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Stevi's Avatar Stevi 08:40 AM 04-18-2012

For the past several cycles I have been spotting quite a bit. It always happens after checking my cervix.


Anybody have any ideas as to what could cause this?


As of a year or so ago I could do anything in there and there would be no bleeding at all. Now it seems like a simple swipe of my finger brings on blood. My LPs are getting shorter as well.

newbie_mary's Avatar newbie_mary 08:13 PM 04-23-2012

I don't know what this is called, but for the past few years my cervix has been very sensitive - spotting after sex, spotting with pap smear, spotting when I used a diaphragm.  My midwife, when she did my exam after this started, said that some kind of cells that usually live on the other side or inside of the cervix were spreading to the bottom side as well.  She said that it is harmless, but just annoying with the bleeding.  I don't know if this is your issue, but it is a possibility.  Sorry that I am unclear on the details - this was several years ago that I found out about it, and I can't quite remember!

Stevi's Avatar Stevi 08:52 AM 04-24-2012

Thanks! It's nice to have a reply! LOL I may try to get into a doctor in the next month to have it looked at. I'm probably due for a pap anyway. Your cell thing sounds like a nice option for causes. :)

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