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Period suddenly much lighter

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Hello everyone!  I am 30 years old and my husband and I have been TTC since March of this year.  I am wondering if we have been unsuccessful so far due to my periods suddenly becoming lighter.


Some periods have always been like clockwork since junior high.  CD1 starts without warning, very heavy bright red bleeding for about 36 hours before it lightens and then waxes and wanes throughout the next 4-5 days.


Last November, 6 months before my 30th birthday, CD1 started with very light brownish spotting for about 12 hours and then much scantier than usual flow throughout the next few days.  I thought it was a weird fluke and even wondered briefly if I was pregnant, but then forgot about it, since we weren't TTC at that point.


However, the same thing has happened every single month since then.


Does anyone know what might be causing this?  I haven't experienced any major changes in stress levels, weight loss or gain, diet, etc.  My bloodwork (CBC, BMP, glucose, thyroid) is all normal!


Thanks in advance.

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I just wanted to reply and let you know that my period got much lighter in my early 30's too. I had been like clockwork since I started my periods at 13, and continued to be so, just much lighter. I'd spot for a few hours then have light to moderate flow for a day or two then light to spotting for another day or so. I wasn't married at the time and not ttc, but I did think that it might cause problems if I ever did. Then I got married at 35 and we started ttc when I was 36. I had a few chemical pregnancies, then I got a confirmed pregnancy that we lost at 12 weeks. I then got pregnant with DS1 just 6 weeks after the miscarriage. DS2 was conceived without actively trying at 6 months postpartum. I'm currently ttc another, but still nursing DS2 so it isn't happening as quickly.


I just wanted you to know that lighter periods do not necessarily mean you will have problems. If you have been ttc for 6 months without any results then you may want to get checked by your care provider just to be sure.

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