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Cindy-lu's Avatar Cindy-lu 05:52 PM 12-14-2012
Congrada AUvetmom and mamapegon!!! Love it!! God bless you and your babies!!

Afm: I'm having a rough day! Just want to curl up and hide! Still upset last month was negative and I'm getting ready to O. I'm so unuse to all of these emotions! I had an iud in for years, these hormonal mood swings and highs/lows are really throwing me off! I'm scared, happy, and insecure all at once! I hate feeling this way!!!

dahlia810's Avatar dahlia810 06:40 PM 12-14-2012

Cindy-lu- I agree with how you're feeling! It's such a new, somewhat scary, and strange experience. Thank goodness for people here who understand smile.gif


I'm ovulating now, so my husband and I are getting busy a lot.. and baby dust sent this way is appreciated! I'm already anxious to start testing!

JoyfamMama's Avatar JoyfamMama 07:16 PM 12-14-2012
Starfish...I just wanted to pop in and say how sorry I am that you also lost your baby last month. *hugs* I'm right there with you saying I can't do this again...

I'm taking this month off, because I won't see my new dr until after I O, but I'm still subbed, and keeping up with all of you. I'll be back next month, unless I find out something on the 19th that causes me to need to wait longer smile.gif
Cindy-lu's Avatar Cindy-lu 07:28 PM 12-14-2012
Dahlia810 - thank you so much!!
dahlia810's Avatar dahlia810 07:40 PM 12-14-2012

holy crap cindy-lu--- you live in columbia?? i'm in westminster. small freakin world!

Cindy-lu's Avatar Cindy-lu 07:55 PM 12-14-2012
Wow small world! What CD are you on? I'm on CD 11! And yes getting busy a kit too!! Hehe!!
samy23's Avatar samy23 05:00 AM 12-15-2012

I thought a positive OPK means you will ovulate between 12 and 36 hours, not 24-36? According to my chart I ovulated on the actual day I got my positive OPK, so the 12 hours was probably right for me. I guess no one can say for sure unless you are testing every hour, then the first hour you get a positive would be when you count the hours from.... but either that same day or the day after I would say for Ovulating.


AFM AF arrived 3 days ago so I'm out this cycle, and we are not TTC during this new cycle as it's too busy around the holidays period and O will be between Christmas and New Years. So it will be a very frustrating cycle for me not being able to try but I will keep charting and trying to keep healthy ready to try again from January. 

dahlia810's Avatar dahlia810 05:41 AM 12-15-2012

Samy23- I'm a little confused about exactly when ovulation actually happens as well... I got a positive OPK with Wondfo with my fmu yesterday, and using the same urine my Clearblue OPK was a big ol' negative confused.gif. Then I tested again with both last night, and both were positive. So, not sure what that's all about, but I'm thinking that Wondfo picked up the LH surge earlier than the Clearblue. But anyway, I'm still a little unsure of how long/when exactly I'll ovulate, sooo my plan is to BD daily for like a week lol. Waiting through the holidays will be tough, but I'm sure it'll work out for the best for you :) It sounds like you and your husband have a lot going on, and adding the stress of ttc would take any fun out of it! Have a great holiday!!


Cindy-lu-- I'm not sure what CD I'm on...... I'm new to all this, and my last period was really short and weird from stopping my birth control. If I'm correct, you start the count from the last day of AF? Which would put me at CD...... 17 or 18??? But that seems really high. Is that normal? But like I said, AF was really thrown off from stopping the pill, and only lasted 2 days/came early.


I'm hoping to get a BFP in time for Christmas.. Last night my husband found my positive Wondfo OPK, and he got soo excited because he thought it was a pregnancy test. I had to teach him the difference between the two haha, poor guy was really disappointed.


Good luck to everyone!!

mamamash's Avatar mamamash 07:39 AM 12-15-2012
Dahlia- CD1 is the first day of AF smile.gif good luck!

AFM- temp stayed up this morning so I think I'm 2DPO. I'm quite concerned because I had no EWCM at all. I had quite a bit of watery CM though. And we did BD on the day I ovulated. If I don't get a BFP this month any suggestions on how to increase EWCM. Anyone else have this issue? I have read taking mucinex and evening primrose oil can help? I'm trying not to read too much into it, but it is definitely a concern :/
emily11megan's Avatar emily11megan 07:53 AM 12-15-2012

Mamamash- If you google No ewcm, you'll see that PLENTY of women get pg without it, watery cm is also fertile.  Hooray for being 2 days in!

Also, fertility has a chart search that you can select no ewcm and see pregnancy charts.

mamamash's Avatar mamamash 08:43 AM 12-15-2012
Thanks Emily! That's a bit of a relief smile.gif I will be going and searching the galleries.
Blonhrt88's Avatar Blonhrt88 11:21 AM 12-15-2012
Hi all.

Emily11megan, congrats!

Mamamash we are the same dpo. Crossing fingers and sending wishes to Santa for both of us wink1.gif
mamapigeon's Avatar mamapigeon 04:38 PM 12-15-2012

Thanks everyone!



Mamamash, I switched to green tea instead of coffee last cycle, and then this cycle I had more ewcm than ever before in my life. Green tea supposedly increases cm.... might have been a coincidence, but I am convinced enough that I'll use it in the future when ttc.

mamamash's Avatar mamamash 05:43 PM 12-15-2012
Oh wow, good to know mamapigeon. I am a daily coffee drinker. (Which I plan to stop if I get a BFP). If I don't get my BFP this month I will switch to green tea next cycle smile.gif
Cindy-lu's Avatar Cindy-lu 06:40 PM 12-15-2012
I posted this in a different forum but wanted to post it here!


Most of us scowler the Internet for pregnancy info. On this web page is a neat video. Just wanted to share.
dahlia810's Avatar dahlia810 07:17 PM 12-15-2012

mamapigeon- good to know about green tea! I noticed that my CM wasn't really EW either, it is more watery. I drink chai tea daily, but will switch to green!

mamamash's Avatar mamamash 02:40 PM 12-16-2012
Alright, temp stayed up still. I'm now convinced I ovulated. It took 3 days for me to believe it. It is my first month charting so it's still pretty foreign to me smile.gif I'm hoping all the last minute Christmas stuff and the after Christmas cleaning and calm will keep me semi sane during this TWW.

How is everyone else?? smile.gif
dahlia810's Avatar dahlia810 06:53 PM 12-16-2012

I'm feeling nervous. I'm excited and scared at the same time, because I'm so hopeful that we'll be pregnant this cycle, but so scared of a bfn.. My husband and I just got back from a baby shower for my sister in law, and everyone was joking about it being my turn next. No one knows that we're trying, and it just put me so on edge. I just wanted to say "well little do you know, it might be sooner than you think". But I just pretended like we aren't "ready" for kids... such a lie!


I know I'm going to be an early tester already. Good thing I got about 100 Wondfos lol orngtongue.gif It's going to be hard for me to even wait the week! I'm glad I have chiropractor appts through the week to help me loosen up :)


How are you all doing with your waits? How do you deal with the anxiety?

mamamash's Avatar mamamash 09:10 AM 12-17-2012
Dahlia- how many DPO are you? Or do you think you are? Trying for your first is so exciting!! I hope you get a BFP this month! I got my BFP with my DD our first month trying smile.gif

AFM- I think I get some killer post ovulation symptoms. Last month my lower back was killing me. I was nauseated. Tired. Etc. and already this month 4DPO my sciatic nerve has been acting up (I could barely walk somedays with my pregnancy with DD). Sooo I absolutely cannot allow myself to symptom spot since post O symptoms as early pregnancy symptoms are basically the same.
dahlia810's Avatar dahlia810 10:37 AM 12-17-2012

Mamamash- I'm 1 or 2 DPO. So it can definitely start testing now, right!?? wink1.gif haha I kid. Thanks so much for the good luck wishes! It would be nice to get a bfp around Christmas!


I'm going to try really hard not to symptom spot, but we'll see how that goes. I'm so impatient!



Good luck everyone!

dahlia810's Avatar dahlia810 11:20 AM 12-17-2012

I forgot to ask this before. My friend keeps telling me that it's not going to hurt a fetus if you drink alcohol during early pregnancy.... I don't really believe her, though. What does everyone think of that? I haven't really said anything to her, because I doubt that I'd change her mind, but just wanted your opinions on this

emily11megan's Avatar emily11megan 12:07 PM 12-17-2012

Dropping in to check on you ladies in the wait. 

Mamamash, I had crazy postO symptoms that I didn't expect, then they went away at like 4or5 dpo.  My first real clue was CRAZY dreams and creamy cm that never went away.  Not a lot, but it just hung around.  I'm excited for the next couple of weeks for you ladies.

Dahlia- I think a relatively small amount of alcohol won't do any harm, maybe that's what she means.  I've heard that a small glass of wine is ok, but I feel like...why bother?!

dahlia810's Avatar dahlia810 12:14 PM 12-17-2012

I've heard that it's ok to have a small amount as well. She actually said that even if someone were to get very drunk early in pregnancy (like the first 5 or 6 weeks), the baby wouldn't be affected.... Of course, I do think she means this about people who hopefully wouldn't be aware they were pregnant.. I'm just not sure about how true this is. And I agree, what's the point?

countrybound's Avatar countrybound 01:34 PM 12-17-2012

mamamash- I know what you mean about sciatic pain. I was put on 3 days of work only for my job as an LVN because the pain was so bad with DS. I was also given Vicodin which I tried not to take but really had no choice as the pain was unbelievable. My first DS never gave me any back issues, I'm hoping my next will be like that.


Dahlia- I worked in OB/GYN. The women who came in later in their pregnancy because they didn't realize they'd miss a period or whatever would always be nervous wrecks because they'd continue to drink without knowing they were pregnant. The Dr. I worked for always calmed them down by telling them that if a small amount of alcohol were dangerous, Italy wouldn't exist (wine). He said they should be fine but not to continue drinking. Also I've never heard any of the Drs. I worked for say that they wine or any other alcohol would be ok after knowing you're pregnant. While they don't believe a glass here or there would be harmful, they still don't recommend it. Honestly if you can't go without a drink while carrying baby, maybe said person should reconsider having a baby.


AFM 6dpo and my husband is more anxious for me to test than I am. So I headed to the dollar store and bought 6.. why not? I'll start tomorrow just for fun. One pregnancy I didn't get a BFP until 10dpo and I believe the other was 12dpo, or maybe it was 12dpo and 14dpo... not sure. But I might as well test... it's only a dollar.

mamamash's Avatar mamamash 03:14 PM 12-17-2012
Dahlia- I just wouldn't risk it. What's the point ya know. But then again I'm the crazy preggo lady who would even take a Tylenol haha

Emily- that's how I was last month I think. But they lasted probably 7DPO. and I got the crazy dreams and creamy CM. but, all of it went away about a week before I got AF.

Countrybound- sciatic nerve pain is the worst!! I should have asked my doctor for something but never did. Good luck with your early testing. I am so not an early tester. That makes me even more crazy smile.gif
dahlia810's Avatar dahlia810 05:51 PM 12-17-2012

Yeah, I agree with you all- I was just asking so I can have more of an idea what to say next time it comes up. She doesn't believe in giving up most of the things they say to stop once you're pregnant (not that she drinks frequently or heavily), but I can already tell I'm not going to be like that and have already stopped drinking alcohol. I know I'll be neurotic lol!


Countrybound- Would a chiropractor be able to help your back pain? I have problems with back spasms and very frequent migraines. I started seeing a chiro. about a month ago, and it's really helped my headaches. Maybe it could be something to look into?


I'm going to try to hold off until I'm at least 7dpo to start using my Wondfo preg test stash. I'm so anxious!

mamamash's Avatar mamamash 08:56 PM 12-17-2012
Oh Emily how rude of me. I forgot to ask how you are feeling!?
emily11megan's Avatar emily11megan 08:22 AM 12-18-2012

Thanks mamamash, I'm hungry! eat.gif  So far, that's it.  Oh, and peeing a lot.  I think it's starting to sink in a little.  I talked to the baby for the first time today after my shower, and it hit me; me and this guy/gal are gonna be together for quite awhile!  No more showering alone :)

FEimusicforever's Avatar FEimusicforever 10:24 AM 12-18-2012

Hiii! whistling.gif I should be about 13 dpo. i tested on 12 dpo and BFN mecry.gif But it was just a day before my expected period with a $tree test so i'm hoping my hcg levels are just too low to pick up??

I should have started my period today!! It's like clock work! i wake up on cd 34 and bam!! AF! but no sign what-so-ever. another thing is that i never cramp until i start bleeding! I've been cramping on and off just about every day for the last week! so I'm really praying!! praying.gif

mamamash's Avatar mamamash 10:32 AM 12-18-2012
FEimusicforever- good luck! Test in a day or two if AF hasn't showed up smile.gif let us know how it goes
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