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Ambar's Avatar Ambar 08:20 PM 05-09-2012

This is my first month using these things. I bought them because my husband is military and I knew he'd be leaving near my O date so we wanted to kind of even know if we should anticipate the two week wait or not. Does that make sense? lol..anyway, CD12 is M.I.A but it was very faint, less than the CD 11 pm one. I guess my question is: Did I ovulate yet??? Seems a bit early to O, I think I'm just a little too hopeful : / I had the thick CM on CD 13 afternoon and on to that night. I didn't bother testing beyond then because he's already gone :( 




Chloe'sMama's Avatar Chloe'sMama 08:27 PM 05-09-2012
I notice mine dry a little lighter than they are at the 5 minute. Did you notice any that were as dark or darker than the control line? I would guess you still have not o'd, but some brands dont work for me. Wondfo brand is the only one where my test line gets super dark.

If you ecer really want to know, temp!

Good luck.
Ambar's Avatar Ambar 08:36 PM 05-09-2012

I did notice that they dried a little lighter than they were at the 5ish minute mark and I was sure CD 10 was as dark but after it dried I doubted myself because it just seemed too early to O. I guess time will tell! What is ecer? I don't do temperatures although I kind of wish I had!! 

Chloe'sMama's Avatar Chloe'sMama 08:43 PM 05-09-2012
Ha ha....typo. on my phone. Good luck!
dakipode's Avatar dakipode 06:54 AM 05-11-2012

I've just been on the longest waiting to O, started testing around CD13 (because you never know, it might come earlier one cycle than the next). I'd been getting faint lines that weren't darkening. Then finally yesterday significantly darker and this morning a positive. I use the Wondfo's, started with them three cycles ago and so far I will say that they will get super dark for me when they're actually positive, darker than the control line.

I've been temping too and that has helped because it has confirmed when the OPKs were positive they were right in line with temps.

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