29 PM 03-25-2012



still waiting to O. I had hoped I'd O much sooner this cycle, but it's CD18, and still not happened. more ewcm today, so FX that bd'ing tonight will be good timing for a possible O tomorrow. 

anyalily's Avatar anyalily 12:36 AM 03-26-2012

Hi all - I am checking in... We have not been using protection this month but are not officially trying. I hate feeling so back and forth about wanting another. If we end up pregnant, I know I will get excited. But if we don't this month, I think we will start preventing again and go on with our lives until we just can't live without another baby, ykwim? I need to work on other projects, man! I am impatient. LOL


But I have been doing well on a new diet, lost 6 pounds in two weeks, and going strong. I am also 2 weeks into a good exercise routine, so at least if we do get pregnant this month I won't feel like I am dreadfully out of shape and doomed to gain 60 pounds like I did last time.


Baby dust to you all who want this more than I do right now! XOXO

aHikaru's Avatar aHikaru 07:16 AM 03-26-2012

Checking In smile.gif


Let's see... CD47 and yes, I am late... 


On Friday I noticed fluid was starting to come out of my nipples and later my boobs started getting sore and tender (like I was slowly getting engorged). Saturday I took a Test, blehhh, and my breasts were a little more sore throughout the day and I was actually able to hand expess a little bit of fluid, which was strange because I haven't been able to expel fluid/milk for a couple months, I stopped nursing 18 months ago... So obviously Hubby thinks I'm preggers now and treats me so, hah. I started getting restless on Friday, but was able to sleep a little better after DH massaged my breasts a bit, fun for him, not for me smile.gif CM has slowly been increasing and I've been "bloated" (all day) the past couple days.


Think I'll test again on Friday or Saturday


good luck to all...


stegenrae's Avatar stegenrae 11:24 AM 03-26-2012

The bloating and sore bbs with colostrum are a good sign, aHikaru! FX that a HPT will agree... (I remember the first time--completely NOT pg--I had colostrum leak and was completely freaked out, lol)


anyalily, I hope you find peace with whatever happens--and yay for getting your body back into shape, regardless!


I actually had a huge temp rise this morning...dare I say I had a strong O either yesterday or the day before?? I didn't temp yesterday because I was at a friend's who'd had a bachelorette party sleepover. Too much to drink + too little sleep = useless temp anyway, so I just did an OPK (negative) and ferning test (full fern, hm?). I don't think I caught my LH surge this month because of crazy sleep patterns right around O, so I'm going by temp and CP. I did have one +OPK, but it was just *barely* positive; I did take a picture of it, but it looks just as dark as the control line, so it was definitely +...just a day earlier than I'd like for it to be to fit with *my* perceived O date. (Though I guess if I O'd on CD17--Sat--it fits the pattern...?) Oh, well, I think we did a good job of timing BD'ing, regardless.


dust.gif for all!



eta: duh. Could I please be moved to waiting to know?

bellybaby2012's Avatar bellybaby2012 04:59 PM 03-26-2012

Oh right, yay Jpack!!!


I kinda think I've ovulated...This weekend was weird with sleep (worked late saturday, didn;t get enough sleep both days, had a drink or two both days.)


My temps have risen but could very well be because of the weird sleep and a little booze. I guess the only way to be sure is more temps.  We bd every day or every other for the past week-plus.  So hopefully!

newtoTTC's Avatar newtoTTC 05:32 PM 03-26-2012

I got bloodwork results from 7dpo today and I need a little help with what it all means.  Rather than actually calling me I was given all of my information in the form of a online notification (my MD uses a system called MyChart, great for them, irritating when I need to actually talk to someone).  Most of my results, including thyroid, were "normal."  My fasting glucose was high and my progesterone was 6.4, with no normal range even listed.  From what I have read this is considered low at 7 dpo. Is that right?  I had called the MDs office earlier in the day and a nurse told me that my results (unreviewed by the MD and having no idea when in my cycle they were taken) were "normal" for progesterone.  she clarified "are you menopausal?"  which tells me she didnt look at a thing in my chart other than the number in front of her considering my last 2 visits have been about trying to conceive!!!   I am just so frustrated with this MDs office.  On the upside I have an appointment with a nurse midwife at a different clinic next week, so heres hoping that goes much better.  Sorry for the rant, between this and still being hormonal from AF and disappointment over AFs arrival I have been on the verge of tears for about the last 2 hours.  Looking forward to any advice anyone has... Thank you!!!

aHikaru's Avatar aHikaru 07:29 PM 03-26-2012

Originally Posted by newtoTTC View Post

Sorry for the rant, between this and still being hormonal from AF and disappointment over AFs arrival I have been on the verge of tears for about the last 2 hours.  



I actually had a good cry today, definitely was hormonal.


jpack's Avatar jpack 07:35 PM 03-26-2012

Newtottc - what a drag about your AWFUL doc situation! That nurse - menopausal?! Yeesh! I hope you get better answers from more supportive caregivers! I can say from my research on progesterone, yes, 6.4 is low for 7dpo. But progesterone does fluctuate a lot throughout the day and hopefully you'll get the opportunity to get more tests next cycle. I understand that to diagnose a luteal phase defect, doctors will commonly pool three results from around 7dpo to get a better picture of your progesterone. It's also possible you weren't exactly at 7dpo (could you have been many days off? Was it 7dpo based on your charting /opk or based on days since your last period?). Those are my thoughts - I'm no expert! Hope you get some answers soon!

bellybaby2012's Avatar bellybaby2012 08:19 AM 03-27-2012

OMG, I still haven't had a temp rise.  My temp was back to the same it's been, so I discarded the wonky sleep temps from the weekend.  And my cm is totally dry.  WTF is going on with me?


Could I seriously not be ovulating at all and still having periods very regularly?  Does that even happen?  I've always been "fertile myrtle" and this is so bizarre and unexplained. 


If I don't see a definite temp rise this cycle, I'm calling my wonderful doc to get my hormones tested.  I'd been meaning to anyway for a while, and she is great with natural remedies, diet, etc before drugs. I'd only do natural helps anyway.  We have three kids and have lost one, I am wanting to TTC but I don't see us doibg IVF or anything.


I need a hug.

aHikaru's Avatar aHikaru 10:11 AM 03-27-2012

Originally Posted by bellybaby2012 View Post

Could I seriously not be ovulating at all and still having periods very regularly?  Does that even happen? 

yes, this can happen.


bellybaby2012's Avatar bellybaby2012 11:14 AM 03-27-2012

Yes, I thought it could, but couldn't remember the particulars about it all. Just looked it up. I don't really have symptoms of PCOS, but definitely could have a whacked up thyroid and possibly adrenals.  I've meant to visit my dr for a hormone testing workup for over a year now but always put it aside for other things (silly little things like my childrens visits, school, food...)

After this cycle completes I'm going to call her (unless I actually do O obviously. In which case, I'll probably still need to get my thyroid checked)

aHikaru's Avatar aHikaru 01:25 PM 03-27-2012

Waiting to O


The breast tenderness ended on Sunday and my breasts are different sizes now (full B and small B)...sigh..


We're going to focus on appreciating what we do have smile.gif


I'll be lurking and seeing how you all are doing, but won't be using opks or checking CM. 


Good luck!

nattery's Avatar nattery 07:55 PM 03-27-2012

Can I please be added to waiting to O?


I'm officially TTC #1 this month! I'm expecting to O on April 1st... this Saturday! Got love weekend O's he he.


Glad to finally officially join this thread

yippee hooray!

InLove2009's Avatar InLove2009 08:19 PM 03-27-2012

Hi Everyone! Sorry I have been missing in action. A lot has happened and I just didn't find he time. Still not pregnant here. Could I be moved to Waiting to be ready? We really do not want a christmas baby, and in our families, there are 7 birthdays and two anniversaries in February, so we really would not have the room to fit another birthday into that month! I already see how some grandchildren do not really get anything for their birthdays because of all the birthdays in February, and I don't want that for my child. Seems materialistic? Maybe so, but I always enjoyed having birthday parties with my family and cousins, and that wouldn't happen for our kid if his or her birthday was in February. 


Also, I got laid off this week, so it is probably good to find a new job and work the required hours so I would qualify for FMLA! 


Good luck to everyone! 

jpack's Avatar jpack 08:28 PM 03-27-2012

LisaAdkins I'm so sorry about your job situation and I hope, hope that great new opportunities are right around the corner for you! hug2.gifGood luck in your search!

bellybaby2012's Avatar bellybaby2012 08:39 AM 03-28-2012

Hey everyone! 


Sorry about stupid doctors, job situations,and frustrating cycles.  Suck!


AFM- I had a blue day yesterday, between worrying about my jacked hormones, and a sort of difficult conversation with a teacher of mine.  felt better after working at night (catering, with friends) and lifted my mood.  was WAY to tired to jump the husband and now I wish I had because I totally had a proper temp rise today.  (Normal sleep, though I went to bed 1 hr late, but that's not hugely uncommon, and I temped after 6-7 hours.  No booze or other weirdness) So after we got kids to school this a.m. we had a little morning BD. :-) Which is delicious even when you aren't TTC!


So, hopefully my temps stay up and I actually O'd.  And hopefully the timing wasn't too bad, because we didn't BD for the two nights before. ::(  Anyone know the chances of actual insemination the day OF a temp rise?

It's funny, I know if we were CTA, sex two nights before and the day of a temp rise would have me SO knocked up.  But if we are TTC then nooooooo.  :rolleyes

LindsayDawn's Avatar LindsayDawn 09:35 AM 03-28-2012


Welcome, nattery! Good luck, weekend O's are the best!
Thank you, jpack, for sticking around for a little while. Appreciate the support. :) I am on my 12th cycle ttc. I will give it one or two more cycles before I find a different doctor, I guess. I feel bad, because she's super upbeat and nice, but just so unwilling to help, and I feel like I'm losing so much time.
bellybaby, it stinks that you missed yesterday, but this morning should still be a good chance! Don't they say the egg hangs around for 24 hours?
AFM I'm 8dpo and hoping that today's dropped temp is an implantation dip rather than the beginning of the end. :(  As much as I want my temp to make a huge jump tomorrow, I doubt it will. I'm so used to disappointment.

newtoTTC's Avatar newtoTTC 05:01 PM 03-28-2012

AHikaru- good luck... Feel free to pipe up every now and then.  Your support and advice are great.  


Welcome Nattery, I hope your stay is short.  


Lisa- I am one of many many winter birthdays in my family and while I don't mind it I can definitely see why it may not be your first choice!  


BellyBaby2012- I think you definitely still have a shot.  The egg lasts a day and DHs little guys can last longer than that so they may still be around.  FX


LindseyDawn-  Good luck finding a more supportive MD.  It is great to have someone who is nice but it doesn't help if they aren't willing to give you what you need.  If you are anywhere near me in WI let me know if you find someone good!  I am on the lookout for a new MD as well.  


Jpack- how are you feeling these days? I hope things are going wonderfully for your little bean.  


AFM- spoke with my MD and she says a progesterone of 6.4 falls in the normal range, which according to her goes from 1.7-27!  I disagree based on everything I have read.  I am headed to a new midwife next week so I will bring all my lab results with me and we will see what she says.  Trying to figure out my plan for the month.  Thinking about trying Vitex again this month, as well as progesterone cream.  Hopefully my midwife will have some guidance for me. For now I am Waiting to O.


Good luck to all of you waiting to know.  

bellybaby2012's Avatar bellybaby2012 08:04 AM 03-29-2012

For those that use progesterone cream, do you start after you O, during the LP?

Attached2Elijah's Avatar Attached2Elijah 08:12 AM 03-29-2012
Hey girls, still around... We've decided to mostly NTNP. Although I'm sure once O gets closer, we'll still BD more since I can't HELP but know when I am fertile but NO MORE charting! It just drives me bonkers anyway. I am getting to a point where I am starting to accept that we probably won't have any more and I think I am okay with that. It's hard when I see new squishy little newborns but for the most part, I am okay with it. I like where our life is lately and the more independence has been nice. I guess time will tell. I would love to be surprised though. smile.gif

I'll still be around to check in on you though and congratulate you when you get your BFPs! smile.gif
anyalily's Avatar anyalily 10:53 AM 03-29-2012

Hi ladies. I am feeling some congestion in uterus-land, at CD19, about 7-8 DPO if I O'd when I think. I also just started to have sore boobs. Hmmm. I WOULD ironically conceive the month that I decide not to try for a while... That is SO like the universe. But I won't complain, :). This morning I had two distinct dreams about being pregnant, but each one was with an ex-boyfriend and I was like, "this feels wrong, but who am I supposed to be with now? Can't remember..." LOL. 

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