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Fabulous Forty Somethings TTC!

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Awesome advice, Arabelle! While I don't take quite all of the steps you take to maintain a healthy lifestyle, I do make sure to eat well. And, like you, caritasrainbow, I don't obsess. I eat almost no meat, avoid processed food, embrace organics, drink lots of water and no coffee, eat nuts and veggies, and yogurt with flaxseed. I never eat fast food but I do consume an above average amount of thin-crust pizza. (One of my husband's specialties...) I've never been a smoker and I sometimes have a drink or two with dinner (when I'm not pregnant). I should get more exercise and skip dessert more often, but I think I have a decent balance. I avoid chemicals as much as possible in my household and beauty products. Who really knows how much it helps? I'm super fortunate to be as healthy as I am at age 41 and to have conceived twice with ease. My sister (3.5 years younger) uncovered a host of health problems (thyroid, blood pressure, immune system, diminished egg quality) after being seen by a reproductive specialist and she's still working on conceiving. A lot of it just depends on one's good fortune of inheriting good genes. I hope you are all blessed with this good fortune!!

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My weakness is maranatha organic no stir crunchy peanut butter. I've been a raw foodie for almost a decade but when I got pregnant over the summer I craved peanut butter and I just haven't been able to give it up smile.gif
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Wow. Thanks for all the great advice to help my body stay healthy. I don't take many supplements, but I do eat a pretty healthy diet and stay away from processed foods as much as possible, I know it is possible to stay away completely, lol. I have to be more aware and plan meals. I am young on the inside, Atwater I feel that way. I'm not overweight but could definitely exchange some body fat for muscle. I do try and be as peaceful as possible and just try and enjoy every day. I am a 4th grade teacher and I took a leave at the beginning of oct. my job was just too crazy, too much politics dictating every second of the day and no time for the important stuff, my kiddos, I love teaching. Powers above are in a battle for control and blame and unfortunately it all comes back on teachers. So all our time is spent writing 30+ Pgs of lesson plans and taking every planning period for meetings. So needless to say the only time I had to spend on the important stuff, the kids.... Was afterschool, and needless to say I was luck if I got home in time to put ds to bed, most times I didn't get home till close to midnight and still didnt get finished. So I felt like my home was falling apart, no time to do anything well. I chose my family... Not that we can afford for me to not work. I am still getting paid but eventually once I start. Working again I won't get paid until I make up for all the time that I'm being paid now, and not working. It does not make sense, but for now at least I get a paycheck. I miss actually teaching, I've been doing it for 15 yrs and am good at what I do, powers that be decided to turn us into trained monkeys and read a script to teach, anyway I could go on and on but, I'm not a script reader. I felt like I wasn't doing anything well, and my family needed me. So I pray for some direction for me to get me back into working with the kids while allowing me to still be there for my family. Now my biggest problem is energy and feeling overwhelmed trying to put my home back together... It really fell apart because last school year I worked the crazy hrs, it really impacted my home and my ds even went to the school counselor because he was sad that he never saw me, 3rd grade, and he is NOT the type of kid to open up like that. So it really had to be hard on him and I promised never to do that to him again, so I'm not working out of the home now. I'm keeping family together and trying to put it back together from all we have been through in the past few yrs. now I'm doing my best to stay positive, enjoy life, the house may be FAR from the way I would like but my home is my focus. Wow, I really write a lot, sorry for the life story... Or a chapter... Lol. Now I'm going to be sure I'm taking care of myself, I'm no good for anyone if I'm not healthy. I'm so happy to be able to have a place to share my "issues". And hopefully be supportive for others who are struggling. In one way or another.

I am praying and using the power of positive thought, those growing beans will be happy and healthy bundles of joy. Our bodies will be a safe nest! That ultrasound will show you the babe you'll be holding, I just know it will work out this time. Not a doubt in my mind... I can actually picture it in my mind. Sending Cyber postitve energy.... : ))
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Thank you. I also feel like this will work out, but I felt that way last time and the time before too. However, in retrospect I can see the signs pointing to the mc's I later had. But anyway, it's not enough for me to feel comfortable. Obviously I really hope you are right. joy.gif
So far my symptoms are still there. Although yesterday I took ds to a therapy appt and the therapist was apologizing for the overwhelming cologne smells left behind by the previous patient. My son said he could smell the strong smell, but I did not. My overwhelming sense of smell is my most tell take sign, so that freaked me out. Weird, but I still smell everything else, somehow that cologne escaped me.
I really hope that Monday's us will help give me the confidence I want.
Then I will have to tell my friends and family at some point and that will be the next hurdle...
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Hi ladies -

I've been reading along like a stalker for several days.  I need to catch up with everyone but right now I'm just feeling so yucky! 


My DH has been out of town again so I've been super busy trying to get stuff done in his absence.  Then today, my day to catch up, I am just queasy as all get out after a terrible night of nausea and insomnia.  Oh, and hot flashes too.  I'm 4wks 3 days.


Will try again soon when I can think straight!

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I am so so so very extremely exhausted!!! I can hardly do anything! Plus my pregnant brain is already having a hard time remembering words when I'm trying to have a though. The nausea isn't too bad, I just have to eat the second I think I might be hungry. But honestly I don't feel like doing anything at all.
The weekend is going to be loooooong waiting for Monday!!
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Will be thinking of you, caritasrainbow, for Monday. I have my first midwife appointment Monday. I should be 7 weeks, 6 days by then according to the nurse at the fertility specialist. Fingers crossed all goes well.


Ha, Arabelle, I eat the creamy version of the same peanut butter. ;-) And I often sprinkle it with chocolate chips as a treat for myself.


I'm feeling pretty nauseous this morning but wishing the best to everyone.


I'm super anxious today because we're awaiting results of my sister's first blood test following her IVF implantation. Her issues definitely are the focus of our entire family this holiday season. Holding my breath...

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Ohhhh Gelato ....for a real treat--- stir in cacao powder and honey smile.gif Ridiculous...
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I have got to get myself some of this delicious peanut butter. Right now.
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Hi Everyone!  Sorry for the absence.  As I'm sure you can imagine, the holiday season is incredibly busy when one has four school-aged kids.  The week has been full of parties, school events, and the usual weekly household management stuff.  I'm so happy to see that our pregnant mamas are doing well.


@caritasrainbow : Where are you in the u/s TWW?  I am sorry to hear that things with your DH are not optimal right now.  Hopefully he will come around to being excited about this baby soon.  Praying for good news with your little one.


@ayme371 : I'm sorry to hear of your relationship struggles as well.  There is never a perfect time to TTC, and I understand not wanting to wait any longer.  The time away from work seems to be helping to focus your energy where it needs to be - on you and your family.  I'm praying that everything works out for you.


@Arabelle: Thank you for the healthy living reminders.  I'm currently on Weight Watchers for nursing moms, and am finally tackling the stubborn 20 lbs I've been unable to lose since my youngest DS was born.  I'm about 10 lbs from my ideal weight now.  I don't really have any bad food habits beyond a sweet tooth and a love of espresso.  I've never smoked, and drink a glass of wine about once a month.  Exercise has been a bit more challenging given that there is no childcare at our only gym.  I do get out and walk with my kids at least a few times a week, and do some yoga on my down days.  Living in Germany has been good for my health from a food perspective.  Fast food is expensive and difficult to find; however, the produce is non-GMO, no pesticide, and mostly organic, so it's a win-win :).


Hello and congrats @gelato !


AFM: Last cycle's CP has been a little difficult to deal with, hormone-wise.  I felt tired and crummy for several days until the blood flow finally slowed down last night.  I haven't had any time to deal with the emotions, which means I've been short-tempered and irritable.  I'm now on CD 7, and starting to feel more normal.  I'll be temping and using OPKs this cycle, which feels more involved than I'd like. Sigh.. I just don't want to miss out, kwim?


Hope everyone is well and happy today.


Take care :)

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Fx for this cycle soul-o! Only another week or so til o time! Maybe you will make your latest addition a Christmas present!
My three school aged kids are having their main school parties tomorrow. My oldest nonschool aged son remains a disappointing couch potato I am not looking forward to having to ask to leave once again sometime after the holidays. :^(
And my youngest (3 in February) fell off my bed yesterday and hit her arm, which she is now holding as if in a sling. It is not swollen nor discolored, but she is not using it and will not even push it through a sleeve. Her dr was off today and the urgent care said they'd do an X-ray and make a referral if neccessary, so the only option is the ER, where they would do the X-ray and she would see the specialist all at once. I'm kinda clueless about what to do so I'm waiting and watching. Doesn't help that she's also sick.
My US is Monday at 8:30AM eastern, thus ending this current TWW.
I'm sad and freaked out today because an online friend from another website and forum just sent awful news through today. After a fairly uneventful pregnancy, where her baby was determined to be "perfect", she gave birth 9 days ago and her daughter died at birth. Makes me think I should quit worrying about right now or next week and just give in and enjoy whatever time I have since we truly have no idea what tomorrow will bring.
:::Hugs to everyone!!:::
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Oh- and remember- my current pregnancy happened two weeks after the first day of my chemical pregnancy last month. You never know!
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Good luck tomorrow at your US @caritasrainbow ....sending you positive energy!
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Thank you! I am anxious and nervous. I will let y'all know what we see for sure.
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Measuring 6w5d 115bpm
Somehow I don't really feel all that much better? No subchorionic hematoma, so that's good. Measuring a day ahead, so that's good too. I think I set myself up by wanting that heart rate to be so much higher. The tech said everything looks great and that it's a good strong heartbeat, right on target for age.
Guess I just expected a huge sigh of relief that I just didn't get. Maybe once it starts kicking. In what, four more months? Ugh!
At any rate I did set up an appt to see the dr Monday, so I guess I'll make another us appt then.
For now I should be content. I did get two pix. The crl pic is pretty blurry. The second one is the heart rate.
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Well, I'm excited and relieved for you then wink1.gif I thought of you first thing this morning and was really happy to see that you had posted. I think it's great news!
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Hooray, caritasrainbow! I have my ultrasound later today. Best of luck to you!!

My thoughts are with my sis as she awaits her second post-IVF blood test; the first was inconclusive. I really hope she and I can both celebrate being pregnant. Fingers crossed.
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Kmfx for your sister.
Really thinking the hr should have been closer to 120 bpm. So even though tech said anything over 100 was on target, just feeling let down. greensad.gif
Plus feeling like crap. Nauseous, tired, itchy. Not much fun.
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Gelato- did you have your ultrasound? Your midwife appt? Love to hear how it went.
I've been spending all of my time reading medical papers on fetal heart tones. Mine is borderline at best.
I still feel like crap physically. Now I'm disappointed and grumpy too. Just waiting for my appt Monday so that I can voice my concerns to my dr.
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Caritasrainbow: I think the heart rate would be more of an issue if the baby wasn't measuring at the right size. Also, did the u/s tech measure the heart rate herself, or was it detected by the machine? Either way, there's room for error, either human or machine. FWIW: I had similar numbers with my DS2 at the first u/s. Praying for you!

Merry Christmas, everyone! May you enjoy a blessed holiday, and approach the new year with the patience and energy necessary to see this journey to it's end.
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Hi ladies,


Merry Christmas!


I'm still completely exhausted and fatigued so I'm not keeping up.  Just wanted to check in to read about how everyone is doing and send my wishes for a fantastic holiday.  Hopefully Santa will deliver a huge dose of energy under my tree!

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Inna- I'm with you! I swear I have never been so utterly exhausted in all my life!
Just keep telling myself it's for a really good cause.
But mostly getting nothing done, and feeling pretty guilty about it.

Hoping for wonderful new beginnings for each and every one of us!
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Hi everyone! Wonder if I can join in? I just turned 40 a few weeks ago and am cd3 of my first cycle ttc #3. We have two boys, 3 and 5, and I always thought I'd want 3 kids in quick succession. The last three years as a SAHM of 2 have been harder than I expected though so that slowed things down a bit. Now we've hit our stride and I *think* we're ready. We decided to start trying again on my 40th birthday so here we are! Must admit I'm feeling scared...of so many things. I didn't feel that way at all when ttc #1 & 2 so I have to sort through my emotions a bit. For now, we'll just take it day by day and if I chicken out as ovulation approaches, then so be it!

I started charting all signs except temperature (ds 2 keeps me up a lot at night) five months ago and was surprised to find my cycle is only 25-27 days long. I'm pretty sure it's because I ovulate early and not a short LP. I'll start temping and using OPKs this cycle to confirm. I'm also taking soy isoflavones, which I believe helped me get pregnant both times previously.

I started to read through some earlier posts and am excited to get to know you all better. I sometimes feel so old and as if I'm the only one still trying to have babies (all my friends IRL are done) so it is really nice to have this place with others gong for it. I feel very encouraged by all the BFPs! I'm going to go back and read some more now. smile.gif
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I forgot to say Happy Holidays to everyone! May the new year bring lots of happy new beginnings for everyone!
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Welcome Jessie!
Gelato- I've been worried about your absence. Hope you are well.
I've been off and on crampy the last few days. Worst bout of nausea Christmas Day kept me down most of the day. Then yesterday I fell up a stoop like an idiot. So I dunno where I stand... Hoping Monday the dr will order another US to check that HR has increased and make sure there has been growth.
MIL arrives for a week this evening. So that's exciting and will help take my mind off things for a few days.
Peace to everyone!
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Hello, all and happy holidays!! Besides being exceptionally tired and nauseous, all is well here. (Thanks for asking!) We hosted a huge gathering for Christmas Eve and I swear I'm still recovering.

Everything looked good at our ultrasound on Monday. My midwife/OB practice dated me at 8w3d. While we were at the appointment, I received a text from my sister telling me her blood test was negative. So sad for her. I wish I could help her somehow. It's very tough to keep my thoughts/feelings about my pregnancy separate from the pain I feel for her. Sigh...

Welcome, JessieBird! You're in good company. My husband and I tried to conceive our first just as I was turning 40 and we got lucky on the first try. Like you, my closest friends my age are done having kids. But they are still super happy and supportive. Best of luck!

And best of luck to you, caritasrainbow. I hope all goes well with your ultrasound.

innacircle, here's hoping you and I both get some of our energy back soon. I have spent way too much time on the couch in recent days. Ugh.
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I haven't even managed to make it to the couch in days... Lol! I swear I've never been this exhausted in my entire life. I certainly hope it doesn't last the full nine months as I do have five other kids to care for. Lol!
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Congrats to innacircle and gelato - keeping fingers crossed for you both as well as for caritasrainbow.


I am in the two week waiting window - I have a good feeling about this cycle - not sure why..... I just turned 45 and I told myself that I/we would keep trying until I turned 45 so this is probably going to be the last time we "tried". Feeling like I can't continue to have this roller coaster of emotions every month.

My partner was just diagnosed with some chronic medical conditions so I want to be available to help and support him - I dont know that there's going to be much of a chance for the BDing for awhile anyways.

I think I am rationalizing - trying to make it okay in my mind.


Happy New Year to all!

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Congrats to all with BFPs. Orangemomma, I am crossing my fingers for you, and I really understand where you are at. I am also wondering how much longer I can stay on this Roller coaster. I am 44,and we've already passed the point where I could hope to have a child before my 45th birthday.  My DS will be four in february, and I'm half thinking that if it hasn't happened by then I'll just buy myself a new coffee maker (old one broke and I didn't bother to replace it as I am trying to stay off coffee), focus on dealing with the (probably perimenopausal) weight gain, and really,really focus on enjoying my one child, which of course I try to do anyway. But the minute I decide that that will be my plan, my DH talks about how having another baby should be our new year's resolution, and my resolution gives.


Anyway, this was a long way of saying that I am crossing my fingers that this month works out for you. 

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Orangmama- I will cross my fingers and toes for you!

I had my 2nd appt today. The US tech was not there, so US scheduled for Thursday to check for viability.
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