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kittymoon's Avatar kittymoon 01:58 PM 08-04-2014
Originally Posted by mareseatoats View Post
(X-posted to my DDC)

So, I'm still pregnant AND just got my Strep B test back, and it's positive. My 37 week one was negative. Never had a positive one before. I just have been crying. It isn't like me, but I feel like I've just lost all faith in my body. I have to go in for a ultrasound to check fluid levels, and a NST tomorrow. This (being overdue and GBS+) is so different than my other pregnancies and I just feel terrible and hopeless, even though my midwives have been great and made a plan of action with me. Just not having a good evening. I feel so defeated right now.

Oh, and I got hives when I was little and took something in the penicillin family, so I may end up with hives postpartum (because penicillin is still recommended in that case).
Hugs! I'm sorry

mamaBlue's Avatar mamaBlue 02:49 PM 08-04-2014
Mares - Sorry about the GBS. Don't lose faith in your body. It's been doing an amazing job of nourishing your baby, and soon will perform an amazing labor and delivery. It will happen.
PrimalJoy's Avatar PrimalJoy 04:01 PM 08-04-2014
Originally Posted by mamaBlue View Post
Mares - Sorry about the GBS. Don't lose faith in your body. It's been doing an amazing job of nourishing your baby, and soon will perform an amazing labor and delivery. It will happen.
Hear, hear! Thinking of you, Mares.
mareseatoats's Avatar mareseatoats 08:13 PM 08-04-2014
Thank you so much for the love and support! Our baby BOY was born at 3:37 today after a quick and very peaceful labor. He is 21 inches long, 15 inch head, 10bs 5oz! No tears I feel really wonderful. Both kids were able to see him be born and Mark was in the tub with me. Totally smitten <3
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mamaBlue's Avatar mamaBlue 08:52 PM 08-04-2014
Aw yeah! Mares!!!!!
PrimalJoy's Avatar PrimalJoy 03:22 AM 08-05-2014
Awesome, Mares!! I'm so happy for you! Enjoy that sweet little baby.
PrimalJoy's Avatar PrimalJoy 04:44 AM 08-05-2014
P.S. My BH contractions changed yesterday, became a lot more uncomfortable getting toward painful. I timed them for a bit, and they were 6-12 min apart, about a minute long. Different but not too impressive. A painful contraction woke me up at 3:30 this morning, and I've had more since, but no good pattern to them. This is either the beginning of something interesting, or just annoying.

I would really like to have this baby soon. Patience is not my strong suit.
MindlessChrissy's Avatar MindlessChrissy 07:44 AM 08-05-2014
So adorable, mares!!

Thinking of you Primal.
mareseatoats's Avatar mareseatoats 08:28 AM 08-05-2014
Primal, that sounds exactly like my morning yesterday. Here's hoping! I'm thinking of you <3
PrimalJoy's Avatar PrimalJoy 10:02 AM 08-05-2014
I'm not too impressed with what's going on. They're *really* irregular, and might just be pressure from the baby on my cervix. I'm being positive and telling myself that it's probably making my cervix more favorable, which is a good thing even if today isn't baby day.

DH is taking off to go get his schoolbooks and ID for this semester and meet a friend for coffee, so I'm looking forward to the quiet. Going to try to get some work done, since I don't know which day will be my last one for a while. We're trying some new cloth diapers for DD (even though she's almost three and I really wish she'd potty train, but no doing so far), and I'm getting those washed and fluffed. I got up this morning and cooked breakfast for everyone, which I haven't done in ages (DH does most of the cooking). I don't know if that means anything beyond me just wanting eggs.

Chuord -- Your transfer is coming up! How soon? Getting excited? How are you feeling on the meds?

Oxford -- How's your holiday treating you? Did you go anywhere fun, or relaxing at home?

Mares -- Have you gotten any rest since your birth? How's babe doing? Looking forward to hearing more about your birth when you're feeling up to it.

Mamablue -- How are you guys doing?

LittleKind -- How's the rash?

kittymoon, mindlesscrissy -- Hi!
mamaBlue's Avatar mamaBlue 12:06 PM 08-05-2014
Primal - I have a feeling that you will have a baby in your arms very very soon. Yay!

Mares - Your son is beautiful! I'm so happy to hear that his arrival was a peaceful experience with your family.

AFM - Enjoying time with my kids and new baby. For as intense as his birth was, postpartum has been a joy. The baby is a mellow little guy and my older kids are fantastic. Nursing has a couple challenges that we are working on, but I am confident that everything is going to be fine.

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PrimalJoy's Avatar PrimalJoy 12:43 PM 08-05-2014
Oh my goodness, mamaBlue. He is so, so cute.
chuord's Avatar chuord 03:02 PM 08-05-2014
Few I have a day or so break and miss everything
Mares - congrats!!!! Your baby loos so peaceful in that pic, and beautiful... I'm wondering if part of your anxiety about the step was to do with impending birth? Remember you said you get really edgy?
Mamablue - thank you for sharing that gorgeous pic of your son, he is also perfect and beautiful!
I'm with primal, I'd be interested in the birthing stories
Primal - fx that the annoying BH go sonewhere! You truly are the next batter up now
Chrissy - hi!
Everyone - anything exciting?
Afm - will ring Ina couple of hours to find out if transfer is today (day 5) or tomorrow... Yesterday we still had 12in play, 8-10 looking promising... That's why they wait longer, if there's a large selection doc likesto make sure he picks the best
PrimalJoy's Avatar PrimalJoy 03:57 PM 08-05-2014
Well, I think something is starting up. Contractions got more intense this afternoon, about five minutes apart but still pretty irregular, and now having some brown discharge, which I haven't had before until my labor started. Now, that said, this baby is the king of the fake outs so I'm managing my expectations. I did tell DH to come home, though. I think we'll know in a few hours if things are going that way tonight.

So weird! I'm kind of freaked out! I haven't had a real labor in a decade -- was induced for PROM with DD, and got an eipdural very early because I was afraid of the pitocin. Going to put some music on and try to chill out a bit, let baby know it's okay to do this now if he's ready.
mamaBlue's Avatar mamaBlue 05:08 PM 08-05-2014
Woo! Primal! You can do it!
mamaBlue's Avatar mamaBlue 05:09 PM 08-05-2014
PS. I'm mobile. Is the picture I posted of the baby ok size-wise? It's not all giant, is it?
mamaBlue's Avatar mamaBlue 05:17 PM 08-05-2014
Chourd - I am so excited for you and your embies! Looking forward to hearing about transfer.

It's a busy week here at Saner. Three births and a transfer! Yeahoooo!
MindlessChrissy's Avatar MindlessChrissy 05:46 PM 08-05-2014
It's been a couple hours. Is baby primal on the way?

Mama - picture size is perfect.
LittleKind's Avatar LittleKind 09:08 PM 08-05-2014
Oooh I LOVE these new baby photos and the updates from Primal (Hoping you're getting that baby out right now!). I joined this thread just in time

Chuord this sounds really like a promising cycle for you. Got my fingers crossed.

Uh...primal asked about my rash and I dunno. Still getting hives even though I'm taking antihistamine to keep them at bay. Also getting heart burn after every meal now, so I am afraid I might have developed a food allergy - the hives spring up pretty bad about 20 minutes after every meal. It could still be stress. Chuord asked what I'm doing for stress relief and I need new ideas. I used to do hot yoga about twice a week but now that my skin is so sensitive I can't really go in the heated room (which is too bad because I have 8 visits still on my punch card for the studio). I'm going to switch to taking walks, I guess?

Here is another vote for hearing the birth stories!
PrimalJoy's Avatar PrimalJoy 10:52 PM 08-05-2014
Pretty certain I'm in early labor. I was able to snooze for the last few hours, but contractions continued. They're still mild and irregular, but definitely labor-ish. I went and made toast and came back upstairs to lie down (it's about 1 a.m. here), and in the bathroom found I'd lost my mucous plug. Yay! I think we'll be having a baby today. We're going to get DD to the sitter in the morning, so hopefully this slow and steady pace will continue until she's all set and I can go to the hospital. We'll see. They're getting stronger even as I lie here typing this. Fortunately, my 13 year old is with us this week, so he can watch her while our friends get over to pick her up if need be.

I hope this play by play isn't annoying. I'm sure I won't feel like updating once things really kick into gear, but this is where I go to talk about my baby making news! :-) We're waiting to let family know it's happening, but I had to tell someone!
mamaBlue's Avatar mamaBlue 11:42 PM 08-05-2014
Yay! Primal!
chuord's Avatar chuord 03:56 AM 08-06-2014
Transferred two today now I'm just watching primal for her news
mamaBlue's Avatar mamaBlue 05:40 AM 08-06-2014
Chourd - Yay transfer! Oh I am so optimistic about this cycle!
LittleKind's Avatar LittleKind 12:42 PM 08-06-2014
Yay chuord!!!
I know, all eyes on primal now...
mamaBlue's Avatar mamaBlue 01:10 PM 08-06-2014
I've never written any of my birth stories, as I usually recount them orally for my family and circle of friends. So bear with my less than eloquent telling of events.

At nine days overdue I had a prenatal appointment. We stretched my membranes and noted the baby was anterior and at a loose -3. I measured 42 weeks and I was growing concerned baby was going to be large. I went ahead and decided to have the midwives come back the next morning to break my membranes and get labor started. This has worked in the past.

Midwives arrived in the morning and check me to see if I made any progress overnight with dilating. I had not. The baby was higher, posterior and the midwife could feel a hand by baby's face. We leave my husband at home with the kids and the midwives and I went out to lunch. We come back and we recheck to see if baby had moved anterior. It had, so we break my water at 330.

Contractions start right away but not intense. I decide to get in the shower for a while. Around 530 I wanted to get out because I felt like contractions were not picking up fast enough. As soon as I got out, they intensified and moved closer together.

This is where I lost track of time. I decided instead of laboring on my bed I wanted to labor on the toilet. So I sat backwards on the toilet with my head resting on a pillow that I put on the back of the tank. I moved into transition after only maybe three or four contractions. I went through transition in that same position on the toilet for I don't know how long. I was getting a very mild urge to push so my Midwife checked me. In my other labors, as soon as hit 10 cm, I have an unstoppable and extremely strong urge to push. So the mild urge to push was not a normal thing for me.

I was dilated to nine, but with a swollen lip on one side. No pushing for me, we have to wait for the swelling to recede. It took many many contractions for this to happen. The lip would not go away. At one point I told the midwives I needed to transport to the hospital. Baby was doing fine, but I said something is making me uneasy. No time to transport, because seemingly magically I got a strong urge to push. My midwife checked me. The stubborn lip was gone. Baby was out in two pushes. The time was 1046. I had never felt so relieved in my entire life.

As soon as we saw the baby, we knew why my cervix had swollen. His head was enormous. 15.5 inches. Beautiful, perfect and enormous. Which was also true of my placenta. Placentas are cool. And amazingly, I only had the slightest tear, which I did opt to have the midwife stitch.

So, no, my birth was not peaceful, but I am not traumatized either. I endured lots of ouch, and my son is the perfect reward to all that hard work. I love him.
chuord's Avatar chuord 04:20 PM 08-06-2014
Thanks for sharing mamablue I know it wasn't relaxing, but reading it was... The wonders of the human body - knowing to stretch enough for that head... Really glad you didn't wait any longer.
mareseatoats's Avatar mareseatoats 05:58 PM 08-06-2014
Chourd - yay, yay, yay!! So exciting!!

Mamablue - thank you so much for sharing your story <3 You're such a strong mama, and your little boy is so cute!

Primal - thinking of you!
LittleKind's Avatar LittleKind 06:14 PM 08-06-2014
mamablue that is a beautiful story! Congratulations again!
PrimalJoy's Avatar PrimalJoy 01:14 AM 08-07-2014
Gideon Thomas was born at 9:12 p.m. last night. 8 lb, 4 oz, 20 inches, 13 inch head. He is perfect, calm and so alert, wanting to nuzzle and nurse endlessly. Delivery was a bit rough; there was a brief but painful and scary shoulder dystocia. Midwife and nurses acted quickly, but I was still pretty shaken by the experience. I had a lot more bleeding during and after this birth, too, probably related to a pretty quick process once I was past 4 cm. I am honestly just so glad it's done and he's okay.

He's finally sleeping, so I'm going to try to get some myself now. He's wonderful. We're so happy.
chuord's Avatar chuord 01:34 AM 08-07-2014
Primaljoy - congratulations!!!! I'm glad that you were in the right place with the right people - your intuition to be in a hospital sounds like it was right on.... So happy for you and can't wait to meet him.

Wow what a busy week ladies, were you passing the torch around or what?!

Congrats to you all... Now for a more relaxed week!

Wengrin how are you doing?
Hi Chrissy, Oxford, and everyone

Afm booster shot last night has left me bloated and uncomfortable... Hopefully it passes!
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