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ladyelms 02-04-2013 12:22 PM

the pro-girl acidic low ph diet is so counterintuitive to me--basically grains and dairy?! anybody here have success keeping proper levels by eating this way and tracking consistantly via ph paper? i'm thinking about how realistic this next step would be for me. (currently only doing the timing portion)

pokeyac 02-06-2013 03:40 PM

Bumping up for more input!

ladyelms 02-06-2013 04:10 PM

or any! lol.

mamaBlue 02-06-2013 07:19 PM

I did not become pregnant usuing the Shettles method because of my fertility issues and a surprise pregnancy, but I did try it and I did a lot of reading about it. My MIL and SIL's have used this method to choose the sex of their babies. (I think I had mentioned that in a different thread.) Anyway, it's been several years, but here is what I remember:

It is my understanding that the general American population tends to lean towards being more acidic than is healthy. I did and do try eat foods that counteract acids for my overall well-being. That said, after reading Dr. Shettles' book and talking with my SIL's, I was willing to do everything he suggested, with the exception of my diet. My feeling was that additional fiddling with my ph could mess with my overall fertility, and I wasn't about to do that. His other recommendations I followed, namely, timing, position and I did use plain Robitussin (the one that had Guaifenesin as its only active ingredient) to improve my CM.

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