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Using Vitex to regulate periods

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I just got off of a 73 day cycle. I ordered Vitex about a week before my cycle ended by itself and I just received it. The bottle I got doesn't really have much info on dosage, and I was wondering if any of you lovely ladies could give me advice?


When should I start it?

How much should I take each day? (I have 400mg capsules.)

Do I need to stop taking it to induce periods or what?


I can't seem to find any reliable info on the net, so if anyone could direct me to a good source for information on Vitex (either a website or a book) I would greatly appreciate it!

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Hey there!

I take Vitex to help boost my progesterone levels! The normal starting dose is about 1000 mg, but starting off at 800 mg may be best for you if you have 400 mg capsules.

I would start taking it the day your period ends and continue through your cycle until you get the next period and then stop during that time. If you get pregnant, you should stop taking Vitex then as well. You might also consider trying Evening Primrose Oil. I take it in conjunction with the Vitex and it has helped regulate my cycles A LOT (my luteal phase was much too short).

Here's some linkies:


Good luck!!



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You don't have to stop during AF--or at all. If you get a bfp, you can stay on it for the first couple of weeks and wean off of it by 8w.


I take 800mg (two 400mg capsules) in the AM and another 800mg in the PM, continuously.


It just occurred to me that you might benefit from Red Raspberry Leaf tea--my midwife swore by it for uterine toning/long periods/hormonal mood swings. Even if you're TTC, a little bit won't really harm you unless you already have an irritable uterus, AFAIK.

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This is great to hear. I started taking 400mg of vitex (first thing in the AM) with this cycle and am waiting to see what happens. From what I understand, it can take a few cycles to have an effect. The funny thing is that before ovulation the vitex was making me extremely fatigued and headachy. Ever since I ovulated a few days ago, I feel great. 


That's my experience so far. Good luck!

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I took Femaprin:


I have to say, I was really happy with it at first because I had been having an anovulatory cycle and once I started taking it, I ovulated within a week - it just seemed to jumpstart my system. But then I stopped taking it recently because my doctor (to be fair, he's kind of gruff) said it wasn't helping anything, and I noticed my acne got MUCH worse with Vitex. I have PCOS, and I read a few places that Vitex can increase your progesterone levels. I think that can be really good for some folks who need to regulate their cycles but for others who don't have low progesterone it might make you have some unpleasant side effects... just something to be aware of.

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I apparently read the bottle wrong. I've been taking 200mg capsules every morning. I tried to take 2 this morning and it made me incredibly fatigued and moody. Not sure I'll be able to keep that up!

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Thanks so much for the tips, advice, links, and personal experiences!


I started taking one with lunch and one with dinner, but it gave me massive migraines and nausea for the first 3-5 days. Now I take one with lunch and one before bed and the headaches have been slowly fading away.I've been pretty much headache-free for the past 2 or 3 days, thank god.


I'm not sure if it's affecting my cycle yet. I started Vitex on CD5 and I just had a bit of a dip today, CD17. I'm hoping that's an ovulation dip. Sheepish.gif


I'm almost certain it's doing something for me hormonally though. I'm pretty sure I suffer from PMDD (due to  family history of diagnoses)  and since I've started taking Vitex I've felt so much happier and lighter and my emotions are less out of control, and I have so much more energy! In the past few days I've rearranged my whole house and cleaned and vacuumed and made my bed regularly. I hope this means the Vitex is working.


I still haven't decided if I'm going to take it all throughout my cycle or take breaks. But I'm happy to be trying herbal remedies before pharmaceutical ones.

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