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ryder's Avatar ryder 08:28 AM 02-18-2013

So, I have just started charting again this past month. I bought a BBT thermometer but on CD12 I could not find it. I used a regular thermometer for that one day. When I put that days temp in, FF gives me dotted crosshairs and an O date of CD 12. If I discard that days temp, I get solid crosshairs and an O date of CD9. Which one do I go by?

mamacatsbaby's Avatar mamacatsbaby 09:27 AM 02-18-2013
Hi there ryder. Can you link your chart? Did you have other signs of O around CD9? If it was me I would probably continue to discard the temp taken with the thermometer that hadn't been my usual one for the cycle b/c the calibration of thermometers can vary enough to through off your temps.
ryder's Avatar ryder 11:03 AM 02-18-2013

Can I copy and paste in here? I don't know how to link from FF. 

I thought my O would be earlier (around CD10) due to CM. CD10 cervix was high (could not feel it) but on CD 11 it was reachable.

ryder's Avatar ryder 11:23 AM 02-18-2013


mamacatsbaby's Avatar mamacatsbaby 11:41 AM 02-18-2013
Have you had any EWCF, O pain, or a SHOW cervix? I'm a little confused since the image in your post above seems to be my chart lol.gif . I can't see your chart headscratch.gif .

To link your chart you should be able to scroll over the "Sharing" button at the top of your chart home page then go to "Get Code". You should get a few options to choose from with the one at the very top being the most basic to c/p. I think you have to do a simple set-up to get to the codes when you hit the Sharing button but it's easy-peasy.
ryder's Avatar ryder 12:54 PM 02-18-2013
mamacatsbaby's Avatar mamacatsbaby 04:58 AM 02-19-2013
I meant to come back to this thread yesterday but my kids get me at least once a week as far as not being able to stay awake after them lol.gif.

Ok, I see it. Was your last day of EWCF on CD9? Did you check your cervix that day? What was it doing? If this was my chart I would discard CD12 since it was taken with a different thermometer and your CP was LF and I'm assuming closed? Your CP went from high to medium to low on CD's 10-12 plus your temp shifted so all these things together would suggest to me that O had already taken place. I would go with FF's CD9 with the data you have given the program thus far. I might even go with CD10 if you still had other O signs like EWCF, O pain, etc. Right now it looks like you didn't? So yeah, I'd go with CD9 if this was me.

Hope my ramblings help! GL and baby dust.gif .
ryder's Avatar ryder 10:55 AM 02-19-2013

Thanks so much! It's amazing how much a chart can shift w. just one temp. :)

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