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NeverLooseHOPE's Avatar NeverLooseHOPE 06:22 PM 04-14-2012

Hello everyone, I'm a newbie on here. I have pcos and have been TTC for many many years now with same partner. We finally decided we needed the chemical help so we went on clomid 100mg + metformin1000mg + estraiol1mg and 13 days ago namaste.gif we had our 1st IUI B2B so still in this 2ww thing whistling.gif...HOPING FOR THE BEST praying.gif (lots of prayers) how you ladies doing??


and of course BABY DUST TO ALL goodvibes.gif

NeverLooseHOPE's Avatar NeverLooseHOPE 06:45 PM 04-14-2012

i also had the triggers prior to my 1st IUI on 4/01/12, (forgot to mention that)...I have had some symptoms this past week but nothing major. twinges 8-11dpo, cramps 4-9dpo and runny nose along with lots of sneezing EVERY  MORNING is the worst!!! uuggh but I'll go through WHATEVERRR to get my BFPbanana.gif

Amandawantbaby's Avatar Amandawantbaby 07:20 PM 04-14-2012


I am a newbie as well but me and my partner have just began the process of trying to conceive. I have also been diagnosed with PCOS and have had it for about 5 years. I am so excited for you and am keeping my fingers crossed! :)

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