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DanielleNZ's Avatar DanielleNZ 12:39 PM 01-09-2013
Can anyone offer advice, I stopped bcp on New Year's Day, which I had been on for a year. We are ttc now and last night I started having this pain in my left ovary, it was a rather sore ache type feeling, it radiated down my left leg. This mornings have similar pain on my right side. According to my previous ff charts I used to ovulate on cd 12. Today is cd11.... Can ovulation pain start a day or so before ovulating.?

jjh5351's Avatar jjh5351 02:52 PM 01-09-2013
Bcp really screws up a lot of people's cycles so it is very possible!
DanielleNZ's Avatar DanielleNZ 02:57 PM 01-09-2013
It would be my first time ovulating in so many months I'm not surprised its bit more painful than normal. Bcp really mucked with my cycles, I had been very regular and upon starting bcp I had short periods three days at most but then short cycles of about 22 days. I am praying that it hasn't screwed things up so badly that we struggle to conceive in our best timeframe.
jjh5351's Avatar jjh5351 03:29 PM 01-09-2013
I think once you give your body a couple cycles to readjust you should find it easier to figure out your cycle again! BCP is a tricky thing! Have you researched at all about it? It has been over two years since I took it and I wasn't TTC at all when I got off of it so I don't remember much! Have you checked out wondfo ovulation strips? They're cheap and on amazon, maybe try some of those to see when you're ovulating! Lots of people do basal body temp charting and cervical mucus charting but I have just been using OPKs for myself. I don't know that I am ready to go much more in depth with ovulation charting because I haven't been TTC for that long either (just under a year)! Best of luck to you smile.gif
DanielleNZ's Avatar DanielleNZ 04:03 PM 01-09-2013
Thanks jjh5351! I have used ovulation strips before when ttc ds2 and they were great at pin pointing the right time. I am just doing some basic charting at the moment, charting my cm and cervix positions as they give me a pretty good indicator of where I am at in my cycle. I will order some opk's in the next day or so in the hope I don't actually have to use them and manage to conceive this month.
jjh5351's Avatar jjh5351 06:43 PM 01-09-2013
Good luck smile.gif
3sacharm's Avatar 3sacharm 02:07 PM 01-12-2013

good luck but i sometimes have ovulatory pain when my follies are duking it out to be the winner.  it can come and go over a 2-3 days period.  when i ovulate from my right side i get some serious ovulation pain and it lasts anywhere from 24-48 hours.  i do think it starts before i O and then lingers after i do.  but it's only on the right side.  the left side i feel nothing.  not sure why that is.  with my right side i sometimes have to take some tylenol as it can be extremely sore.  my CP and CM always confirm O with that right side pain.  


good luck this month!

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