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tresyes's Avatar tresyes 05:07 PM 10-03-2012
Hello all! I am ttc #3. Before my first pregnancy I had very irregular periods. With my second pregnancy I never had a period after the first was born. I remember having IB with both but cant remember when. My last period was 9/20 to the 23rd (only my third period since pregnancy #2, no spotting in between). On the 1st I woke up to a very bright red smear on the Tp. This continued throughout the day each time I used the bathroom that day, the 2nd, and today. I am feeling crampy and bloated. My breasts are sore, doIntwant to wear a bra because its uncomfortable. I know typically woman dont ovulate right after a period...but I dont remember ever having O pain and bleeding before. Wondering whats going on...I DTD while on my period and the day after. If this is O stuff I tried again on the 1st just in case. Thoughts? Thanks!!

pokeyac's Avatar pokeyac 01:00 PM 10-05-2012

Anyone have any advice?

Thank you in advance. smile.gif

GuavaGirl's Avatar GuavaGirl 09:56 PM 10-06-2012

Are you charting?  If not, it's really hard to know what bleeding is actually menstruation and what is abnormal bleeding.  I recently had bleeding one week after my period (with some other symptoms) and it was a ruptured corpus luteum cyst.  ....and that period that I thought I had, was actually early pregnancy bleeding.  Charting helped me to understand what was going on.  ....that and my ER visits.


Have you taken a pregnancy test?  If I was having bleeding that wasn't near my expected period time, and it was more than faint spotting, along with O type pains, I would call my obgyn....or head to immediate care.

tresyes's Avatar tresyes 03:47 PM 10-19-2012
Thank you GuavaGirl for your response! I took a pregnancy test today and it was negative greensad.gif Im assuming if it had been implantation bleeding that I would have a positive test by now? Im due to start my period any day...I guess Ill just have to wait and see. Grrr I hate waiting!! Lol!
tresyes's Avatar tresyes 01:36 PM 10-25-2012
Just thought Id pop in and say no period yet but no positive test yet either. Fingers crossed smile.gif
tresyes's Avatar tresyes 12:13 PM 11-02-2012
Not even sure if anyone is following this thread, but thought Id come back to say STILL no period or pos test. I was going crazy testing everyday and getting negatives so I took a week off. Taking a test today...wish me luck!
Starfish11's Avatar Starfish11 12:17 PM 11-02-2012

Good luck :)  I can't imagine being in this situation.  Thinking positive thoughts for you!

tresyes's Avatar tresyes 12:22 PM 11-02-2012
Youre so sweet, thank you for the kind words smile.gif
tresyes's Avatar tresyes 11:50 PM 11-02-2012

Huge major sad face greensad.gif test was neg...again. Man...I hate feeling so sad after seeing that!!! Might be time for a trip to the doc greensad.gif
Starfish11's Avatar Starfish11 06:05 AM 11-03-2012
So frustrating! I'd go to the doctor, too. Frustrating greensad.gif
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