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AmberElizabeth's Avatar AmberElizabeth 03:28 PM 06-26-2012

Hi ladies! A little background: I have Asherman's Syndrome (extensive scarring of my uterus) from after my daughter was born. She's now 9 months old and we've been advised to try to get pregnant soon and then we'll have to have a hysterectomy. So we've been trying for two months. This month I ran out of my internet cheapie OPKs and so halfway through I used the Target brand. According to my OPK I had a half positive one on CD 16 but got a full positive on CD 20 with the Target brand. So what do I believe? I should technically start my period today (CD28) but if I ovulated around 5 days late, my period should be here next Monday. I'm feeling a lot like I did when I was pregnant with my daughter (nauseous, bad headache, frequent urination) and both my mother-in-law and mom have asked if I was pregnant. Any ideas? Suggestions? I'm honestly doubt we'll be able to get pregnant on our own a second time and we're having a procedure to pinpoint the extent of the scarring but we have to wait for my period this month! Help!

Thanks so much!


writinglove's Avatar writinglove 05:54 PM 06-26-2012
Hi Amber,

I'm sorry to hearing about the scaring in your uterus. Based on the info you gave, I would go with the full positive reading on CD 20. If you don't have your period in five days, test! Time is going to be your best friend in this situation.

I wish I had more concrete advice to give you. FX for a sticky bean!
AmberElizabeth's Avatar AmberElizabeth 09:05 PM 06-26-2012

Thanks, writinglove, for your reply! smile.gif I had a few tests left over and took two today (I'm severely impatient) and of course they were negative. I just wish I'd get a BFP or my period so we can get this show on the road for the procedure. So frustrating. irked.gif

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