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mamasee's Avatar mamasee 08:32 PM 10-15-2012

I knew folic acid was important, but didn't realize that there seems to be a link in taking higher doses to prevent Down Syndrome.




I've been taking a prenatal vitamin, but even higher doses sound like a good idea.  I'm now 3 weeks past conception.  Anyone know if high doses might still prevent DS or would it now be too late?

dayiscoming2006's Avatar dayiscoming2006 06:29 AM 10-16-2012

B complex vitamins are important too. B12 I saw mentioned as something that also plays a part in preventing DS somewhere. Can't remember where. You may want to ask this somewhere else. Maybe in the "I'm pregnant" section or something to get more answers.


Women with repeat miscarriages tend to have lower levels of B6, B12 and iron.


I found this info of interest though of course you'll need to cross check it with other sources...


Xerxella's Avatar Xerxella 07:31 AM 10-16-2012
I read the article and it hypothesises that the genetic defect of Down's Syndrome actual occurs after conception. I find this highly irregular. It is generally accepted that gene's are set at conception and I don't see how its possible that AFTER the cells have already divided millions of times, that they could then divide incorrectly and somehow influence every other cell in the body to then ALSO divide incorrectly? Therefore, taking over control of the growth of the child to give them the characteristics of Down's Syndrome? This seems highly unlikely.

Perhaps, by saying the first month of pregnancy, they mean those 2 weeks before conception, which I could understand how that might have a preventative effect.

Or, perhaps, women who take higher levels of iron and folic acid are just more likely to miscarry a baby with down's syndrome and therefore not give birth to them. Since most miscarriages are babies with genetic defects, this is plausible.

Just my opinions. Interesting article, though.

BTW - Spina Bifida is caused by a failure of the spinal cord to close which happens after conception, that's why folic acid can help prevent that, even if taken after conception. (But, it's better to take it before conception so it has time to build up in your body.)
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