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hopefilledesme's Avatar hopefilledesme 11:03 PM 08-23-2013

Hello Everyone! i am very excited to as today i recived my Vitex capsuls from but i am not sure if i should keep taking my prenatals?

i am 25 yrs old and i have not had a period in about 2yrs!!! i have been living with my husband since i was 18 and we still have not gotten pregnant once, but i still fell hopeful.


please if any of you have any sugestions that would really help me? i dont want to go to the Dr. because asll they want to do is get me to take birth control pills to "regulate" my period.... which i have done in the past but as soon as i stop taking the birth control my period dissapears as well!!???


Thanks to anyone who takes the time to read this i hope i can get some support from other like me heartbeat.gif

TheCrunchyBrit's Avatar TheCrunchyBrit 02:54 AM 08-24-2013

I take my vitex at the same time as my prenatals but I'm just wondering about this no period for 2 years situation - that's going to be a real hurdle.  It is possible that you have polycystic ovaries.


I wouldn't avoid your Dr if I were you but I would go to your appointments armed with what you want to say and happen.  Go and tell your Dr that you're TTC and won't take birth control and that you want him/her to refer you for further tests to rule out things like polycystic ovaries.  If you do have polycystic ovaries then you can be prescribed a drug called Clomid to help you ovulate (actually here in England we also prescribe it to women who don't have polycystic ovaries but are having trouble ovulating). 


Other things that help bring on ovulation that you can do at home are:

lose weight if you are, like me, 'well padded'

gain weight if you are too slim

cut out sugar and refined carbs (they really aggravate polycystic ovaries)

sleep in a very dark room


but really Clomid sounds like your best bet.  Good luck!

hopefilledesme's Avatar hopefilledesme 04:10 AM 08-24-2013
I am going to try the vitex tills the 30 day supply is gone then ill resort to Drs, I just feel as if they don't understand they always want to give me birth control pills!! But I will def keep in mind maybe I should change drs
I was looking up YouTube reviews for the vitex and there is girls that got their period after the first month so I am very hopefull!!

Thank u so much wink1.gif
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