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MyName's Avatar MyName 08:14 AM 09-13-2012

CD 1 gloomy.gif

LivingSky's Avatar LivingSky 12:51 PM 09-13-2012
MyName - Sorry about AF's arrival greensad.gif Maybe it will be June babies for us!
NewMama2BBBoy's Avatar NewMama2BBBoy 05:02 PM 09-13-2012
So after last months cycle of a very short 6 day luteal phase, I was shocked to see 8dpo pass and 10dpo and even 12dpo. I gave in yesterday on 13dpo and tested. I got a definite BFP. Shocked doesn't describe it. I told the hubby. Shock. Maybe even disbelief. So I tested again this morning and sure enough...another BFP. I showed it to him this time forproof.

It is all very surreal and seemingly impossible. I am waiting to"feel" pregnant. But I guess it will be a May baby for us!

Best wishes to you all!!
jr'smom's Avatar jr'smom 07:19 PM 09-13-2012

Congrats NewMama!  Happy and healthy 9 months to you!

heatheresc's Avatar heatheresc 07:07 AM 09-14-2012

Congrats, Newmama! That's so exciting!


I'm 12 DPO today, but I'm pretty sure AF is on teh way. =(

LivingSky's Avatar LivingSky 12:43 PM 09-14-2012
NewMama2BBBoy - That's wonderful! So glad for you that you didn't need to wean or night wean to get your BFP! Let me know when you want to be moved to Success Stories smile.gif

heatheresc - I hope you're wrong and you get your BFP instead of AF. I hate that feeling of impending doom that comes with expecting AF to arrive!

AFM: Nothing new, CD8. I'm hoping I don't ovulate early again like last month. Last month i ovulated at CD16 (normally CD20-22) and this month on CD16 I'll be living in a 5th wheel with DH, DS, my mom and dad and their dog. Not exactly the most romantic/BD-friendly setting!!
NewMama2BBBoy's Avatar NewMama2BBBoy 07:18 PM 09-14-2012
Thanks ladies! I am soooo relieved to have made it without weaning as well. =)

Livingsky go ahead and move me. The first trimester is always worrisome, but might as well enjoy pregnancy! I'm hoping and praying the next 8.5 months pass quickly. Good luck with the romance and bd time! Being quiet can really take the fun out ;-)
Lidamama84's Avatar Lidamama84 08:05 PM 09-15-2012
Yay! Another BFP! Congrats NewMama!!!

AFM, just hanging out here...trying to get through a lot of home renos so we can get pg wink1.gif. That's ok, though, DD2 is such a boobie fiend, I want her to stay the baby for a bit longer. I feel like she always gets the short shrift because my oldest is so high needs eyesroll.gif
erigeron 09:20 PM 09-15-2012

Congrats NewMama!


I'm just hanging. Think I'm okay with waiting right now with everything else that's going on. We're trying to pack and move and it's definitely easier to do while NOT being first-trimester-blah like I was last time. Also my daughter is still glued to the boob all the time. 

Lidamama84's Avatar Lidamama84 09:46 AM 09-16-2012
Erigeron, we moved last year, when my DD2 was 6 mos old and it was NOT fun. I can't even contemplate being pg and trying to move. Maybe once you're settled into your new place everything will fall into place for you and DH.
jr'smom's Avatar jr'smom 11:39 AM 09-16-2012
Please move me to 2WW.

LivingSky... Ask mom and dad to take the baby for a walk if you O early! Ironically, we are just returning from a camping trip and I O'd yesterday. 4 kids in a small motorhome. By the time they were all asleep, it left DH and I wondering what we are doing to ourselves trying for another! JK, they are awesome! We had a lot of fun. I feel like I may have released 2 eggs. Maybe wishful thinking. I'd like to double my chances and I think twins would be cool.
brogansmomma's Avatar brogansmomma 07:25 AM 09-17-2012

According to my temperatures, FF says I ovulated on Friday and am currently 3 dpo. I'm dreading temping tomorrow now because I don't want to find out that my temp has crashed like it has a couple of times in the past. But TODAY, I am in the 2ww. :)


Also, updated my siggy as it was way outdated.

Aunaturalmama's Avatar Aunaturalmama 12:25 PM 09-17-2012
You can move me to success stories. I'm 8 weeks and feeling VERY pregnant so I'm thinking this is a good pregnancy. Of course, all prayers and positive thoughts are welcome still. Good luck ladies! success story
heatheresc's Avatar heatheresc 01:32 PM 09-18-2012

Congratulations, aunaturalmama!!


Jr's mom, I hope this month works out for you! I think it's great that you want more than 4--that's what I'd love to have, too!


Well, it looks like I can be added to success stories too! I got a BFP on my birthday, after getting a BFN at 10 DPO! We were traveling, and I forgot to bring any tests, so I didn't test again until 15 DPO, by which point I was really, really hopeful!I got an early positive with my son, so I thought I would this time, too, but I guess not.

Good luck to all of you still waiting!

jr'smom's Avatar jr'smom 05:56 PM 09-18-2012

Woohoo, heatheresc!  That's awesome!  Congratulations!!!

MyName's Avatar MyName 11:36 PM 09-23-2012

Can you remove me from the list please? We have decided not to TTC for a few more years while we work out other things in our lives and focus our energy and time on our son right now. It's bittersweet, but it was my decision so I am at peace with it and feeling happy about the time I will have with my son and husband. smile.gif Good luck to all the other mamas and hopefully you all get your BFP's soon!

LivingSky's Avatar LivingSky 12:18 PM 09-24-2012
Updated to here

MyName - We'll miss you! I hope when you and your DH are ready to TTC again, it happens swiftly and easily for you!

Congrats heatheresc on the BFP!!!

AFM: I think this month is a bust. We barely got to BD and I really have no idea when I ovulated, but am pretty sure that I have. My CM has dried up. If we get pregnant this month it will be a miracle! Oh well. I've moved myself to the 2WW but I'm really just waiting for AF so we can start again next cycle.
brogansmomma's Avatar brogansmomma 06:22 PM 09-24-2012

I got my BFP!! Super faint but I'm only 10dpo. It's very (very!) slightly darker than yesterday's but still a squinter.



jr'smom's Avatar jr'smom 06:46 PM 09-24-2012

Congrats, brogansmama! 


I just came to say the same thing... I'm 10dpo and got a very faint BFP tonight!  Can't wait to see it with FMU tomorrow! 

LivingSky's Avatar LivingSky 09:53 AM 09-25-2012
nstewart's Avatar nstewart 10:07 AM 09-25-2012

Hi everyone, it's really encouraging to see all the BFPs on here lately!  Congrats to everyone!


Livingsky, could you please move me to "success stories"?  I will be 9 weeks pregnant on Thursday and I don't want to jinx anything but I think it's time to move me.  Please send good vibes my way for a healthy 9 months!


Good luck ladies, I hope to see you all posting on the "pregnancy" boards soon. dust.gif

LivingSky's Avatar LivingSky 01:31 PM 09-25-2012
Updated smile.gif

I was going to ask for someone to take over the thread for October but I'm not sure there will be anyone left here to do so! That's wonderful and amazing! It would be so great to have everyone get their BFPs!!
brogansmomma's Avatar brogansmomma 02:15 PM 09-25-2012
You have me still waiting to know. I posted that I got a BFP. smile.gif
LivingSky's Avatar LivingSky 02:28 PM 09-25-2012
brogansmama - sorry, don't usually move people to success stories until they ask for it smile.gif I'll move you now
brogansmomma's Avatar brogansmomma 06:44 PM 09-25-2012
Okay, thanks. I didn't know how it worked. smile.gif
MyKidKissTrees's Avatar MyKidKissTrees 07:31 AM 09-26-2012

Ive been a lurker here.  Weve been TTC but hadnt had my PPAF (DS 21 months).  Well... ıt came two days ago!!  We are out of the country on vacatıon rıght now.  But I would be happy to take over for the October TTC :) Of course ım not sure ıf people wıll feel comfortable wıth me sınce Im so new :)  and dont know how you all do thıngs exactly!  But ıf no one else wants to Id be happy to!!

LivingSky's Avatar LivingSky 08:31 AM 09-26-2012
MyKidKissesTrees: Sure! If you want to take over that'd be fine smile.gif I think it's a good way to learn things and get to know people! All you need to do is at the end of the month "Quote" the first post in this thread and copy it into a new Thread, then update when people need to be moved.
Oh, and welcome, and happy first PPAF!! I swear this is the only TTC thread where we're actually happy to see AF arrive - the first time at least!
MyKidKissTrees's Avatar MyKidKissTrees 08:39 AM 09-26-2012

Great!!  Ill get started!!  I may be checkıng a bıt random untıl after the 8th when I get back statesıde (ıntermıtant ınternet access) but I wıll do my best to check for updates everyday!!  

MyKidKissTrees's Avatar MyKidKissTrees 09:00 AM 09-26-2012

Hey there mamas!!!  I started a new October thread ıf anyone out there ıs stıll TTC!!!  Please joın us!!

Blonhrt88's Avatar Blonhrt88 09:55 PM 10-26-2012
Plz update,

TTC since 5/12 DS 17 mo
Trying to catch the first eggie

BUT, we just might be in the TWW. I'm almost positive I've ovulated, and feel lucky this month.

Either that or my cysts are back form over 7 years ago!.....uuuuuuhhh greensad.gif

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