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Misscalais's Avatar Misscalais 07:23 PM 10-11-2012
Hi ladies I'm currently on my 2nd cycle ttc my 3rd baby. joy.gif
My two DS's are three and two, so will be around 4 and 3 when they become big brothers again. I'm 10 DPO and pretty sure I'm out this month. CP in low firm and open so I'm assuming AF will arrive any day now. :-( I'm pretty upset as I really thought it was our mth. I know it's only early days ttc but sad none the less.
Anyone else 10 DPO?

kristinb's Avatar kristinb 11:47 AM 10-12-2012

We're working on #3, as well.  I'm not sure what month this is...we haven't really been trying, just not preventing.  I have an almost 11 yr old and a 3 yr old.  I had a miscarriage back in Sept of 2011 and I'm ready to give it a try again.  :-)  I should be O'ing in a couple of days so we'll see how it goes! 

revolting's Avatar revolting 04:52 PM 10-12-2012

TTC number 3 here and 9dpo today. Do you find cervical position helpful that early? I have found my cervix stays low until well after my period would have come when I'm pregnant. We've been ttc since February, but we've had two miscarriages since we started trying. This is the first cycle after the most recent miscarriage we've tried.

threekisses's Avatar threekisses 02:31 PM 10-22-2012

Hi- I am curious about your 2 miscarriages since February. I am TTC for my 3rd as well.  Two DD, 5 and 3.  I had mc in March at 8 weeks and just now at 5...are you seeing a specialist yet or doing anything different? baby aspirin, progesterone, etc?


jesepumpkin's Avatar jesepumpkin 09:44 PM 10-24-2012

so did AF arrive? 

best wishes to all you ladies. 

I am TTC #3 starting this cycle, on AF now. i'm so excited! it is nice as i know how amazing it is to add another to the family and i'm not worried about my girls. adding #2 had me wondering how it will work out within the family but the love just grows...:)

this will be our last baby. 

Starfish11's Avatar Starfish11 07:56 AM 10-25-2012

Good luck, Jese.  We are starting to TTC #3, too.  Going about it a bit lazily because I am fine with it happening this year or next.

Kdiaz's Avatar Kdiaz 04:27 AM 01-21-2013
Hello ladies, my name is Kim and we are TTC #3 also. My daughter is 11 and son 10. This will be our last baby so I'm really looking forward to enjoying the pregnancy. I'm 13dpo today and have taken two tests, one yesterday evening and one this morning.
I think it got a little darker since last night so I'm thinking positive!! Can't hardly wait to tell my kids!! Tell me what you think ladies.. Please! Dying for someone else to talk to about this besides my husband
Kdiaz's Avatar Kdiaz 04:28 AM 01-21-2013
Oops.. Sorry the pic is upside down
sparklemaman's Avatar sparklemaman 04:54 AM 01-21-2013

I definitely see it!! Congratulations! You might want to check out the Due Date Clubs to find a group of mamas with DDs around your's. GL!!

Starfish11's Avatar Starfish11 11:39 AM 01-21-2013
I definitely see it, too! Congrats!
Kdiaz's Avatar Kdiaz 12:10 PM 01-21-2013
Thanks sparklemaman and starfish11!! I will check out the DD clubs.
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