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countrybound's Avatar countrybound 11:01 AM 12-10-2012

Hi all. It's been a long time since I've used OPK's (2007). Last time I TTC in 2007 I never got a positive OPK but did get preggo, it was always a tiny bit lighter than the "control line", I still got preggo but it ended in a miscarriage. Well my hubby and I decided to TTC this month and since we really want it this month I decided to pull out all the stops and chart, and use opk's and all that good stuff. My question is this. Yesterday it seemed I had a positive and this morning... but I'm not 100% sure so I was hoping somebody with OPK knowledge would look at these pics. Top one is from yesterday PM around 5, and bottom from this morning around 8 with SMU. Are these positive? IF so DH and I BD last night at midnight, is it ok to skip DTD today and still get preggo, or should we DTD again today? I also DTD the day before and two days before that.... BTW.. my youngest DS was not planned so no charting with him.


Well here's my pic. SOrry if this is an obvious yes, but I just don't know if I'm hoping to see a positive and it's really not lol.






skj2011's Avatar skj2011 11:35 AM 12-10-2012
The bottom one is for sure positive to me. The top one is tough. I always try to BD the day of and two days following a +OPK, or until I see a temp rise and CM changes from EWCM to something non-fertile. I think the stats say that BDing 2 days before O has the best odds.

Good luck!
countrybound's Avatar countrybound 12:31 PM 12-10-2012

Thanks! Well I just took another and it is lighter now than both of the above, so whatever lol. CM is slightly sticky now and not so EW. Hopefully we did enough and we'll get a BFP by christmas eve!

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