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caritasrainbow's Avatar caritasrainbow 02:54 PM 12-10-2013
Also forgot to mention that due to my extreme symptoms, dh noticed Saturday. So at least he knows now.

Arabelle's Avatar Arabelle 02:59 PM 12-10-2013
That's great news!! Made my afternoon smile.gif I'm ovulating, so we can share the TWW wink1.gif
innacircle's Avatar innacircle 02:59 PM 12-10-2013
Originally Posted by caritasrainbow View Post

Omgoodness! Just realized I didn't post my new numbers. The very nice nurse called me at 9:30 this morning. So:
12/04 76.2
12/06 146.8
12/09 641.9
Dr said I could continue beta checks if I wanted them, but she did not feel that they were necessary. Scheduled ultrasound for 12/23, and I imagine that's when I will see the dr for my first real prenatal. Could make or break Christmas for sure.
Fx for my new tww.

Now THAT's what I'm talkin about!  Nice!  This is the kind of thing where I love saying I told you so!  I'd been waiting for these numbers all day!

So how far along are you exactly? 

innacircle's Avatar innacircle 03:04 PM 12-10-2013

carita - looking back I see that you should be around 18 dpo, right?  Here's some news - I got super faint BFP's yesterday and today (at 8 and 9dpo)!

caritasrainbow's Avatar caritasrainbow 05:50 PM 12-10-2013
Inna- congrats!!
Ara- glad to have someone waiting this TWW out with me!
And I am on about 20dpo- give or take a day or two.
ilovemykiddos's Avatar ilovemykiddos 06:53 PM 12-10-2013
Soul-O's Avatar Soul-O 12:16 AM 12-11-2013

Wow!  This thread has taken a turn for the positive!  Congratulations, Innacircle and Caritas!  Here's to a happy & healthy 9 months :).


Welcome Arabelle! 


AFM: BFN at 13 DPO.  I'm a bit disappointed, but realized that the TTC after 40 journey will take some twists and turns.  I actually had a couple of squinters yesterday at 12 DPO, so I'm thinking this one might be a chemical.  That said, I've been blessed with easy fertility for many, many years, so I'm trying to appreciate the process of TTC.  I now have a better understanding of what many go through to conceive.  I'll be O-ing again while celebrating Christmas with my family in a tiny chalet in the Austrian Alps, so I guess we'll have to be creative to BD!  

innacircle's Avatar innacircle 07:37 AM 12-11-2013
Originally Posted by Soul-O View Post

Wow!  This thread has taken a turn for the positive!  Congratulations, Innacircle and Caritas!  Here's to a happy & healthy 9 months :).

 I'll be O-ing again while celebrating Christmas with my family in a tiny chalet in the Austrian Alps, so I guess we'll have to be creative to BD!  

Soul-O:  Thanks!

This cycle I was in a similar situation visiting fam during my entire fertile window.  Creativity and very hushed BDing were definitely required!  However, it did yield my BFP so maybe the relaxation and fun of the holiday is what made the difference.  Good luck!


Carita & ilovemykiddos:  thank you!  I'm just happy it worked!

caritasrainbow's Avatar caritasrainbow 09:56 AM 12-11-2013
Fwiw- it's actually caritas rainbow. Its my name. Well, part of it. People always seem to think its carita's rainbow, but no. I'm rain, short for rainbow. Caritas is the second half of my first name.
Anyway, more ramblings on hcg betas. There is no way that first set I got was from 14 dpo. Latest it could have been is 13 dpo. Realized the only time we bd'd was very late cd14, so the earliest I could have conceived is cycle day 15.
Yes, one day into the TWW for my us and I am already obsessing. I've even gone ahead and figured out average heart rates for the day I get my us.
11 days to go!!!!
ayme371's Avatar ayme371 12:50 PM 12-12-2013
So, I havnt been on here in a really long time. I've been reading a lot lately, and feeling a bit "off". We aren't necessarily trying but not preventing. I turned 40 in April and pretty much figured that I was out of the game,since we aren't trying actively, although I have always wanted a big family. I took this $store test this am, and I'm going nuts. Have not even had a chance to talk to hubby, he is super busy at work. But I have got to have some thoughts please... So you see what I see?
ayme371's Avatar ayme371 01:00 PM 12-12-2013
[IMG]Sorry, keep trying to upload image from phone, horrible pic but all I have right now. I'm going to try and add image again. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated. So do you see what I see? I am humming the song in my head as I type, lol. Or am I nuts?
Arabelle's Avatar Arabelle 01:30 PM 12-12-2013

Positive is positive :) Do you know what cd you are?

ayme371's Avatar ayme371 01:52 PM 12-12-2013
Omg... So you see it too? Horrible photo and all. Well I'm not charting just using but paying attention to body signals. I'm a 31-32 day cycle and am due on the 18th or 19th. My brain is too loo loo to do math at the moment. I'm not just seeing things? I took it this am with fmu and line was there within the time. I was thinking evap line but there is color and the one from last night is stark white. No major symptoms except tender bbs, and this is a bit early for that and super foggy headed, sleepy too. I'm kinda in shock/disbelief. Feel like I should buy 10 more tests , lol

Thanks for the reply. I know I've hardly introduced myself, will do soon and would be happy to join the group, I think this is where I belong. Lol
Arabelle's Avatar Arabelle 02:27 PM 12-12-2013
Well, I am happy to offer the first congrats and cross my fingers for the best for you!
I just joined here, too. I ovulated today, so that's my big exciting news smile.gif
It looks like you're at a point in your cycle where you could easily be feeling symptoms if your cycle is that long and you still ovulate around cd14... I'd be buying another test--- I don't know about 10... wink1.gif
caritasrainbow's Avatar caritasrainbow 04:14 PM 12-12-2013
Congratulations'! I definitely see it too.
Fwiw- I totally took 10 tests. 4 FRERs and six 88 cent Walmart First Signals. joy.gif
ayme371's Avatar ayme371 05:03 PM 12-12-2013
Thank you, for the welcome, it's nice to be a part of the group. Husband 's jaw dropped when he saw it and is usually on the doubtful side. I'm still not convinced, too good to be true maybe, afraid it's just an indentation, but then I still see the pink,I think. I know when I I'd, pretty sure, and there could have been some swimmers hanging around, DTD a few days before ewcm. So we shall see, just got back for $ store with 3 more tests. Fingers crossed, do one now or wait till the am? Hesitantly hopeful : )
caritasrainbow's Avatar caritasrainbow 06:18 PM 12-12-2013
Duh, one now!!!! My BFPs are always darker lines in the evenings than with FMU.
ayme371's Avatar ayme371 09:05 PM 12-12-2013
A bit bummed. Poas a little bit ago, it wasn't as concentrated as this am, and can't see anything, if I squint really hard I think I see something, but gotta be honest with myself. I'll try again in the am. I have to admit that I thought I might see at least as much as this am but, nope. I didn't realize how much I was really starting to believe, but I am trying to be hopeful that since it is so early, that the fmu will show something tomorrow. I don't know what to think... Was this morning a fluke? Was it the real deal? I keep looking at the one from this morning afraid its am evap line but then see color. I've never had an evap line with color, but afraid to get my hopes up.

I didn't introduce myself before, but I'm amy, have a wonderful ds who is 9 (his dad and I have not been together for over7 yrs). I remarried in feb 2011, he is a wonderful man, a bit younger, some may jokingly call me a rather large member of the cat family, lol. Anyway, I am an only child and always wanted siblings, promised I would have a large family from a very young age. Just have always wanted my son to have siblings close in age, still find myself feeling that I would have loved to grow up with siblings and would love to have life filled with little ones with adult siblings. Anyway, it didn't happen that way, but we live in a close community with lots of large families that have made us part of theirs. I have never closed the door on more children, and dh and I had planned on having kiddos but the time hasn't been right, is it ever though? Almost exactly 2 years ago, I had a loss, didnt even know I was preggo, doctors estimate that I was between 9-12 weeks, still can't believe I didn't know, not even a skipped period. That has been very difficult, especially at this time of year. Now I am afraid to get my hopes up because I don't want to feel that loss, even though it's not the same, I am being cautious. Part of me wants to jump up and down with excitement, a line is a line... Right? But I'm afraid that it will turn out to be a wacky fluke and ill be crushed. I really had just started telling myself that our little family would be fantastic the way it is, I guess down deep, that hope of a big family, a sibling for my son, sharing the experience with dh, and growing the new life, and everything else that I loved soo much.... Is most certainly still there. Feeling the way I do now has proven that... Beyond a shadow of a doubt, soo a little baby dust our way would be awesome, and I'm nervously excited about tomorrow morning.
Wow, I went on a bit more than I had planned, rambling a lot, lol... The brain is "off". I Hope to get to know all! much health and happiness to everyone!!!
caritasrainbow's Avatar caritasrainbow 10:01 PM 12-12-2013
Hi there! I'm rain and I ramble constantly, so don't worry. They haven't kicked me out just yet.
I wouldn't be too worried that the line was lighter, probably just less concentrated urine, like you said. Mine are always darker at the end of the day, but I know that isn't normal, as FMU should really give the darkest results.
I have had three losses this year, so I totally know what it feels like to be pregnant after a loss. It's an odd place to be.
Hang in there, it'll all work out however it's supposed to. I realize that is little comfort, but it's what gets me through the day.
ayme371's Avatar ayme371 05:39 AM 12-13-2013
for the encouragement. I've been blessed in that I havnt been overly obsessive about our loss. This situation has brought the feelings very close to the surface. I didn't realize how much I still want to grow our family. Ill post the new test in the am, and am going to stay positive.
Arabelle's Avatar Arabelle 07:57 AM 12-13-2013
How did that test go ayme?
innacircle's Avatar innacircle 08:03 AM 12-13-2013
Originally Posted by Arabelle View Post
How did that test go ayme?

arabelle - isn't it funny how much we are in suspense for these (in our age group)? 

Arabelle's Avatar Arabelle 08:15 AM 12-13-2013

I know--- it's like vicarious validation--- if someone else can do it, then so can I :)

How are you doing today?

innacircle's Avatar innacircle 08:45 AM 12-13-2013

3 wks, 4 days (CD 25)

A tad nervous bc today or tomorrow is when AF would show if I wasn't preggo.  Knowing super early is a double-edged sword!  Lots of symptoms coming and going already.  Even with my age and with a previous mc, doc's office said no biggie - wait till 7 weeks.  My 1st appt is January 9th.  Still POAS this morning (3 am insomnia) and the line is thankfully getting darker!  Just get me past these next couple of days and i'll be fine! 

btw I think I'm paranoid bc my mc occurred exactly on the date AF would've been due if I wasn't preggo at that time.  It's like AF was always lurking... waiting...

caritasrainbow's Avatar caritasrainbow 09:21 AM 12-13-2013
I POAS until the day AF was due making sure the line kept getting darker. The that day I went to the dr for my first beta draw. Later I realized that that day was actually the day before, if not two days before, AF would have showed up.
I'm guessing I'm 5w1d today, just waiting for my ultrasound 12/23. I feel better knowing I progressed past last month's chemical and my betas were more normal than the previous mc. After even more thought, I've realized that the first mc started off with a low heart rate at 7 weeks, when I heard it. That ultrasound picture didn't look right either. No one said anything, but this was at a free place, so they may have not known any better. (Yes, I have insurance, I was desperate for an ultrasound as I was nervous and this was the only place that would do it- even the pay places wouldn't take me since I was t under the care of a dr)
Anyway, hold out hope. Here I sit pregnant, fx it stays sticky.
Arabelle's Avatar Arabelle 09:22 AM 12-13-2013

I'm sure I could scroll back and find this, and maybe you've even said it since I came on here, but I'm still trying to keep everyone straight--- but what is your history? Do you have any kids? How old are you? Have you had many losses?

Arabelle's Avatar Arabelle 09:22 AM 12-13-2013

And I think it's a positive sign that your lines are getting darker :)

innacircle's Avatar innacircle 09:40 AM 12-13-2013

I'm 40 and will still be 40 on the due date for this one. 

I'm married - we've been together 15 years with no TTC during that time (this is our 1st).  We've moved a bunch and traveled a ton, and have 4 cats.  The cats found us, not the other way around but they are our furry children.

Parents are both deceased.  I don't like my sister at all, so my support structure is nil.


I was an ICU nurse and was headed to school for nurse anesthesia, and in Feb 2013 we moved to our current city in preparation for the 28 month program.  Had a surprise pregnancy in late March.  Last week of April I dropped out of the program bc baby was coming.  Early May had a mc.  Husband got baby fever BAD.  Decided to focus on family so I never went back to work and will not be going to school.  I twirl my hair a lot at this juncture...


After TTC 6 cycles I got a BFP this week on 8 dpo (CD21).  The mc was my only previous pregnancy.

Arabelle's Avatar Arabelle 09:54 AM 12-13-2013
How far were you when you had your mc? 4 weeks? That's sort of comforting- I always feel like it's hard to relax until I'm past the date of my latest mc--- I lost my first at 15 weeks, so I'm pretty jittery the first trimester. I have 4 kids and two grandbabies. I had 2 chemical pregnancies between kids. My youngest will be 14 soon and I had a mc at 11 weeks in September and another at 6 weeks in November. I've always gotten pregnant on the first try, the chemical pregnancies were unplanned. I got divorced when my youngest was 2 and just remarried this summer. DH is younger (35) and doesn't have kids yet of his own. I'll be 43 day after Xmas. I'm really optimistic- I'm really healthy and extremely active and I take it as a good sign that I'm getting pregnant so easily at my age, I just need to catch a good egg smile.gif
innacircle's Avatar innacircle 10:22 AM 12-13-2013

I was 8 weeks when I mc.  My doc said everything had looked perfect up to that point so she strongly suspected chromosomal issues.  Obviously at that date it wasn't a vengeful AF but the timing was spot on for her normal arrival.  Timing never skipped a beat.


That being said, I definitely know about the hopes of catching a good egg!  I added Ubiquinol supplements to my regimen after reading studies about it essentially revitalizing the mitochondria in eggs.  Apparently that's where a lot of things go wonky!  I was only on it 7 weeks and it's supposed to need the 3 months (total egg formation) but who knows.

I too am healthy and active.  It's amazing how many people our age let themselves get so old!

I have a younger husband too - 37.  He's the only younger guy I ever dated. 


You've had quite a go with the chemicals and miscarriages, but the fertility is obviously there.  That sure is a nice thing to check off the list.  Just a matter of time now!  Good luck!

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