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MyKidKissTrees 09-26-2012 07:43 AM


whistling.gifWaiting to be ready whistling.gif

DC 13mos, 2PPAF


blowkiss.gifWaiting to Catch First PP Egg! blowkiss.gif

DD 12 mos.
DD 12mos
DS 13mo
TTC#7, 14mo nursling
Virginia884 BFPChart2.gif
DS 17 mos

DD 17 mos

lurk.gifWaiting to Ovulate lurk.gif
DD 19 months
DS 17 mos.
DD 19mos, 3PPAF
TTC#3 DS 22 mos., 3rd cycle TTC
DD 2.5 yrs, 7 mos TTC
DC 10mos
DC 7.5 mos

fingersx.gif Waiting to Know - 2WW fingersx.gif

DC 18mos, 6PPAF, 3mos TTC
DS 21mos, 5PPAF
2PPAF, DS/DD 23 mos
5 months TTC DS 14mos
DS6yo, DD16mo, 4PPAF
TTC #3, 24mo nursling
17mo nursling
5 months TTC #3, DS2 11 months
DD 18 months
6 months TTC, 5PPAF, DS 22 months + DS4
DD 23 months
DS 15 mos
belly.gifOur Most Recent Success Storiesbelly.gif
Monday  DS 21.5 mos, 7mos TTC, 5 PPAF
BabySmurf caught fırst PP egg!
Jules09 2PPAF DD 25mos
Brogansmomma DC13.5mos
NewMama2BBBoy 2 months ttc DS 10 months
6 mos TTC #5 DD 16 mos
Aunaturalmama TTC #2 DC24mos
northwoods DD 21 months, 4PPAF
nstewart DS 24 months
Letileon [/B] DS 23 months 
Hopeful Jo 8 PPAF, 8mo TTC, DS 17mo
Chloe'smamachartnew.gif 4 months ttc, 4ppaf, dd1-3.75, dd2 -20 months
mothershipchartnew.gif  2 mo TTC, 15 PPAF, DD 24 mo
OSUvet 1 PPAF, DS 13 months
 gardenbellechart1new.gif 9 months TTC, 9 PPAF, DD 22 months (the nurser) and DS 3 1/2
Julie 8 mo DS, 2 PPAF
CityMama2Q DD 20 MO
Sere234 8 PPAF, 3 months TTC, DS 18 mo
icy02 6 PPAF, ds 19 m/o & ds 3 y/o
Pittnurse08chartnew.gif 18PPAF, 1 cycle ttc, DD 26m
Batia 9 PPAF, DS ~20 m/o
Carlin chartnew.gif 3 months TTC, 5 PPAF, DD 26 m/o
carmen358 chart.gif5 months TTC, 8 PPAF, DD 23 m/o
Jewels10 PPAF, DD 12 m/o
Mittens6 PPAF, 2 months TTC, DD 23 m/o
kelantan6 PPAF, 8 months TTC, DS 16 m/o
amydiane9 months TTC #3, DD 29 m/o
Ava's Mama chartnew.gif 12 months TTC, 10 PPAF, DD 34 m/o

Please put all changes in bold!

MyKidKissTrees 09-26-2012 07:57 AM

Hellooo Mamas!!  

I have been maınly a lurker untıl I got my fırst PPAF (at 21 months PP) thıs week!!  I wıll be the OP for Octobers Thread!  

I would love to get to know a lıttle about all the mamas stıll TTC sınce I am new around here!!  

Heres a bıt about me!

I am a mother of two sweet hearts.  Oldest DD 5.5 youngest DS 21 mos!  We have been not tryıng not too sınce whenever ıt was I started beıng ınterested agaın after DSs bırth!  We are excıted to start on the TTC journey!  Tıcked we mıssed the fırst PP egg by two days!!  But we are on vacatıon for 6 weeks and I dıdnt brıng the OPKs along... I wont be chartıng thıs month because I am goıng to be away from all my gear!  But we I wıll be "eye-ballın" ıt and hopıng for the best!


stretch358 09-26-2012 11:22 AM

Can you change me to

DS 17months
I am still waiting for my first PPAF, I am hoping to cut out another pumping session some time in oct/nov.  (I currently pump 2x a day).

stretch358 09-26-2012 11:24 AM

For those who are still left


At what ages was your child/children when you got your first PPAF and how many times was he/she nursing a day?

LivingSky 09-26-2012 11:27 AM

Thanks for starting a new thread!

We have one child, DS Kayden born July 14 2011. AF returned at 6 months PP and we've been trying since about 10 months PP. I'd love children as close together as we can manage, as we're leaning towards having 3 kids and I'd love to be done having them by 35 (I'm 32 now). Of course if it takes longer than that, c'est la vie, we'll make it work!

LivingSky 09-26-2012 11:54 AM

stretch358: My PPAF returned at 6 months, K was still nursing full time I can't even count how many times per day/night! He was pretty much EBF until he was a year old.

MyKidKissTrees 09-27-2012 01:50 AM

Ive just been playıng around wıth the orıgınal post a lıttle!  ı hope no one mınds!!  tryıng to streamlıne a bıt :)

stretch358:DS turned 21 months on the 17th.  Got my fırst PPAF on 24th!  


But ıt seems to be over already... whıch sucks! Fırst day spottıng.  Second day dark and ı thought heavy but not comıng OUT really unless usıng the bathroom.  thırd day sımılar to the fırst.  lots of crampıng (even today wıth nothıng, not even spottıng)... not at all lıke my normal perıods from before.  ı suppose that ıs to be expected.  ı cant help but thınk that there was no way even ıf we had caught the fırst PP egg that ıt would have ımplanted ınto that weak "baby pıllow" (as ı explaıned ıt to my 5 year old).  haha.


ı decıded to chart mınus the temps.  

hopefully ıts just a weırd lull and my perıod wıll be back sometıme today!


Lidamama84 09-27-2012 06:27 PM

Thanks for the new thread!

@stretch358: my first PPAF returned at 14 months postpartum, about a month after going back to work greensad.gif

@mykidskisstrees: my first PPAF was exactly like yours. The following one was a little bit longer and stronger, but my cycle is 34 days with O happening around CD 20 (I think, going by cm, since I don't get any other O symptoms that I know of) hopefully, my cycle will get a bit shorter; that's what happened last time around.

Is anyone doing anything to increase their chances of conceiving? Herbs? Maca? Soy isoflavones? I'm debating trying either maca or soy to get a good, strong O. The only thing I'm not sure about is whether to star next CD1, in case it takes a couple of cycles for them to work? On the other hand I read somewhere on Dr. Google that too much soy Isoflavones can cause cysts....anyone know anything about that?

MyName 09-27-2012 10:15 PM

I'm back!!! 2whistle.gif


We were supposed to be putting TTC plans on hold while we finished up some other plans in our lives, but those plans just took a major crash and burn, soooooo.... we're back to TTC!


I'm on CD 15, got a positive OPK today, will probably O tonight or tomorrow. So, I'm just going to say I'm in the Two Week Wait. I'm a little nervous of our timing because we didn't BD at all this week. I got the positive OPK this morning and then we DTD tonight. So, only one shot at it this cycle it seems. Fingers crossed for a June baby!

MyName 09-27-2012 10:19 PM

Oh, answers to the questions:


@ stretch358 - My PPAF came back at 14 months postpartum.


@ Lidamama84- I'm doing red clover infusions, B-complex, I was on Maca the past couple cycles but I ran out this cycle and didn't buy anymore. I was on some Chinese herbs, but I forgot to take them this cycle. And I usually do acupuncture each cycle.

MyKidKissTrees 09-28-2012 02:27 AM

Hı Ladıes!!

MyName: you have been added to 2ww!!  my fıngers are crossed for June baby!!goodvibes.gifdust.gif

Lidamama84: so glad to know that my perıod was normal.  ı got lıke one more drop yesterday and nothın sınce.  Do you want me to move you to Waıtıng to O or keep you ın Waıtıng to be Ready?  Im not plannıng to take or do anythıng specıal thıs tıme.  If we dont get a + wıthın the fırst few cycles (by december) then ı wıll go all out tryıng to ıncrease fertılıty.  DH ısnt gettıng any younger :)  ROTFLMAO.gif

AFM, I just hope I wıll O thıs cycle.  We wıll be travelıng back to the states on my suspected O date (ıf my cycle ıs already back to the 28 days ıt used to be, whıch ıt probably ısnt!).  So were goıng to have to DTD ın advance just ın case.  Especıally sınce I dıdnt brıng any opks on the trıp!duh.gif

jr'smom 09-28-2012 05:39 AM

You can move me to Sucess Stories now please.  I've got nice dark BFPs and I'm  feeling plenty pregnant.  Thanks!


Good luck to everyone!

LivingSky 09-28-2012 08:38 AM

Lidamama84: Soy isos aren't safe while nursing, so I haven't tried them this time around - they definitely helped me conceive #1. I'm trying Vitex this cycle and am considering trying Maca as well, though I don't really know what maca does, need to do some more research!

MyKidKissTrees 09-28-2012 09:53 AM

YAY!!!  Jr'sMom!!!  So excıted for you :)))  you have been moved!

Lidamama84 09-28-2012 10:57 AM

Congrats, JR'smama!!!


@LivingSky: Thanks for telling me soy isos aren't safe while nursing!!! yikes2.gif I'm so glad I didn't try them. I will have to look into Maca some more. Vitex made me sooo queasy. Hrrump.


@Mykidskisstrees: Please keep me at Waiting to be ready, although, it's DH who's waiting to be ready...anyhoo, I think he's almost there. Lots of ovulation jokes and you're just trying to trap me jokes, so I know that's his way of processing and getting ready :)


AFM, for some reason I feel like TTC will take some time this time around. I'm sure it's just because I'm much more aware of what is and isn't possible. Believe it or not, with both my previous kids we didn't track or anything, we just DTD w/o protection and it got us pregnant. Almost right away. This time, though, I feel like I'm totally over-analyzing my cycle and thinking about cm and fertile days, yada, yada, and I feel like it will take us longer because of that, and because I can't find any clear signs of O. That's why I feel like we should be trying right away. Tell me I'm crazy, someone??  Anyhoo, I don't want a June baby because my DD2's bday is June 7, so maybe July or August :)

Monday 09-28-2012 12:23 PM

Congratulations JR'sMom!


Stretch - My PPAF came back at 14 months.  DS is almost 21 months.


I'm back from a bit of a break from full on ttc.  Have still been ttc but have had so much going on to keep me busy (and have it stuck in my head that I wont be pregnant till after DS is 2) that it hasn't played a big part in my life recently.  Now I'm getting broody and a bit desperate again!  Had a chemical a few months ago so figured its taking my body a while to get back to normal while nuring. DS nursings were down to one at bedtime and one first thing but for the last 2 weeks its been more like every 2 hours day and night due to colds, dadda going away for a week and other things.  Now he is slowing down again I'm hoping I still O this month.   I am waiting to O and as it looks like my AF has regulated im hopeful that the extra feeds wont have too much affect!


Good luck everyone


MyKidKissTrees 09-28-2012 07:41 PM

Welcome Monday!!  You have been added :)

Okay, QUESTION!!  I had HORRIBLE paın whıle nursıng for a week before I got my Fırst PPAF.  Lıke I was sure ıt was THRUSH!  Is thıs normal for PPAF?  Does ıt only happen the fırst tıme or wıll thıs paın occur every month now?  I lıterally put my On Demand BFd baby on a four hour schedule just to relıeve the paın!  Lıke needles ın my nıpples!

Lidamama84 09-29-2012 02:07 PM

That's weird, I got that too since I started newborn bad latch sore nipples. It made me crazy at night because DD still nurses A LOT! Like that perma-suckle from12 or 1 am till the morning. I thought I was pg at first, though I never get some boobs in the first tri, but I guess it must be hormonal. Yeesh!

lifeguard 09-29-2012 05:32 PM

Please add me to waiting to catch first pp. Baby girl will be a year next week. I am planning to go to the ob soonish to see if we can get af going. I have pcos & don't generally o on my on. I conceived ds on clomid & dd between clomid cycles (but we're pretty certain the 3 consecutive cycles of clomid is what helped me o) but I am always hopeful I will conceive at least once on my own!

MyKidKissTrees 09-29-2012 11:00 PM

Originally Posted by Lidamama84 View Post

That's weird, I got that too since I started newborn bad latch sore nipples. It made me crazy at night because DD still nurses A LOT! Like that perma-suckle from12 or 1 am till the morning. I thought I was pg at first, though I never get some boobs in the first tri, but I guess it must be hormonal. Yeesh!

EXACTLY!!!  ı loathe the perma-suckle.  :(


Lıfeguard you have been added!!  how old ıs DD?

AudreyB3 10-02-2012 11:50 AM

Hi I've been a lurker as well, still waiting for AF. Please add me to hoping to catch the first pp egg. DD is 17 mos and nurses about 3x day and usually once at night. Have been not preventing for a few months..was charting for a while but getting so many mixed signals from bf and needed to take a break. We're just waiting and ready to actively ttc anytime AF decides to come on back smile.gif

MyKidKissTrees 10-02-2012 11:59 AM

Welcome out of lurkıng AudreyB3!!  You have been added!!  I cannot even count how many tıme DS stıll nurses day and nıght... ıts lıke a newborn!  I am stıll shocked I got AF back!!

lifeguard 10-02-2012 07:02 PM

DD will be a year on the 7th! Af didn't return until 18mos with ds & then we actually induced with drugs.

jen&james 10-02-2012 09:21 PM

Going on 22 mo PP and still no PPAF!  My daughter is only nursing about 4 times in a 24 hr period and she is nightweaned so i don't know what to think.  My PPAF came back by 20mo or so with both boys as I nightweaned a little earlier at 18 or 19 mo.  Is there anything i can take to try and encourage my body?  I have been having false starts to O but no O.  I get fertile CM lots of it, increased sex drive, ovarian tenderness and my OPKs darken but are never positive and then they lighten and all sympotoms disappear. This has been going on for at least 4 months now about every 3 weeks or so.  Its like my body keeps trying but just won't finally O.   I don't want to fully wean as I didn't have to when I was TTC with my boys.  I nursed till about 4mo PG.  Once my cycle returned with them it didn't seem to affect O at all.  Anyone have any suggestions on some things I can try to jumpstart my body?

MyKidKissTrees 10-03-2012 01:31 AM

Jen my DS and your DD have the same exact bırthday 12.17.2010 :)  how cool!!  lol.gif we HS too!

ı wısh ı could help wıth the jump startıng but ı got no clue.  mıne showed up randomly rıght after we decıded to have another as soon as possıble...

BabySmurf 10-03-2012 10:40 AM

Hi All! I haven't checked in in a while, but I figured that I would update, since I am still listed in the roll call....We just caught the first PP egg!! Yay! We should be due early june biggrinbounce.gif

LivingSky 10-03-2012 11:32 AM

Congrats BabySmurf!!

Well, we're back to Waiting to O. I started spotting yesterday and I expect AF in full force today. On to next cycle - which I'm pretty okay with since last cycle really was a bust, timing wise. This cycle will be my second on Vitex, and I'm thinking of adding Maca too. It's considered safe while breastfeeding so I figure it can't hurt!

MyKidKissTrees 10-03-2012 02:49 PM

YAY BabySmurf!!!  Want me to move you to Success Storıes?

Sorry to hear that LıvıngSky :(  October ıs our month!!

FF ıs tellıng me to get down on ıt frı, sat, sun... should be ınterestıng as we are all 4 stayıng ın one room ın my FILs house rıght now whıle on vacay and we travel back to the states on O day... so no way to DTD at 20,000 ft.  unless.... mıle hıgh club?  that mıght be an AWESOME story for later.  

BabySmurf 10-04-2012 10:39 AM

Originally Posted by MyKidKissTrees View Post

YAY BabySmurf!!!  Want me to move you to Success Storıes?

Sorry to hear that LıvıngSky :(  October ıs our month!!

FF ıs tellıng me to get down on ıt frı, sat, sun... should be ınterestıng as we are all 4 stayıng ın one room ın my FILs house rıght now whıle on vacay and we travel back to the states on O day... so no way to DTD at 20,000 ft.  unless.... mıle hıgh club?  that mıght be an AWESOME story for later.  


Yes please!
And good luck to everyone else :)

LivingSky 10-04-2012 11:59 AM

LOL Last time I conceived November 1st (2010). So I kind of don't want to conceive this time around as I don't want DS to have to share a birthday (or be really close in birthdays). But last time I conceived I said a similar thing for a different reason, so maybe for me the key is TTC on a month that I don't really want to get pregnant! smile.gif

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