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bloodofthefae's Avatar bloodofthefae 10:16 AM 07-26-2012

Hi! I am a 24. I have been ttc for the past year off of birth control. I had been on it since i was 18, went off at 23. Had about 4 months of non stop bleeding. finally in feb it stopped. started tracking my cycles the first of july. Had a scan done, showed cysts but not enough to worry about 'normal' they said. Verged on pcos. But they wouldnt make that definition yet. 

Fertility friend has my cycle at 24 days but i bleed ever 13-15.

Thinking about picking up a thermometer for temp taking. 

This is frustrating, So now, I am here to ask for help, support and guidance <3

pokeyac's Avatar pokeyac 02:23 PM 07-26-2012

Welcome!  I'm sorry you're frustrated.  That does sound confusing.  Temping sounds like a good idea so that you can get more info about when you ovulate.  There are lots of supportive ladies here.  You may want to join The ONE Thread.  It's a general group for all TTC ladies.  Good luck to you!

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