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emski4379's Avatar emski4379 04:58 PM 08-05-2012
DH and I BD this morning. Thn this aftrnoon I got a +OPK. We're following the SMEP (http://www.pregnancyloss.info/sperm_meets_egg_plan.htm) and it says for us to start BD tonight and the next 2 nights. Since we BD this morning, should we BD tonight, also?

cynthia mosher's Avatar cynthia mosher 11:57 AM 08-13-2012

Bumping for input.

LaydieBugs's Avatar LaydieBugs 08:50 PM 09-01-2012

Yes, probably should, to follow the plan well.  As long as he doesn't have low sperm count there's no reason not to.

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