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Snickers44's Avatar Snickers44 10:07 AM 08-24-2012
As of today, I am 16 dpo. 2 days late. I O'd on 8/8/2012. Normally, my BB's start getting tender exactly one week to the day, before AF comes. I noticed this time they started getting sore 2 weeks early. They are still tender to this day! Also, I normally start cramping about 3 days before AF is due. My cramps have always been really painful. I'm talking bed ridden, heating pad, PAINFUL. This time, I get cramps at night, and they don't even hurt! They also come in and out during the day. Nothing compared to what I'm used to. I started getting curious about 12 DPO. I started having waves of nausea. Not bad, just a little queasy! I took my tests as follows:

11 DPO- BFN no AF, nausea, on and off light cramps, sore BB's
12 DPo- all the same symptoms, BFN
13 DPO- tender breasts, on and off cramps, light brown CM
14 DPO- tender breasts, on and off cramps, exhausted!! Evaporation line? Super light on an ept.
15 DPO- tender breasts, on and off cramps, tired, cranky, BFN again!!??
16 DPO- tender breasts, on and off cramps, BFN!!!

I am just so frustrated! I wish I would either get my BFP, or AF would just show up already. This in between crud is, well, CRUD! Ease my mind ladies? Do you think I could still be PG?

pokeyac's Avatar pokeyac 10:35 AM 08-24-2012

It sounds possible that you could be pregnant.  Would you be able to get a blood test?  That's probably more accurate than a home test.  Good luck!

skeemama's Avatar skeemama 01:51 PM 08-24-2012

Good luck!

emmysue's Avatar emmysue 11:45 AM 08-29-2012

Good luck! Hopefully you get that BFP!! I am sort of in a similar situation. I was supposed to start AF on the 27th, its now the 29th and still no sign but I have been testing BFN this morning fmu, yesterday morning fmu and the day before in the middle of the day. I dont get it! My nipples are sore they are never sore! Im a wee bit naseous this morning and im breaking out on my chest! (WHAT? I've never had that issue all my life!!)

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