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mamaBlue's Avatar mamaBlue 11:59 AM 11-15-2013
Chourd - Yay for your specialist appt. I hope it provides you with answers, and more importantly, a solution.

Oxford - I'm looking forward to Tuesday! TTC Phase 2 is about to begin! Do share how it goes. Also, it's good that your DH is figuring out things with his daughter. Being a parent is tough stuff sometimes.

Things are going well with me, I think. My betas were high, and easily doubled within 48 hours. I'm having some light spotting, which is common in the first tri, but is scary nonetheless. I just keep reminding myself to take things one day at a time, and my 6.5 week ultrasound will be here before I know it.

chuord's Avatar chuord 01:24 PM 11-15-2013
Thanks mama blue, glad t betas are doubling! And you're right just keep that zen wink1.gif
Would you mind telling us the actual betas - I have a curiosity to see natural variations between people lol?
mamaBlue's Avatar mamaBlue 01:29 PM 11-15-2013
Sure. My hcg went from 406 at 15dpo to 895 on 17dpo. joy.gif
chuord's Avatar chuord 01:48 PM 11-15-2013
Wow mama blue - they definitely seem nice and high to me smile.gif totally awesome!
Wengrin, mares - any feedback re your pg's?
oxford's Avatar oxford 03:57 PM 11-15-2013
Yay! Mamablue, I'm soooo thrilled for you :-)
How did you tell DH??
mamaBlue's Avatar mamaBlue 05:00 PM 11-15-2013
I'm not telling my daughters until week 12+, so I had to be sneaky. I snuck my toddler into a corner of the backyard while the girls were eating breakfast and recorded a short video of him saying "I'm a big brother." Then I texted it to the hubster. About 10-15 minutes pass, and DH replies with "What is he saying?" I reply, "ima beeg brudder." Time passes. I get in the shower. While I'm showering he replies with "No way. Show me the stick." and "Did you tell the girls?" Well, DD2 read those two texts, and is eyeing me all weird. DH and I switch to email, I send him a picture of the FRER and we discuss what to tell the girls. We are sly. I tell DD2 that she wasn't supposed to read my text, because now she has ruined her surprise about an upcoming trip to Disneyland in February. She asks what "show me the stick" meant. I said that iPhones are notorious for autocorrecting texts. "Oh, like 'stick' should have said 'ticket'". Maybe, I said. She is satisfied with what I told her, and my pregnancy stays a secret.

So there's my rambling story. And now I have to take my kids to Disneyland. Which we were planning on doing anyway. (We only live about 2hrs away.)
MsBe's Avatar MsBe 06:01 PM 11-15-2013
Lurking and checking in (you ladies move so fast here on the Sane line!...) Hooray for all the BFP! And what a fun story, mamaBlue, a trip to Disneyland!!! Thanks for the warm welcomes and the bios ladies, very helpful on a busy thread like this one. smile.gif

AFM Still just hanging out 'till officially starting to TTC next cycle. CD26 and another four or five days until the earnest pursuit of Zenness begins...
wengrin's Avatar wengrin 08:53 PM 11-15-2013
Mamablue-hahahahaha!! That is the funniest story!!

I decided to go ahead and tell my little 8yr old detective that lives with us....because she is too smart for her own britches and would have figured it out quickly anyway. She also reads my texts and gets on the iPad and looks at the history. So I don't think we could have kept it from her long. I did have to explain that the first 12 weeks is sort of a trial for the pregnancy and we will know if it "takes" after the 1st of the year. That's the way I explained it to her. She went with it pretty good. Now if she can just keep her mouth shut at Thanksgiving!!

Also Mamablue I know you have experience with spotting w/ previous I hope you are not worrying. I had lots of bright red blood with DD ad actually used tampons thinking it was a full-on period! (I was 29 and never been pregnant before). So I didn't find out I was pregnant until she I was 8 weeks. I even bled heavy again after that. I don't mean spotting brown....I mean soaked a pad red blood. The doctor explained the statistics which you is still frightening but try not to worry. Can you tell it is worse when you're up moving around a lot, like walking briskly or trekking through a big store? That seemed to open the floodgates for me. So I had to put my feet up. Of course that's not a luxury you or I have right now, taking care of other children. Lol...anyways I really loved the way you told DH. Too cute!

Oxford and Chuord- I have great hope for both of you in the coming months. I feel like. Now is the time to move forward and take action. The momentum is most palpable in this thread😘

Oxford- so glad your hubby is setting boundaries and seeing DSD for what she is out for....$$$$$$$. That's really sad. But I believe the worst thing you can do for a child is indulge them and never hold them accountable. We are creating monsters when we raise our children that way. I struggle with that exact same scenario here withDSD (15). She however is an A student and very driven and motivated for college. So that's the one thing that I can't say too much about. She is manipulative...and greedy....and it's all about her sometimes. But she is a good student and actually a really nice role model for my DD. She is very much into her schoolwork. She is interested in boys, but is very choosy and wants a gentleman who will wait for her. She is a church missionary and loves hoping other children. So she has her evil side and her very kind, sweet good-girl side. Just like the rest of us- huh?! 😝

I know I certainly gave my parents a fit. But I found my way....I was not and am not perfect. I am a work in progress. :-)

But good for DH he doesn't buy into her little game of using him for an ATM. He deserves a reciprocal relationship. I am so flippin' excited to see what the next months hold for you two. I feel a baby on the horizon. I believe you've been struggling on your own for over a year,not having any clue as to what the possible issue was. Now you know, you have this very common condition of cystic ovaries. I am sure the success rates for women with that condition must be very high. I know several who have it and have conceived (with medicine). I am very hopeful for you, my friend.

Chuord- you are taking major action and I am proud of you!! Was your physician able to prescribe some progesterone pessaries? Or will you just use the yam cream until next month when you see Fertility Doctor? So excited for you too!! BY THE WAY I watch this show called International Househunters. It's on HGTV (not sure if you have that) but they are relocating people from all over the world. This couple on tonight was moving to Brisbane and all I could think of was you! Is that how your accent sounds??! It is so funny because I only have my imagination to go by. But it is pretty cool having people that I care for and consider friends on the complete other side of the world!!

Oh AFM my hcg was at 84 on 12 dpo then the betas jumped to 699 on 16 dpo! That's doubling every 24 hours which is sort of fast- but so far no worries from the doc. I am looking forward to the ultrasound sometime after the 21st of this month.

Tomorrow we are getting ready for our NYC trip and I scheduled a massage that is desperately needed. I hope we have a nice time and the baby does well. It is always rough traveling with a 2 year old. But I think he will enjoy the plane. Should be fun. I will let you know how it goes and what we see! We plan to see the Statue of Liberty (by boat) and take a few tours. I am bringing lots of snacks. I'm like a squirrel with all the goodies stashed everywhere. I don't want to get low blood sugar or feel ill.

Hope you ladies are enjoying your weekend!!! Take care xx
mamaBlue's Avatar mamaBlue 11:54 PM 11-15-2013
Wengrin - those betas are great! I know betas don't tell us everything that is going on in our wombs, but you are definitely on the high side. A chance of twins, perhaps? wink1.gif My doc said I could go either way, and if it was twins, she wouldn't be surprised. I, however, would be shocked. Your numbers are hovering above mine. Looking forward to our ultrasounds. Also, thanks for your experience with spotting. I know it's so, so common, but it still gets me riled up. I keep smushing my boobs to make sure they're still sore, and every slightly queasy feeling I get makes me grateful. You'd think that I'd be more at ease since I've experienced this before. Nope.
chuord's Avatar chuord 12:35 AM 11-16-2013
I agree great betas Wengrin! I know you both wont relax for a while - but they feel like sticky babies to me wink1.gif plus I'd love to see twins on here!
No progesterone yet - funny enough my body said no to it when muscle testing... Re Brisbane - lol no my accent is not as extreme... Originally I'm from Tasmania but have English parents - so my speech is a bit more generic... It's funny now you can actually start to hear differences in accent between our states, similar to the US wink1.gif some of the words up here (particularly 'school' and 'pool' ) are hilarious from the accent
oxford's Avatar oxford 08:05 AM 11-16-2013
Wengrin- thank you for your support? You are wonderful! Your DSD sounds like a lovely rounded girl. I know what you mean about manipulative, it stuns me that DH cannot see straight thru it! I suppose having been a teenage girl I spot it easily!!
I'm excited to hear about your New York trip. There was a programme on TV this morning about New York and I thought of you! Hope you enjoy your family time :-)
Congrats on your betas. I'm with the others- I vote for twins ;-) yay!

Mamablue- I laughed out loud at your story about telling DH. Aren't you worried that DS will repeat his new line in company?! Disneyland is a huge once in a lifetime treat for kids here, then I realised you are only two hours away and not transatlantic!! Take it easy and stay strong on the spotting. This baby is the one (or two!) for you. Oooh how exciting!

Chuord - I have so much hope for you for your fertility tests. It's good to get some help and be reassured. Even though they have found one thing wrong with me, I'm still calmer knowing that my uterus, tubes, hormones and DH's swimmers are all good! I'm sure you will get some great news too. I will still be here with you in search of zen!!

Baby dust to everyone!
Wengrin- take extra special care in that bug city :-)
oxford's Avatar oxford 08:06 AM 11-16-2013
BIG city!!
oxford's Avatar oxford 08:06 AM 11-16-2013
That was my iPhone auto correcting. I ain't got any Disneyland tickets yet tho ;-)
wengrin's Avatar wengrin 09:24 PM 11-16-2013
Wow ladies yes I would be excited for twins. But I would be shocked definitely!!! I wondered that when I saw mine were on the high side of normal.

Mamablue- I look forward to our ultrasounds!!! I also know what you mean about the spotting. I worry about everything....even having been through it before. It still freaks you out. Today I felt sharp twinges and it scared me. I too have been grabbing my boobs to make sure they're still I also took my last pregnancy test. Just to make sure! My hubby thought it was cute and laughed. I got a super dark line that popped up before the control line came up. :-)

I plan to take it easy in the Big City!! I am taking my prenatals and iron, as well as progesterone. I'm all packed and ready. We have to get up at 3:20 AM so I'd better get some sleep.

Chuord I would love to hear your accent. I think it is so cool that different parts of Australia have different dialects or the US. I have a bit if a southern accent although I spent years trying to lose it and sound like a newscaster. Ha. But hubby is definitely southern and I love to hear his sexy southern twang. :-)

Night All!! Take care :-)
PrimalJoy's Avatar PrimalJoy 08:04 PM 11-17-2013
Wow, 9 dpo and totally going off sane message by giving you squinters to look at for me. I'll keep testing, as these aren't convincing at all, but certainly intriguing! I am hopeful (again hopeful-- I am Charlie Brown to Lucy's football).

Anyway, take a look. The lines were there with the limit, but are clearer now that it dried. (And, yeah, I know they're not very clear...)
PrimalJoy's Avatar PrimalJoy 08:06 PM 11-17-2013

I'll know a lot more in a few days. The only way for me to be at all zen is to just test every day and focus on accepting with serenity whatever I find.
wengrin's Avatar wengrin 08:57 PM 11-17-2013
Wow Primal! I am having a hard time squinting on my iPhone. But if you see something I would keep testing. Mamablue used that brand and she liked the sensitivity but felt they didn't darken up really well. So maybe what you're seeing is the beginning of something!! FX'd for you. I know you've been through it and are ready for something to celebrate.

We are in New York City. We are finally back at the hotel...exhausted. I really didn't plan to push this hard today but we wanted to see as much as we could today because hubby is working tomorrow and Tuesday. So we have been up since 3 AM, arrived in NYC at 8 AM and the fun began. I am really worn out but I tried to sit and take breaks when I could.

The funny thing is I wore these jeggings (pants/jeans/leggings) with a longer sweater. It was pretty cold. Well the wasteband was stretchy but not stretchy enough. By 5:00 I was so miserable and we weren't anywhere near our luggage. I told DH I was either going to cut the top of my pants open or we needed to find some other pants. So he spots a Destination Maternity near the shops on 5th Ave. My DSD (15) who is along does not know I am pregnant!!! So it was awkward but we just chalked it up to needing roomy pants and who knows...maybe they had some clearance pair I could snag. I found a cute pair of pants on clearance but they were still $60! Anyway I was desperate (plus I knew secretly between DH and I that I would wear these cute pants as the months progress) but she didn't understand that.....the look on her face though was priceless. I'm sure as soon as she gets back home she's totally going to talk to her mom and figure it out. But oh well....I can't believe I was so dumb to wear fitted jeans like that. I should have gone for comfort not style. Lol :-)

Here are some pics:
Statue of Liberty

Me in Times Square exhausted!! Lol

Hope everyone had a great weekend!! xx
mamaBlue's Avatar mamaBlue 09:20 PM 11-17-2013
Primal - This is exciting! Keep us posted! My first squinter was darn near invisible, so keep testing!!! Woot!

Wengrin - Have a great time in your comfy pants! Heehee. Put your feet up if you need to.

Thinking of all of you TTC ladies. xoxo
scjp1109's Avatar scjp1109 09:49 PM 11-17-2013
Okay I was wandering. I am on cycle day 13 and no I'm never sure when I ovulate my cycles have been whacky lol. But today I have had ewcm all day!! And I have not infection or anything it's just clear and no odor but I have had it all day. Does that mean I am ovulating or bout to or what? I don't do much about knowing when I ovulate lol. Thanks also me and hubby dtd last night so hopefully if I am ovulating that is good since we bd last night and maybe tonight lol
oxford's Avatar oxford 01:22 AM 11-18-2013

Scjp- EWCM is a great sign. My consultant says it is the most reliable sign. It mean you are fertile so keep bd-ing every day you have the CM and a few days after. Let's hope this is your month!

Wengrin- your photos are lovely. It looks so exotic to me! Great news on the maternity wear, I'm sure DSD has already worked it out! I hope that won't increase the tension for you. Enjoy the rest of your trip! What are you and the kids planning while DH is at work?

Primal/ sorry. I am on my phone, so no use for line spotting. I have my fingers crossed for you though. Tonnes of baby dust!

Hello Mamablue, still taking it easy and glowing? :-)

Afm- I'm feeling awful. My hormones are all over the place and I'm so emotional. I kept crying all over poor DH yesterday. I feel lousy. I am starting to think that I have got pcos as my hormones are all over the place. Hopefully at the hospital tomorrow they can give me something to help :-(
PrimalJoy's Avatar PrimalJoy 04:27 AM 11-18-2013
More crazy for you! I'm certain I see something this time. Going to get a FRER today or tomorrow.

They're more visible in person... I know I just sound nuts. My process this month just isn't very patient. Thanks for your tolerance while I figure this out.


Here's a better one, I think:

wengrin's Avatar wengrin 06:50 AM 11-18-2013
Primal- I see it!!!!! Woohoo!!! Yay :-)
PrimalJoy's Avatar PrimalJoy 11:59 AM 11-18-2013
Can y'all see this?

I'm at work (such impatience!). Going to be rather distracted now.

Edit: That one's terrible. How 'bout this?

Edit x2: In case you still can't see it (because I am only 10 DPO and have had a lot of liquids today), that's definitely BFP. Faint, but definitely there.

chuord's Avatar chuord 02:51 PM 11-18-2013
Primal - exciting things happening over there... I'm also on my iPhone... I can see a shadow on test (in order) 1,3,5 and maybe the first frer pic... I'm with the others keep testing and keep us posted, fx for you - you know we can all look at poas pics till the cows come home wink1.gif
Wengrin - I totally love the pants story wink1.gif I'm totally impressed you did so much, and if I looked that good when exhausted I'd be happy lol.
Mamablue how are you traveling?
Oxford - hugs and hang in there lady, be kind to yourself - its no surprise you are off kilter it's been a long and emotional month for you... Plus I know you're too sweet and kind to even think it but on top of your results having lots of happy news on here may make it worse... I've found through my natural treatments our bodies have their own way of mourning... I found out yesterday my cervix pain and as a result last months non event were my body reacting to the physical pain memory of me having a termination (again way out there) but the healing correction is working and the pain is disappearing.... Lol my long winded explanation... All I mean is be gentle with yourself - whatever that is for you, and yes hopefully they have answers for you at the hospital.
I'm a work in progress on the refinding me - and having fun with it!
PrimalJoy's Avatar PrimalJoy 04:42 PM 11-18-2013

Yes, the photos are terrible. Much clearer in person, but I couldn't make myself wait!

wengrin's Avatar wengrin 08:56 PM 11-18-2013
Chuord- thank you for the sweet compliment. I felt like I looked like I was drunk (which clearly I was not!!) but I was so exhausted.
I totally agree with what you said about Oxford. I wondered too if subconsciously she was feeling sadness because of all of the activity here. :-(
I really love your saying "treat yourself gently" that is such a beautiful way to describe the way we should treat ourselves. Not always just others. Very nice. I hope you are recovering from your traumatic cycle and I am sorry your at suffering and grieving. I know what you are feeling....I have been through that myself, and I regret it always. Something I will never let go of...

Oxford- Ditto w/ Chuord. Also I wonder if you have a little bit of anxiety about what is to come from your next appt? Anxiety causes my hormones to do somersaults ( know we use different lingo) haha. Anyway big hugs to you girlfriend and I hope that you start to feel more balanced soon. I truly do not think you have the full on syndrome based on your description of symptoms, but that's just my guess. I am of course not a medical professional. I believe many, many women have cystic ovaries that can inhibit fertility. But that just means it's a minor roadblock. You can get around it with some help from the specialists. I am really hopeful for you! I feel a breakthrough right around the corner.

Mamablue- thanks dear! Yes we took it easy today. Went shopping in the AM then took hubby to lunch and came back to hotel for nap with DS. It was so nice to close the blackout curtains and sleep like it is midnight during the middle of the day. Then we picked hubby up and went to dinner. So I've fortunately been able to take it easy (was smart and wore looser clothes today! HA) and also had some girl fun w/ DSD. We shopped and I marked some items off my Christmas list. It was good. We go home tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing my girl, DD. How are you feeling!? Do you have an ultrasound anytime soon? They called to schedule mine but I haven't been able to connect when DSD is not around.

Mares- how are you?

Primal- you are preggers love!! I see those lines! Happy :-) take good care of yourself!

I hope that checking in with all the pregnancy stuff isn't causing more harm than good for those friends here who still are working toward their own happy 9 1/2 months. I will try to check in but be sensitive to everyone. Love and LOTS of baby dust to all! That beautiful moon was out!!!! Hope it sparks some good energy!

Hugs xx
chuord's Avatar chuord 02:22 AM 11-19-2013
Wengrin - please keep checking in we love hearing all about the happy smile.gif
Thanks for your understanding, I've made peace and healed but apparently not all of my body had... I looked at your pic again - maybe it's cold but you look all glowy - in fact you look pg smile.gif
oxford's Avatar oxford 02:32 AM 11-19-2013

Firstly- primal- BFP BFP BFP!!! Congratulations honey!! I am so pleased for you, your journey has been so tough and you really deserve this wonderful blessing. So spill- how are you planning to tell DH??

Chuord- sorry to hear you are reliving the trauma. I hope this natural treatment will move you further along in the healing path.

Chuord/wengrin- thank you so much for your concern, I am touched. I really don't mind the pregnancy talk, in fact I like it! I love hearing the happy endings, especially after journeying with you and seeing your stories. It gives me hope that I will be sharing a BFP with you some time! So please don't stop the chat and the updates, I value your support.

You are spot on about the anxiety. Today is the big day for results and I feel dread and also relief to get it over with. I wonder how many symptoms I put down to the winter blues is actually hormonal? I have been reading that vitamin D is important and mine definitely drops with the nasty English winter. Anyway, today is the day to find out and hopefully get some help.

For those ladies who take vitex, how do you get the right dose? Do you see a herbalist or something? I read that it acts in two opposite ways depending on the dosage, so I'm hesitant to try with no knowledge. Anyone cracked this?

More later when I know what on earth is happening with my body!!

Baby dust to all!
chuord's Avatar chuord 05:31 AM 11-19-2013
Oxford - good luck!
Re vitex I just take a tablet do no idea about varying the dose, I'd go to a chemist it health shop that has a naturopath and ask them what's right for you
wengrin's Avatar wengrin 07:54 AM 11-19-2013
Thanks ladies. I will keep checking in. :-)

Oxford- I completely understand about the hormones and anxiety. You have a lot on your mind, so that creates uncertainty. When things are up in the air like that, I get very emotional and anxious. And absolutely the winter blues get me every year. I used to get panic attacks occasionally and the last one I had was when I was divorced, during the month of December. I took my daughter to see The Nutcracker ballet...we were all dressed up...the play was lovely. Then we went to lunch afterwards and I started feeling strange. We left and in the car driving home I felt like my heart was pounding out of my chest and I felt like I couldn't catch my breath or get enough air in. I had to call some friends to come drive my car home. I couldn't understand why on such a nice day with DD did something like that happen. But it was the underlying subconscious stuff that was building up, stress of the end of year at work, trying to make things nice at Christmas for DD as a single mom, etc. Anyway, you have a lot circling in your mind right now. I bet you'll start to feel better once you have a clear plan with your specialist.

I have also heard about the vitamin D thing, but have never tried it. I should probably supplement during the winter, I will ask my OB about it. December and January are always tough... I try to get outside as much as I can. I bet the blustery weather for you must be dreary. I have never been to England but it looks overcast a lot.

Re: the Vitex I took a formula that was once a day. When I get back I will tell you the brand. It really seemed to help me with PMS symptoms and extended my lunar phase 2 days each month. So I could tell it worked. I have read that you're not suppose to take it with Clomid though.

Primal- I can totally see your positives even on my iPhone! That is great!!! joy.gif
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