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doularebekah's Avatar doularebekah 04:59 AM 05-20-2012

WELCOME TO THE "ONE" THREAD  for May 20 - 27!!!

posted by alexisyael in 2004:

The One Thread is designed for all on the MDC board. No matter where you are in your cycle, you are welcome to join the One Thread! We are also open to those who are "Waiting to be Ready" for one reason or another. We continue to embrace those of us who have become pregnant as well. Feel free to jump in at any time and introduce yourself!

To help keep the list current and manageable, members will be deleted after a month of not posting to a One thread.

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doularebekah's Avatar doularebekah 05:05 AM 05-20-2012



Welcome to all the new ladies, so glad to have you join us :) This is a great group of ladies who are full of lots of support and advice!


AFM - I'm finally in the 2WW and thought we were totally out for this month, but it turns out I didn't actually ovulate until much later than usual and we managed to get one BD in just after who knows! My temps are really odd this month, it shot up this morning but I'm also a bit sick so maybe that's playing a part in that. We'll see!


Fingers crossed and lots of babydust to you all!

organicviolin's Avatar organicviolin 05:29 AM 05-20-2012

got a faint bfp this am. faint still means prego right? twins.gif

jr'smom's Avatar jr'smom 05:42 AM 05-20-2012
Yay!!! Congratulations!!!

AFM, I was looking forward to driving home today to test again after thinking I saw a very faint line yesterday. Last night I had some spotting. I never have spotting. Imantation bleeding? Or AF? I never have a cycle this short either. I don't know what's up. I'm afraid it's an early start to AF. Ugh!!!
organicviolin's Avatar organicviolin 06:41 AM 05-20-2012
I only knew something was up because I too had minor minor spotting. I never spot!! So yes it could very well be implantation spotting (also nothing like that happened with 1 or 2). I was surprised to have gotten the faint bfp actually bc the spotting occurred yesterday. Who knew?!

Baby dust to all!!
BetsyPage's Avatar BetsyPage 12:30 PM 05-20-2012

Hi! I'm Waiting to Know (2WW)...


This is my first cycle out from a loss (at 6 weeks) and things seem a few days later than I would expect them... I won't test any sooner than the 26th. I have no idea what to expect.. I normally have 26 day cycles, not sure if this will be a longer cycle for me or not.

delilahbeau's Avatar delilahbeau 12:45 PM 05-20-2012

Ok so I am still waiting to this waiting deal bites the big one.....I have been drinking soy milk, grapefruit juice, and a tea with a blend of peppermint, raspberry leaf, and nettle...any other suggestions? And I don't know since I don't know if what I had after my IUD was removed was a period or not should I start charting my BBT? Any suggestions would so appreciated!


baileyb's Avatar baileyb 01:40 PM 05-20-2012

I am in the waiting to know stage now. I am not sure if we will have luck this month, though. We were avoiding having sex while I was O'ing because I won't know if I will need a D&C until tomorrow and I didn't want to TTC and then have implantion ruined by a D&C. That was until last nite when I decided to go for it anyway. LOL. But I think my O window was almost or pretty much closed. My cervix wasn't hardly open at all, but it was high and soft, and my EWCM had mostly tappered off, but I was still getting some here and there. Oh well, if I didn't get it this time it can count as a practice O.


Delilahbeau- I once heard that mucinex or robitussin would give you good EWCM when TTC but I am not sure if it will actually bring on labour.


jr.'smom - Sounds like implantation bleeding to me. I have always heard it described as someone thinking AF is coming a little early.

jr'smom's Avatar jr'smom 01:43 PM 05-20-2012

Sorry, no suggestions on the charting.  I never got the hang of it myself.  I might use OPKs next time but temping never owrks for me because I get up so frequently during the night and rise really early at least 3 days a week...and don't want to do that every day! 


I'm counting myself out for this cycle.  I've had heavier spotting today.  I'm finally home with access to more pregnancy tests, but I really feel crampy like AF is coming on. So I won't use one unless AF hasn't started by the morning.  It was just a strange cycle!  Frustrating...even though I'm not suppesed to be so uptight about this yet!  LOL!  We weren't even going to start trying until July.  I just told DH that we never get pregnant the first 2 cycles so we may as well get those out of the way so we can actually get pregnant in July.  That makes sense, right?  Haha! 


Good luck everyone else!  Please move me to waiting to O.  If some miracle happens and AF doesn't start I'll come back and tell you. Otherwise I'll drop in every few days hoping to see some of you with BFPs!

baileyb's Avatar baileyb 01:50 PM 05-20-2012

Originally Posted by jr'smom View Post


I just told DH that we never get pregnant the first 2 cycles so we may as well get those out of the way so we can actually get pregnant in July.  That makes sense, right?  Haha! 



LOL that is what I told DH about our first. I said, "It usually takes people like 6 months to get pregnant." And then we were pregnant 3 weeks later.

maydaymom10's Avatar maydaymom10 04:05 PM 05-20-2012
Originally Posted by delilahbeau View Post

Ok so I am still waiting to this waiting deal bites the big one.....I have been drinking soy milk, grapefruit juice, and a tea with a blend of peppermint, raspberry leaf, and nettle...any other suggestions? And I don't know since I don't know if what I had after my IUD was removed was a period or not should I start charting my BBT? Any suggestions would so appreciated!


I had my IUD removed and went on bcp (there was a problem with the IUD). I didn't really have AF visit until after the bcp (I was bf'ing until November). Anyway, I let me cycle just go for the month after going off the pill - we weren't trying but weren't preventing. I started charting using fertility friend the month after that just so I could see if a pattern was developing. The first month was all over the place, but months, 2 & 3 I have definitely O'd. You could even just start charting now to get the hang of it.


Hope that helps!

odinsmama's Avatar odinsmama 08:58 PM 05-20-2012

I have no idea where I am... I never really got EWCM this time, which is unusual for me.  I'm on CD13 and usually notice EW on CD 8-10.  I wasn't taking my temps until this morning, so can't get any info from that yet.  I have very regular 24 day cycles, so if I haven't O'd yet I guess it could be a random longer cycle or a shorter LP??


I only had 2 days of watery CM on CD7 & 8 but since I wasn't tracking bbt I have no idea if that was a fertile time.  Have been mostly dry the rest of the time.


anyway... will start keeping track of my bbt so I don't have to keep guessing on the O day and assuming my cycles are always going to be the same.


So maybe I'm waiting to O still, maybe I'm already in the 2ww, whatever... I'm waiting for something!!  dizzy.gif


On a positive and non-frustrating note, DH is pretty excited about making another baby, so we've done plenty of BD and it's all been enjoyable, not rushed, not feeling "scheduled" so that's a good thing.  Who knows... maybe the early days of watery CM were actually fertile and maybe we caught it.


Hope you're all staying sane in whatever part of your cycle you're in at the moment.

doularebekah's Avatar doularebekah 03:31 AM 05-21-2012

organicviolin - Yes, a line is a line! That's so exciting, have you re-tested? Keep us posted!


BetsyPage & BaileyB - Done and done! Fingers crossed!


jr's mom - oh man, I'm sorry to hear that! What a bummer to get your hopes up. Hopefully you get a nice restful few days before you start this next cycle :)


delilahbeau - I started charting after an early loss late last year. I just started when we realised we'd miscarried but that we also wanted to start fairly actively trying, and so I got a thermometer and didn't bother waiting to my next AF because I figured I could at least try and get the hang of it. Like maydaymom said, my first cycle was a little crazy but now I can really clearly see a pattern and have found it really helpful knowing what is going on with my body. I basically only chart temps and then cm when it's obvious, and any other symptoms if they're out of the ordinary or super noticeable. I think it's empowering knowing how your body works, but it can definitely get a bit obsessive so if you're worried about that it might be something to think about!


odinsmama - It's so frustrating when things don't happen like you're used to, right? I ovulated much later than normal this month and it definitely threw me a bit! I guess it's best just to BD if you can whenever it seems like you might be coming into your fertile whenever there's watery or EWCM. Good luck!

Stevi's Avatar Stevi 05:32 PM 05-21-2012

I just bought more Soy Isoflavones. They seem to be what screwed my cycles up, so I'm hoping they'll kmock them back to normal.


Thank Fertile Thoughts!

jr'smom's Avatar jr'smom 06:37 PM 05-21-2012

I'm so screwed up!  I'm still just spotting and my cramping is gone.  When I got home, I looked at my "chart" (using the term loosely as I only chart when my period starts and when I have ovulation pain.)  Today is CD29 which is long for me and I NEVER have spotting except at the end of my menses or during pregnancy.  I've usually got an extremely heavy flow by about 12 hours into the start of my period.  I think I O'd on CD16 and was a bit confused thinking AF was early yesterday but actually 28 days is perfectly normal.  29 is the longest it's ever gone.  And it never, ever, ever is this light.  I took another pregnancy test when I got home from work.  I see the same very faint line I saw a couple days ago.  I figure it's an evap line or it would certainly be darker by now.  What are the chances of getting 3 evaps in a row?  I've never gotten one before.  These tests are different though...they are from the same internet store but are 10miu instead of the 20miu I used to order.  I did read reviews of other people who thought they were actually less sensitive and showed evaps.  Arghh!  This is killing me.  Still thinking I am not pregnant because certainly something would show more clearly by now! 

baileyb's Avatar baileyb 07:41 PM 05-21-2012

Bahh! Jr.'s mom. When you said you were getting AF the other day with cramping I was going to tell you not to give up because when I had implantation bleeding with #2 I had a light period type flow with strong cramps for 12 days! I would say that you are pregnant!

baileyb's Avatar baileyb 07:45 PM 05-21-2012

I had my second U/S today to make sure all the tissue came out after the m/c. The baby is dissolved now but I still have the sac in there but not attached. I am feeling a little crampy from the trans vag u/s. Ugh, I am ready to have a big baby belly again. Also, my cousin's due date was yesterday, making baby fever really bad for me!

odinsmama's Avatar odinsmama 08:57 PM 05-21-2012
I went nuts today with early symptom checking. Makes me wish the power would go out so I wouldn't be able to get online!
If I actually O'd around the time I had watery cm, I would be 7 or 8 dpo today. I'm thinking that's what happened, but I wasn't temping.
Breasts are super tender yesterday and today, feeling bloated and getting pimples. Yes, all pms signs, though much earlier than I would expect pms stuff to start. Definitely going to have to plan some activities for tomorrow so I don't do this again!
bebelove's Avatar bebelove 10:55 PM 05-21-2012
Please move me to Waiting to O!
Tropicalfever's Avatar Tropicalfever 05:03 AM 05-22-2012

Hi everyone! Welcome to all the new ladies.

Well ladies I need some answers I don't know what to think.

I took an appointmnet with the OB/GYN on saturday we had an echography and he realised (and showed me) that I have a swolen right fallopian tube whic is completely "glued" to the uterus. i could see it there about 3 times the size of my left tube. He says the gluing might have been caused by scars or by an infection. Three months ago I underwent a treatment a a cyst at the right ovaryI don't know if its linked but the cyst is gone. He went through my history this is generally caused by PID I've never had Clamydia or Gonhorea but I do have Gardnerella Vaginalis which just keeps coming back and lately a fungi/yeast infection mainly caused by the fact that my doderlin flora is extinct I got Trophigil to rebuild that. My personnal hygiene is perfect I dont have any pains  I've never had any problems before (well I guess). He asked me to do a lab test for my prolactin level it turned out I'm at 20 nanograms/ml so he precibed parlodel 2.5 , he also prescribed clomid and Utrogestan to be taken for the next cycle. Im at 22 DPO no AF took the test again at 17DPO it was BFN he says I should hold on till 30DPO  that I tested too early and by then I still get a BFN  themn I have a more serious condition. In summarry what does it all mean? Has any one suffered form any of these before of do I mobve my post elsewhere and where precisely? Thanks for reading

Happy baby dust

nearlyelated's Avatar nearlyelated 08:13 AM 05-22-2012

Please move me to waiting to O.  Thanks!

Stevi's Avatar Stevi 10:07 AM 05-22-2012

Bebelove....    I was hoping your freshly flushed tubes would get you that BFP. Hugs

organicviolin's Avatar organicviolin 10:47 AM 05-22-2012

jr'smom : I had the same thing. I went to the Dr. today and got the official you are totally knocked up!!! So yes, to me, it sounds like you are pregnant, I had the same thing. Faint lines regardless of when I tested and even @ the Dr's it was still faint but definitely there. I also had implantation spotting.

baileyb's Avatar baileyb 12:08 PM 05-22-2012

Tropical fever - that sounds stressful. I don't have any advice or BTDT but good luck. I had more cramps/contrax lastnite after my u/s and I am pretty sure I passed the sac this morning. I am guessing since my uterus was working on expelling lastnite that my chances of conceiving even if I did catch the egg over the weekend are pretty slim. Boo. I would be 3 or 4 dpo today.

librarygirl's Avatar librarygirl 08:44 PM 05-22-2012

Well, I guess it's time to introduce myself and join you! I'm 32, no kids and just married the love of my life, who is 37 (also no kids) on Saturday! We're on our honeymoon right now (it's raining and we're exhausted so just chilling out). We knew we'd start TTC after the wedding and here we are, CD10 and fertile CM showed up this afternoon, in a beautiful, romantic setting and a great big hotel room bed. Certainly hoping to take home more than some seashells from this trip!



So, hello and baby-dust to everyone!

dakipode's Avatar dakipode 08:46 PM 05-22-2012

Hello librarygirl,

Congratulations on getting married! Enjoy the honeymoon and take advantage of that EWCM!

Tropicalfever's Avatar Tropicalfever 02:37 AM 05-23-2012

Welcome.gif librarygirl! Congrats on your marriage happy honey moon, all this sounds soooo romantic! Happy baby dust to you. Thanks a lot for your concern Bailey it much needed and appreciated

jr'smom's Avatar jr'smom 11:51 AM 05-23-2012

Congratulations librarygirl!  How awesome would it be if you got pregnant on your honeymoon?!


Thanks for the encouragement organicviolin!  I've been having a very light menstrual flow a couple times in the last 2 days so I'll oficially call this AF now.  It's just sooo dramatically different than ever before.  The only reason I can come up with is I really did a lot of juicing the week before.  I juiced quite a few carrots and sweet potatoes and I read that a raw food diet especially with orange vegetables (beta carotine)  can cause a light menstrual flow.  I think that explanation is more likely than early menopause or being pregnant or some other hormonal change.  Wish I would have known about this ornage vegetable thing before! 

(TMI warning... The first couple days of my period I have to wear the thickest tampon along with a pad and change them every hour.  So that's why I was thrown for such a loop with this spotting for a few days and on and off very light flow for a couple days.  Now I actually hope my menses stays like this as long as I stay fertile! )


So I'm waiting to O again.  I will use OPKs this month to be sure everything is normal with my cycle.  I finally stopped wasting preg tests but will order different ones for this month as I guess I was getting a lot of evaps on the others.


Good luck everyone!

HannahYorkie's Avatar HannahYorkie 01:09 PM 05-23-2012

Hi I am Hannah, a Doula from the UK. I am TTC my third child. I have a 6.5 and 4.5 yr old and finally ready for no.3. I am 9DPO and really stressy :-( I am really busy as a Doula and am hoping this is the month as summer is way quieter than the fall. I feel I have put so much pressure on myself and the wait is pretty horrid. I have had a bad temper the last 2 days and any twitch, pain, niggle sends my brain on overide. So looking forward to finding others TTC and getting some support :-)

pieknits's Avatar pieknits 01:53 PM 05-24-2012

Hello all! So I'm new and jumping in here. I'm in the waiting (and waiting) to know category. Our first "real" month of TTC and after regular 24-25 day cycles since going off BC in Dec I'm sitting here at CD 31. Still no AF and got a BFN yesterday. This 3WW thing is trying to make me crazy, ha. Unfortunately didn't really chart (was planning to start next month) but now really wish I had! I do think I'm at 17dpo based on casually observing other signs. Going to attempt to make it to Sunday to test again!

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