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meggie1015's Avatar meggie1015 11:27 AM 09-11-2012

Did anyone else turn into a charting mad women while TTC? This is the start of our first cycle trying after a chemical pregnancy. Last time it was a natural thing and I didn't chart at all, but now I want to do is know what my body is doing. I have 3 apps on my phone 1 for ovulation tracking, one is a full calendar that you even chart sexy time, and one is a getting pregnant easier app. I'll start checking my cervical mucus soon and also charting my temp. Did anyone else do this? I feel like all I do all day is chart. Lol. I'm still keeping it fun and romantic in the bedroom and when it involves the hubby it's not all 'lets get preggo.' Is there anything else I can chart? How exactly do you track your CM and temp? What am I looking for? Thanks for any advice ladies!!! :D And baby dust to all others TTC.

GuavaGirl's Avatar GuavaGirl 11:54 PM 09-11-2012

I think most people chart everything on one program.  I keep track of temps, cm, opk's, and sex on the free online program at

I know others use fertility friend.  Fertility flower is another one, but I believe you have to pay for it.


Try not to wear yourself out with the charting. I do remember when I first charted it was really exciting and consuming....and I thought about it too much.  

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