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chuord's Avatar chuord 03:16 PM 07-26-2014
Thanks mares and mamablue! I'm really hopeful... Scan is Monday morning - fx for a good response!
I just realised something - for all 4 of you expectant mothers this is the last baby? Any thoughts on that now it's so close?

mareseatoats's Avatar mareseatoats 03:20 PM 07-26-2014
Not for us - I'd like five
oxford's Avatar oxford 03:45 PM 07-26-2014

Ooh babywatch is so exciting and no red swimsuits!!

I'm watching closely to see done babies actually arrive.

All ok here. I'm taking two weeks holiday and resting. We are staying at home and doing a few jobs and relaxing. I start IVF again in 2.5 weeks so I getting my body ready.

Chuord- have you had your scan yet? How many follicles?

Wengrin- lovely to hear from you. I hope the cold has passed by now?

Everyone else- come on! Spicy food, castor oil and a trampoline!!!!

(Glad you are more zen about it than me!!)
chuord's Avatar chuord 04:21 PM 07-26-2014
Lol oxford I'm with you on the patience you and I will be shocking! Yay for a break, but I want your cycle to hurry up... I'm impatient all around right now...
chuord's Avatar chuord 04:22 AM 07-27-2014
About 12 hours till my check up scan... Fx for a good batch of follies and good growth... I'm hoping for a Saturday retrieval
Hugs to you all for being just freaking amazing women to be around - thanks!!!!
PrimalJoy's Avatar PrimalJoy 07:53 AM 07-27-2014
Hi, Chuord! Your scan either just happened or is about to happen -- thinking of you and your amazing ripe, numerous follies that I'm sure are waiting.

Oxford -- I'm glad your rest time has refreshed you. This next IVF cycle is going to be so exciting! What a great chance you're going to have now that they know the possible cause of your difficulty. I'm watching you with much excitement and optimism.

Mares -- Big families are great. Crazy, but fun.

This is my last one; I don't think we could manage more unless I stopped working, and I enjoy my job (and right now we need the income). It feels like the right time for us to be finished. I'm really trying to stay present and really experience this last pregnancy, despite my impatience.

No labor, but the twinges are becoming more crampy at night, so I think my body is slowing moving in that direction. Maybe a few more days? We're taking this time now to spend time with the kids and each other. We took the boys to a movie yesterday, and went swimming last night. I had a nice brunch with DH yesterday, too. I'm feeling a bit stressed over work. There are some things I would like to get done before the baby is born, but I'm really struggling to have any motivation or focus to do it. I'm going to try to talk myself into completing some of the work tonight, but we'll see.

DH and I are both really looking forward to meeting our new little guy.
mamaBlue's Avatar mamaBlue 10:57 AM 07-27-2014
Ooo Chourd, I'm so hopeful for you and your scan! I'll be checking here often to see how it went.

AFM - Yup, this is very, very likely my last baby.
mareseatoats's Avatar mareseatoats 01:40 PM 07-27-2014
Looking forward to hearing about your scan, Chourd!

AFM - This is the first time I've seen my EDD come and go. Feeling pretty zen about it in this moment. It helps to wake up to Malcolm snuggling with me, and knowing that will likely change after baby arrives. I am feeling a little overwhelmed with my mom and stepdad here, though. I am going to have to talk to them today and let them know how much I appreciate their love and support, how much I know they want to be here, and that I am really feeling like I need them to go back home so I can make more of a private nest while waiting for baby. It will be hard for my mom, I know she's really trying to be nothing but supportive - not put any pressure on me at all - and I know how much she wants to be here. And then, my dad is here and will stay to help with the kids, so that will be hard for her, too. For quite a while, though, when I've imagined this birth, I imagine just Mark and I in our bathroom. I think this baby might need a more private birth space. Maybe I'll get a shy, bookish child like I was
oxford's Avatar oxford 01:58 PM 07-27-2014

Oooh it's getting so exciting. So many imminent births and chuord's scan results. It's all going on.

No news from here. I've had a nice relaxing weekend. Last day at work tomorrow, then a fortnight off. Yay!!

Keep us all posted :-)
mamaBlue's Avatar mamaBlue 03:50 PM 07-27-2014
Mares - I hear you about needing privacy. I'm a super private birther. Last time my midwives even had to leave and go out to dinner because my labor wasn't picking up. I went from broken water and nearly zero contractions that were largely painless to pushy within that one hour. It was a bit of a wild ride. I'm sure that once you have quiet and peace at home, things will get started.
chuord's Avatar chuord 06:35 PM 07-27-2014
Mares, mamablue - that's really interesting! I don't like doing number 2's in public or friends toilets lol - so I'll wait... I never thought babies would have that control!

Ok back from appointment - all good! I'm actually stimming faster than I did on a higher amount of fsh... There's around 14 follicles and I'm going in on Wednesday to check, but likely collection on Friday - seems soo fast I'm grinning like an idiot - soo happy with my body and ovaries right now lol.
PrimalJoy's Avatar PrimalJoy 07:03 PM 07-27-2014
Originally Posted by chuord View Post
Ok back from appointment - all good! I'm actually stimming faster than I did on a higher amount of fsh... There's around 14 follicles and I'm going in on Wednesday to check, but likely collection on Friday - seems soo fast I'm grinning like an idiot - soo happy with my body and ovaries right now lol.

14 follicles is great! Excellent ovulating, lady!
mamaBlue's Avatar mamaBlue 07:38 PM 07-27-2014
Chourd - That is fabulous!!! I am so excited for you!
mareseatoats's Avatar mareseatoats 08:40 PM 07-27-2014
So happy for you, Chourd!! So exciting! Eeeeeee I can't wait for you!
oxford's Avatar oxford 02:46 PM 07-28-2014
Great news chuord, fingers crossed for Friday :-)

Mares- have you got peace and quiet yet?

Ladies- any baby news????
chuord's Avatar chuord 03:06 PM 07-28-2014
Thanks everyone will keep you updated... I'm loving all the distraction you're providing the tww will be easy while I'm focussing on your babies!
chuord's Avatar chuord 05:45 PM 07-29-2014
Update - all good around 16 follies all even in size (around 18mm) trigger tonight for a Friday collection. He's really impressed at how well I've responded to this lower dose (I think he was expecting it would take longer to stim but turns out it's just right for me lol... I'm excited and looking forward to moving forward!
How's everyone?
mareseatoats's Avatar mareseatoats 05:59 PM 07-29-2014
Yay, Chourd! That is so exciting. How are you feeling?
MindlessChrissy's Avatar MindlessChrissy 06:49 PM 07-29-2014
Dang it, where's the babies?
mareseatoats's Avatar mareseatoats 08:26 PM 07-29-2014
chuord's Avatar chuord 09:28 PM 07-29-2014
I know Chrissy, I think they missed the memo we were expecting them! You ladies are being so patient!
Mares - I feel really good! You know that 'trust your body' thing I feel much less stressed than the first cycle - cos I've done it before and it's not so scary... The cancelled cycle I was freaked out and relieved when it got cancelled... This time it feels right
..of course my ovaries are tender and I'm a tad more emotional than normal... But it's less work than a month of letrozole.
mamaBlue's Avatar mamaBlue 10:12 AM 07-30-2014
Chourd - That's great news about your follies! I hope your retrieval goes smoothly and that you are comfortable and not so sore afterward.

AFM - No labor yet. Sheesh.
mareseatoats's Avatar mareseatoats 10:58 AM 07-30-2014
Chourd, that makes so much sense! I'm so happy for you. It just all sounds really good and hopeful.

Mamablue - I'm right there with you. What is the deal, babies?
mamaBlue's Avatar mamaBlue 11:03 AM 07-30-2014
Primal, here's your chance to show us how it's done. Did your baby arrive, you early deliverer you?
chuord's Avatar chuord 03:03 PM 07-30-2014
Thanks ladies I hope so too!
Wow so what weeks are you up to? Has anyone gone over their due date?
PrimalJoy's Avatar PrimalJoy 03:04 PM 07-30-2014
Originally Posted by mamaBlue View Post
Primal, here's your chance to show us how it's done. Did your baby arrive, you early deliverer you?
Not even! I've broken my longest pregnancy record by a couple of days now. I'm beginning to think I'm going to see what a due date looks like. I always thought "I felt like I was going to be pregnant forever" was just an expression, but no. I literally feel as though I am going to be pregnant forever. Not long on patience over here, I'm afraid.

Are these babies out to prove something, or what?
mamaBlue's Avatar mamaBlue 03:14 PM 07-30-2014
You too Primal?! These Saner babies are sure testing our sanity.

Chourd - I'm 41w2d
PrimalJoy's Avatar PrimalJoy 03:36 PM 07-30-2014
Originally Posted by mamaBlue View Post
You too Primal?! These Saner babies are sure testing our sanity.
Hahaha! That must be our problem. We've spent so long meditating on reproductive patience and zen that the babies feel no sense of urgency to do anything.
chuord's Avatar chuord 04:06 PM 07-30-2014
Wow mamablue - I didn't know you were that far over!
Primal - total lol re 'too zen' they obviously recognize a good thing when they see it
mareseatoats's Avatar mareseatoats 10:52 PM 07-30-2014
haha, glad I have you ladies to keep me laughing. I feel pretty humorless over my still-pregnant state today. Not awful or anything, just grumpy!
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