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vanillachai's Avatar vanillachai 03:25 PM 02-14-2014

Greetings - 


Just got blood results back from a CD 21 test. 

FSH 1 
LH 1 
Estradiol 605 
Progesterone 26.6 
Prolactin 12.6 

Doc said I have a hormonal imbalance (listed as luteal phase defect) but that was it. Can anyone shed any light? She also said I may not be ovulating at all. 

Age 35 
TTC 2 years

BMI 22

innacircle's Avatar innacircle 07:25 PM 02-14-2014

I'm only familiar with progesterone and estradiol, and they're both higher than what you might normally find.  Do you have any reference ranges?  My ref range for progesterone was up to 20 (unless preg), and estradiol was up to 150.  It will be interesting to see where you fall in your ranges. 

Xerxella's Avatar Xerxella 08:51 PM 02-14-2014
If you're in the US, that is a great progesterone for CD 21. You clearly ovulated.

I agree with innacircle, you need to list the reference ranges or at least what country you're in so we can look it up ourselves.
vanillachai's Avatar vanillachai 03:25 PM 02-15-2014

Wow thanks ladies. Apologies for not including the right info. I'm 100% new to all this.


I'm in Australia.


Luteal phase reference ranges


FSH 2 - 12

LH < 15

Estradiol 200 - 790

Progesterone 10 - 70


According to that it looks like just my FSH is out - doc only told me to see a specialist and that I'm prob not ovulating. I'm trying  to figure out if I go through the public health system or to a clinic.


It also says equivocal 15 - 30; luteal phase deficiency < 15

vanillachai's Avatar vanillachai 04:24 PM 02-15-2014

I also had an AMH test done about 4 months ago.


Result was 26.6 pM


Age group


20: 11 - 57

25: 9-45

30: 7-44

35: 3 - 30

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