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jsustanley's Avatar jsustanley 09:57 AM 04-16-2014
Originally Posted by sohopeful View Post

Its my 4th week and I feel great! I went back to work as a transit bus operator. It was the worst! I counted down the hours til iv could get back home and take off everything from the waist down
Lol. Ill be 6 wks post op on the 23, luckly my ovulation starts on the 26th, im excited.

That's great!!! Yep, I couldn't stand to wear my jeans for.about 6 weeks. They just seems tight.Good luck on TTC....I'm due to start my cycle on Saturday. I was hoping this would be my month, but have been showing PMS signs since Sunday....oh well, maybe next month.

sohopeful's Avatar sohopeful 12:46 PM 04-16-2014
Good luck as well. Its a bitter sweet type of process. Im trying to remain hopeful but so nervous.
ericka29's Avatar ericka29 06:40 PM 05-07-2014
Mine got moved up im going in august 20th 2014
ericka29's Avatar ericka29 04:17 PM 07-01-2014
Well im 7weeks away from my tubal in mexicali at hospital de la familia any suggestions or has anybody else been there to get it done
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