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LoveChild421 05-26-2014 03:03 PM

Can anyone give me some advice or ideas as to why I might be prone to having early miscarriages? I have two healthy boys (ages 9 and 6), both born full-term with no complications. I had one miscarriage at 8 weeks gestation before having both my boys. We had a surprise pregnancy a couple of years ago that ended at around 6 weeks gestation that I miscarried naturally. This past month we TTC and I got a positive pregnancy test but then had some bleeding (bright red, more heavy than simple spotting but not as heavy as a period) and when I went to the doctor, they did a urine pregnancy test and it was negative. I no longer have any pregnancy symptoms. I believe this time it was a chemical pregnancy/very early miscarriage. 


Is this just a fluke or is there something wrong with me that would make me miscarry early if we try again?  My husband says he is scared to try again because he thinks this indicates something is wrong with my health.  I just had my yearly physical and everything was perfect except my thyroid was just a bit high (T4) but I think this is due to me taking a thyroid support supplement that contains kelp (natural source of iodine) because my naturopath had tested my nutrient levels and I was low on iodine. I am a healthy weight, only 29 years old, I am in great shape (I work with kids and I'm very active, I also hike and do yoga). I see a naturopath and acupuncturist regularly. Stress level is lower than it has been in years. I just feel so healthy and vibrant. I don't understand why my body would reject 2 pregnancies. I feel like it just has to be a fluke and if we try again we will probably end up with a healthy pregnancy. Thoughts? Advice?

nsmomtobe 05-26-2014 05:47 PM

After 3 miscarriages they will usually agree to run some tests (but doctors might not count your last one since it was negative when you went in). They tend to test for clotting and autoimmune disorders as well as genetic reasons. I had the full range of tests done and everything came back normal, but I was told to take baby aspirin every day just in case there was a clotting issue and also to use progesterone suppositories during my first trimester--but a blood test when you find out that you are pregnant can also tell you whether your progesterone is too low and that might be a factor. A short luteal phase can also indicate low progesterone. I am sorry you are going through this. I hope that you find an answer or (even if you don't find an answer) that your next pregnancy is successful.

JamieCatheryn 05-26-2014 06:33 PM

I'd chart to check your luteal phase length, definitely. Also, is there any chance you might have a sensitivity to something normal in your diet? I've known a ton of women who went off something everybody eats like wheat or whatever and stopped having miscarriages. A sizable group of people don't do well on things we always took for granted like that now.

LoveChild421 05-27-2014 07:28 AM

Thank you ladies, I think I will start charting again to see about my luteal phase. I may also eliminate wheat and soy just to see (I already avoid dairy). I think I will call my OB/GYN and see if they will run tests since I have technically had 3 miscarriages over the course of my life, good idea. 

wengrin 06-03-2014 06:51 AM

Hi I just wanted to say good luck to you- I've also had m/c and I went through the tests. They couldn't find anything. But I did conceive and now 18 weeks pregnant and so far so good. One thing I noticed is you said your thyroid numbers were a bit high. My OB said that thyroid can play a role in infertility and m/c. So maybe look into that more? I wish you the best. My OB said lots of times it's just bad luck. The chromosomes don't pair up exactly right or something goes wrong in the early stages of development and your body does what it needs to (miscarry so you can try again). Also a big cause for older moms is low progesterone. I had to use supplements until 12 weeks. Good luck!!

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luckiest 06-03-2014 08:24 AM

I saw an OB on the rec of my midwife after 2 miscarriages (one 8 weeks, one extremely early, like 2 days after the positive test). He did a "luteal phase study" which checked for tons of stuff - thyroid, lupus, estrogen, progesterone, and lots of other stuff I didn't recognize. It was five blood draws over ten days of my luteal phase.

In my case, I think the first miscarriage was likely low progesterone, as I was still nursing my 3 year old very frequently and I had had short luteal phases leading up to the pregnancy (8-10 days). The second pregnancy was an accident, ovulation occurred very quickly after the miscarriage and caught us off guard, and I think it was just too close to the first miscarriage - I ovulated while I was still spotting.

rosie2727 06-05-2014 11:23 AM

I certainly wish I had the answers for us. I just had my 3rd chemical in the last 8 months. I've done lots of testing and all is normal so far. Saw my RE yesterday and he said just to keep trying and one will stick eventually. I asked what was an avg # of losses before a sticky would be for a woman with repeat early losses and approaching 40 (I'm 38.5)....he said 2-3 is pretty avg. My fear was that I'd have to endure 7-8 before a healthy pregnancy. He said that is really rare. So, maybe we're getting super close!! Good luck!

LoveChild421 06-06-2014 09:32 PM

Good luck Rosie! Sticky baby vibes! Wengrin how did you know you had low progesterone? Is there a certain test I should request? I'm planning on scheduling my yearly GYN appt soon anyway. I am going to have them check my thyroid again then as well.

Nedal gasssim 06-11-2014 12:58 AM

Hi. What is ttc test?

Anna1979 06-11-2014 03:14 PM

I've had two MC in the last year. With the first one we had only one HCG test. I started seeing a naturopath after the first MC and and with the second pregnancy she had me do a lot more testing. We did HCG as well as progesterone. Both were low. We don't know if the HCG was low because my progesterone was low and the bean didn't stick or if the progesterone was low because there was an issue with the pregnancy from the beginning. We are almost at the one year mark of TTCing and I will be going in for more extensive testing in the next few weeks so that we can rule out other possible issues ex. antibodies that would make it hard for DH and I to conceive without help. DH is also having a SA done since the problem could be the quality of sperm.

There is no easy one fits all answer sometimes its a matter of trying different things and eliminating all the other possibilities before you come to the right answer.

Wilhelmina 06-11-2014 11:48 PM

I've been told repeatedly by several doctors that most likely it's chromosomal and in such cases there is nothing to be done to prevent it or to 'fix' anything. That is also why they don't usually run any tests after 'only' one first trimester miscarriage.

I know how frustrating and painful it is. I've done some basic tests and have been told that I'm getting way more testing than anyone else after just one loss. So far I've only had my thyroid and prolactin and B12 tested. All supposedly came out fine. I also think I have a short luteal phase, but I even had that when I conceived my daughter so I guess it's not seen as such a big deal.

I'm sorry for your loss and good luck!

rs11 06-14-2014 06:58 AM

Most early losses are due to chromosomal abnormalities in the egg, and many women have 2 or 3 over the course of their life, often without ever knowing they were pregnant. Other causes include hyper/hypothyroidism, low progesterone, etc. If it's an egg quality issue, you might want to start taking some of the supplements that have been shown to help improve egg quality -CoQ10, antioxidants, Omega 3, etc.

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